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20 Mistakes you must avoid while hiring a wedding vendor

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A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and you surely don’t want to ruin it by hiring unprofessional vendors or wedding planners. Your wedding has to be conducted smoothly without any hassle and errors. To make your wedding a memorable one, you must be looking to hire a wedding vendor service who knows the wedding functionalities well. 

Before you hire a wedding vendor, you must keep the following things in mind – 

1 Hiring a professional wedding photographer 

A wedding is one huge milestone in your life and hence you must capture these beautiful moments of your life to cherish them for life. To make sure all the emotional, as well as happy moments from your wedding, are perfectly captured, you must hire a professional photographer rather than an amateur photographer. Many people commit this big mistake and hire an unprofessional photographer. 

Wedding Vendor 1

2. Wedding Planner

A wedding will require a lot of planning and arrangements. You want to enjoy your wedding rather than keeping yourself busy with the arrangements. This is why you must consider hiring a wedding planner who has the experience and a team of professionals to cater to all your wedding needs. BookEventz is exactly what you are looking for. We provide various services for all types of events and weddings are one of our core business. We have an excellent team of professionals and wedding-related vendors who will offer you world-class services. 

Wedding vendor 2

3. A written contract with the Wedding Vendor 

A wedding involves a lot of money and each penny is your hard-earned money. It is the money you have saved all your life for this big milestone of your life. You surely don’t want to lose your money by coming across any kinds of frauds. Hence, you must get agree on everything with your vendor on a written contract without any verbal commitments. 

Wedding Vendor Contract 3

4. Hidden Charges 

When you hire a wedding vendor, you must ask the vendor about each and every cost involved. If you are availing of the services under any package, then you must ask if any hidden charges are involved apart from the package. This small mistake is made by many people which results in the total cost exceeding their budget. So, always ask whether any hidden charges are involved or not. 

Hidden charges Wedding Vendor 4

5. Sanitisation and Social distancing measures

In these covid times, health and safety measures have become a top priority. If your wedding is being conducted in these times then, you must check if your wedding vendor is taking all the safety measures, maintaining social distancing and also following the government guidelines. 

Wedding Vendor 5 Covid safety

6. Checking reviews of the Wedding Vendor 

Before you hire a wedding vendor, doing proper research on the wedding vendor. During the research, you must check the customer reviews of the vendor. At BookEventz, you will get all the information about the vendors right from customer reviews to their past works. 

Wedding vendor 6 Bookeventz

7. Hiring an experienced Makeup Artist 

On your wedding day, you ought to look like the most beautiful person on the planet. Your look will be light up your makeup and hence a good bridal makeup artist will be an essential part of your wedding look. Hence, you must hire an experienced makeup artist who will give you a perfect bridal look. We at BookEventz offer you the perfect bridal makeup artist who will suit your requirements and budget as well.

Weding Vendor 7 makeup artist

8. Caterers

The catering service in your wedding should be one which offers good hospitality and delicious dishes. While hiring caterers for your wedding, you must check the services offered by them including the dishes and hospitality. Hiring a catering wedding vendor will be just perfect to ensure your wedding is smoothly conducted.

Wedding Vendor 8 caterers

9. Not Going through Wedding Vendors on BookEventz

For each and every wedding vendor listed on our website, we provide all the details, right from review to the past works, we have everything shown on our website. 

Wedding vendor 9 Bookeventz

10. Team Size of the Vendors 

When you are planning to hire a wedding vendor, one of the important things to consider is the team size of the vendor. The vendor should have an ample number of professionals in his/her team to ensure his work is being properly managed and also you get everything sorted on time.

Wedding Vendors 10

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11. Cancellation Policy of the Wedding Vendor 

Sometimes unexpected things can happen which may lead to cancelling your wedding. Hence, you must ask about the cancellation policy of the wedding vendor. 

Wedding Vendor cancellation

12. Services included in the wedding package

Many people opt for a wedding package for availing all the wedding services and also to make sure that they don’t have to exceed their budget. But it is very important to check what all services are included in the wedding package.

Wedding Vendor wedding package

13. Venue Monopoly 

Many wedding vendors have their tie-ups with venues for conducting weddings. You must ask your vendor what venue they have decided for your wedding and if you are not happy with the venue offered by them then, you must ask them to consider your desired venue. 

Wedding Vendor Venue

14. Timelines from each vendor for their deliverables 

It is quite important to have a proper timeline for each vendor to deliver his/ her work on time. This will ensure that you get everything on time without any delays. Makeups usually take 2 – 3 hours and hence a proper timeline for the venue vendor will make sure you get the venue 2 – 3 hours prior to the wedding time.

Wedding vendor Timeline

15. Having a trusted jewellery vendor 

Jewellery is an important asset in the wedding to give the bride and the groom a stunning look. Hence, you must buy jewellery from your trusted vendor. 

Wedding Vendor jewllery

16. Asking for a transportation facility 

Many times the wedding vendors provide their own transportation facility for the bride and the groom as well to reach the wedding venue but some wedding vendors don’t provide transportation facilities. Hence, it is advised you must check with your vendor if the transportation facility will be provided or not.

Wedding vendor transportation

17. Hiring a Mehndi Artist 

Indian weddings have many beautiful things and one of them is the Mehendi. For getting a mehndi for your wedding day, you must hire a professional mehndi artist who will give you the perfect mehndi design you want rather than letting your close friends or relative do the mehndi work

Wedding vendor Mehendi

18. Music Pros 

A lively music experience will lighten the guest’s mood and also give your wedding an entertaining vibe. So, you must hire music pros or experienced DJ artists for your wedding.

Wedding vendor DJ

19. Theme based decoration 

You can always ask your wedding vendor for the kind of decoration being provided. If you want a specific theme for your decoration then you must tell your decorators to do the same.


Wedding Vendor Decoration theme

20. Budget 

A wedding is a costly affair and hence you should always keep your budget in mind and then take things forward. You should not consider availing of services which might result in an increase in your budget limits. At BookEventz, you will get all the services within your budget. Book you wedding now!

Wedding Vendor Budget

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