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12 Fabulous Coworking Space Event Ideas To Build Productivity!

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Given the fact that coworking spaces are giving freelancers and independent workers a space to network and collaborate, it is not surprising that their popularity is erupting. Creative individuals get an opportunity to converse around the proverbial copy machine as they explore and invest in their dreams self-sufficiently. To put it simply, these spaces provide an environment conducive to creativity and collaboration without succumbing to the isolation that comes with independence. Non-members can also rent out spaces to host corporate team building events outside of their prosaic, workaday environment. We bring to you a list of 12 interesting coworking space event ideas that both members and non-members can turn to.

Here’s how you can have fun at coworking spaces!

1. Leadership Workshops:

The corporate environment is always in dire need of dynamic people who are proficient in taking initiative and carrying through with their responsibilities. Leadership workshops are great means to train your workforce in qualities like delegation and empowerment, vision and purpose. 

coworking space event ideas

2. Monthly Educative Sessions:

What skills do your employees need to inculcate? Digital marketing? Public speaking? Accounting and finance? It is always best to coordinate with a local expert and start a series of monthly classes that your employees can attend in a new atmosphere. 

coworking space event ideas

3. Demo Days:

Host a demo day each week/month where the employees can discuss their agenda for a set period of time. Valuable notes can be exchanged and priceless feedback can be found in the unlikeliest of places!

coworking space event ideas

4. Hackathons:

Hackathons are a great way to offer hands-on experience to your employees involved in software development, graphic designing, interface designing and project management. Host a sprint-like hackathon and promote intensive collaboration amongst techies! 

To ace hosting a hackathon, read this fabulous answer on Quora by Adria Richards.

coworking space event ideas

5. Panel Discussions:

Host a panel of experts to talk on subjects that are hot and trending in the market like how to scale, how to get financing, and even how to be productive in a challenging workspace. A panel discussion is one of the best coworking space event ideas to encourage attendance in employees who sometimes fall victim to productivity burn-outs in a mundane environment.

coworking space event ideas

6. Host Launch Parties at a Coworking Space!

At the launch of a new product/campaign/website, host your launch parties at a coworking space. It is an epic way to offer a desirable change of environment to your employees. Also, it is a great way to spread the word about your project amongst independent workers and freelancers and earn recognition in their community!

coworking space event ideas

7. Game Nights: Fun Coworking Space Event Ideas!

Once a fortnight/month, break the monotony with amusing games! Open the place to all your employees and give them a chance to mingle outside their professional space.

coworking space event ideas

8. Entrepreneur Talks:

Invite industry experts and professionals to talk to your employees. Oftentimes, it is people who have created a niche for themselves in the industry who inspire employees more than the organization can. Provide necessary exposure to your employees and a platform for networking and sit back and watch the meteoric productivity boost!

coworking space event ideas

9. Tech Talks:

More like TED talks for techies! Centre each event around a different theme and encourage curiosity and networking and watch the organization commitment in your employees sky-rocket. If you ask us, this is one of the most effective coworking space event ideas to improve employee job satisfaction. 

coworking space event ideas

10. Creative Mornings:

If tech talks are for techies, creative mornings are TED talks for creatives and design heads. Organize certain mornings in a month for brainstorming and sit back and enjoy watching creativity take over the world! Creative mornings are without a hint of doubt, one of the most fun coworking event space ideas. One great way to provide creatives with a boost is to shift environments. Provide them with a stimulating platform not too far off their daily workspace, but fun nonetheless!

coworking space event ideas

Corporate events entail organizing formal events that are stimulating enough to keep all the attendees engaged. One way to make sure of this is to resort to spaces that are not too uptight. Renting coworking spaces can provide the necessary shift in the professional and creative continuum for employees. 

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