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10 Most Gorgeous Maang Tikka Hairstyles That We Spotted on Real Brides

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Weddings are one of the most important parts of a girl’s life. It is a day when she wants to look nothing less than a goddess and make people enchanted with beauty. The Lehenga, the jewellery, the makeup, everything needs to be absolutely perfect. One of the most important wedding jewellery pieces is a Maang Tikka. It is traditional jewellery that is worn by almost every Indian bride at her wedding. And you definitely want it to look good on you.

Want to know about some amazing Maang Tikka hairstyles that’ll make you look oh-so-gorgeous?

Well, if it is so, then keep reading guys!

  1. Gorgeous Maatha Patti with Bun Hairstyle

Oh, look how beautiful she looks on her wedding day! The bride, Vedita styled her hair in a sleek and simple bun with is adorned with a golden Maatha Patti on her wedding that took place in Goa. Doesn’t it look just amazing! If you are the kind of person who likes to keep things simple but elegant, then this look is definitely for you. Not only does this style look very subtle but it also has a very graceful vibe to it.

You can take inspiration from this beautiful bride’s Maang Tikka Hairstyle for your minimalist wedding look that’s going to steal the hearts of every person

Tikka 1

  1. Bun with Loose hair and Maang Tikka

Another simple yet graceful look we spotted is from a wedding that took place in Mumbai. Emma, the bride is wearing a pink lehenga and she looks stunning! The makeup, the dress, the jewellery and the hairstyle everything looks just gorgeous. But one thing that caught my eyes was the Maang Tikka hairstyle of this bride. The loose strands of hair in front of the Maang Tikka looks very alluring. Don’t you just love it?

If you like it as much as I did, then go for this hairstyle on your wedding day!

Tikka 2

  1. Passa with Maang Tikka Hairstyle

Oh, this Panjabi bride’s look something to swoon over! Her look is very glamourous and it has a very voguish vibe. But the best part about this look is definitely her hair accessories. Gunjan tied her hair in a nice bun and adorned it with Maang Tikka, as well as a Passa which makes her look like a diva. The nose ring, the earring, and the necklace complement the hair accessories so well!

This is one of the most gorgeous Maang Tikka hairstyles for wedding. You can go with this wedding look if you have a love for a heavy glamorous look.

Tikka 3

  1. Free Hair with Maang Tikka Hairstyle

This bride and groom, Isha and Suraj, decided to go for a Bohemian style wedding in Mexico. And her bridal look is just adorable. Isha is wearing a very sophisticated gold saree which looks amazing on her and her choker necklace and earrings ate just ravishing. She kept her hair open with a very pretty Maang Tikka.

It could be a really nice option to keep your hair open if you are not planning on wearing a veil or something of that sort on your hair as open hair will give it a little heavy look.

Tikka 4

  1. Half Updo with Maang Tikka

Another Maang Tikka hairstyle that would look fascinating on you is this beautiful half up-do hairstyle. Tanya has her hair parted from the centre and each side is twisted and secured at the back of her head. The bride wearing a beautiful Maang Tikka which is embellished with pearls and looks way too attractive. I love how she is carrying herself and they look so great together!

You can go for the same kind of hairstyle. It will definitely make you look bewitching!

Tikka 5

  1. Maang Tikka with Braided Hairstyle

This South Indian bride is stealing hearts with her adorable look. Her wedding took place in Chennai and look how happy she looks! We sure do love some happy faces. Her hairstyle is very elegant. Sweta has her hair braided and adorned with Mogra which looks just amazing. Her Maang Tikka hairstyle is very beautiful and totally something very lovely.

If you go for this hairstyle, I’m sure you would look phenomenal.

Tikka 6

  1. Sonam Kapoor Bridal Hairstyle

Who doesn’t remember Sonam Kapoor’s wedding? She has always been a trend-setter and she surely didn’t disappoint her with her wedding look! Sonam is known for having an amazing fashion sense. Which can be totally seen in her wedding look. The Kalire, the super huge necklaces, the red saree everything looks so fine. She tied her hair into a bun and adorned it with a Maang Tikka that covers her whole forehead.

If you want to add some Bollywood Tadka to your look, then you definitely need to take some inspiration from the fashion queen herself, Sonam Kapoor!

Tikka 7

  1. Minimalist Maang Tikka Hairstyle

The bridal wedding outfit can be a lot to carry. The Lehenga, the jewellery, everything is just so heavy! And if you are a clumsy person like me, you might fear tripping in front of the whole crowd. That would be hilarious but embarrassing.

But you can make your own rule. Just get yourself very minimal jewellery and a simple outfit that will make you look very subtle and alluring. Just like this gorgeous bride, Ekta.

Tikka 8

  1. Layered Maang Tikka Hairstyle

Layered jewellery makes everything look bewitching and this gorgeous bride has proved it! Divya, who got married in the USA, wore a layered Maang Tikka at her wedding and she looked oh-so-gorgeous! This kind of jewellery has a very royal look and it has a vibe that we are totally digging.

To add more elegance to your look, make sure you go for layered jewellery like this enchanting Maang Tikka.

Tikka 9

  1. Voluminous Side Braid with Maang Tikka

One of the most amazing Maang Tikka hairstyle for wedding is this gorgeous voluminous side braid embellished with flowers, a Passa and Maang Tikka. It makes the whole outfit look very heavy and let’s be honest. The bride looks just ravishing in her bridal outfit. You can also take inspiration for your wedding hairstyle from this beautiful bride, Aashna!

Tikka 10

I hope you liked these lovely Maang tikka hairstyles for a wedding on these oh-so-charming real brides.

Let us know which bride’s hairstyle you liked the most!

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