Indian Bridal Jewelry Types You Must Check To Have An Elegant Look
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Indian Bridal Jewelry Types You Must Check To Have An Elegant Look

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When it comes to Indian weddings, Indian bridal jewelry types are the factor we can’t ever ignore! From the perfect and lovely decor to choosing the delectable menu, many things must be done.

Brides also have to worry about their lehenga color for the wedding day. From Grooms to Groomsmen to the guests’ everyone has to get amazing outfits!

But brides also have to worry about the jewelry for their special day. And they have to keep a check on the trends in bridal jewelry. Indian brides never fail to rock in our traditional jewelry. Hence, Indian jewelry never goes out of fashion. 

Jewelry can make or flop your entire game. So, it becomes very crucial for you to make the right decisions. From the bridal earrings to the wedding lehenga dupatta draping style everything has to be a match.

We also know that you must be confused because there are tons of options available. And, hence to help you out we have come up with this article. You can also check our other blogs and we assure that all your wedding related worries will be solved.

Stunning Indian Bridal Jewelry Types:

1. Jadau Jewelry

When we talk about the synonym for detailing and craftsmanship it has to be jadau jewelry. If you are the bride who never understands “How much jewelry is too much jewelry?”

Then, jadau is one of the Indian bridal jewelry types made just for you. This jewelry gives you the option to customize it your way. You can bring your creation to reality with such jewelry.

Jadau Jewelry

2. Kundan – Indian bridal jewelry types

Kundan is the Rajasthani and one of the oldest Indian bridal jewelry types. It’s trendy and looks elegant. The specialty of Kundan jewelry is that it goes well with any style outfit. We recommended it to every bride for her special day. 

We have seen many brides choosing Kundan jewelry and really looks fantastic. It would go well even if you want to wear something indo western.

Kundan -Indian bridal jewelry types

3. Polki Jewelry

Polki is one of a kind when we talk about Indian bridal jewelry types. It’s made from unpolished and uncut diamonds.

And, hence it looks very radiant because of the old charm. It reflects the natural vibes and appears to be unique. These features make polki an elegant choice for every bride. 

Polki Jewelry

4. Meenakari Jewelry- Indian bridal jewelry types

Meenakari is the perfect blend of modernism and tradition. It reflects the uniqueness and beauty of the same type. There the jewelry shopping of every bride is incomplete without at least one meenakari jewel in the collection.

Also, meenakari would be a different choice and not something like the typical or regular.

Meenakari Jewelry- Indian bridal jewelry types

5. Temple Jewelry

It’s said to be the jewelry for gods and goddesses and that makes it auspicious. It looks beautiful as well as eye catchy. If you are a fan of traditional and detailed jewelry then it’s made for you. Also, it’s one of the oldest Indian bridal jewelry types. We feel that if you are looking for something that looks typically Indian then this is definitely for you. 

Temple Jewelry

6. Pachchikam Jewelry

This is the jewelry form of Kutch and it is unique in its own way. It is a combination of handcrafted artwork and precious jewels. It looks really pretty and makes your bridal look the talk of the town.

The final product looks very attractive and goes well with traditional and contemporary both the looks. Whichever outfit you decide to wear such Indian bridal jewelry types are sure to enhance it. 

Pachchikam Jewelry

7. Heritage Jewelry

Heritage jewelry is a fusion of maangtika to rani haar and everything elegant you can think of. Every bride is closer to her roots and it’s really amazing to bring them up on your special day. It increases your charisma and also will make your wedding more memorable. If you want to show up your culture then surely choose this jewelry. 

And, Heritage jewelry has the sentiments attached to it. It will definitely make your day more full of the memories.

Heritage Jewelry

8. Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones like sapphire and ruby have become massively popular. It will look totally opulent and excellent. Every bride will love to rock her wedding day with these precious stones. If you can’t wait to become the center of attraction then surely try this.

The different colored gemstones molded in a jewel would really look classy. You can try it in different types and that makes it versatile. 

Gemstone Jewelry

9. Diamond Jewelry

If you are not in awe of the traditional or any other Indian bridal jewelry types you can go for the diamonds. Even diamond jewelry comes in lots of variety. If you are thinking of a western gown for your wedding then a diamond would be the best option. Moreover, it will make you shine amongst everyone present around you and you will have all the attention.

Diamond Jewelry

10. Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry has become the new trend among brides. They have been breaking odd opinions and choosing something different than gold jewelry. You can also choose pearly jewelry and it will work the wonders for you on your big day. We want to make it easy for you and that’s why we choose only the best options.

Pearl Jewelry

These were best Indian bridal jewelry types we are sure you would absolutely love. We always try our best to bring you the amazing options. Just at one place you get answer to all your wedding related confusions. So we hope that this has helped you out. You can also let us know what you will love to read next. We will keep brining up more such ideas to help you out.



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