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15 Muslim Bridal Jewelry Design Ideas to Look Stylish in 2021 Marriage

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Muslim bridal jewelry has a different pattern. So, Muslim Bridal jewelry contains a lot of things. It has a customized Arabic necklace, matha patti, etc.

Listed below are the 15 latest Muslim wedding jewelry:

  1. Wedding Earrings Muslim Bridal Jewelry

    Wedding Earrings Muslim Bridal Jewelry 1

    Wedding Earrings Bridal Jewelry 2

    Muslim bridal earrings are usually big in size. So, the brides of Muslim prefer to wear heavy wedding earrings. And bridal jewelry for Muslim marriage generally has gold jewelry.

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  2. Hijab Pin Bridal sets

    Hijab Pin Bridal sets 1

    Hijab Pin Bridal sets 2

    For those Muslim brides who carry hijab all the time. So, on their wedding day as well they try to carry hijab in a unique way. And for this brides take beautiful hijab pins for their wedding day. So, wedding jewelry also includes beautiful hijab pins.

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  3. Artificial Bridal Jewell for Haldi Function

    Artificial Bridal Jewell for Haldi Function 1

    Artificial Bridal Jewell for Haldi Function 2

    Artificial flower jewelry is usually preferred by Muslim brides for their haldi occasion. So, the jewelry set for wedding haldi comes in beautiful different designs. And they wear artificial earrings, necklaces, bracelets, mang tikka, etc for haldi function.

  4. Personalized Arabic Name Bridal Necklace

    Personalized Arabic Name Bridal Necklace

    Personalized Arabic Name Bridal Necklace 2

    Muslims love to have customized bridal neckpieces. So, they crafted rather their name or some of the initials of both the bride and the groom in Arabic letters. And some do it in English too. So, this looks cool on brides.

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  5.  Wedding Necklace

    Wedding Necklace 1

    Wedding Necklace 2

    The traditional wedding necklace which is worn by a Muslim bride is made of gold. So, Muslims mostly wear gold necklaces along with earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, etc. But with the changing world brides are switching to artificial heavy crafted jewelry.

  6. Wedding Ring for Women

    Wedding Ring for Women 1

    Wedding Ring for Women 2

    A wedding ring is considered an auspicious thing in every religion. So, wedding rings for women in Muslim tradition can be of gold and diamond. But bridal ring sets are chosen by the standard of the family.

  7.  Matha Patti

    Matha Patti 1

    Matha Patti 2

    Matha patti looks beautiful on brides. It is because it enhances the bride’s look to a different level. So, Muslim brides love to wear this. Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, and Sonam Kapoor have worn matha patti on their wedding day.

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  8. Bridal Jewellery Sets

    Bridal Jewellery Sets 1

    Bridal Jewellery Sets 2

    Muslim bridal jewelry set generally includes mang tikka or matha patti or passa. So, it depends on the bride’s choice. And after that, they have an earring and necklace. So, they prefer to have jadau set. Dulhan’s jewelry set also includes a layered necklace.

  9.  Passa/Jhumar

    Pasa/Jhumar 1

    Pasa Jhumar 2

    Passa also known jhumar is the specialty of a Muslim bride. But these days other religious brides are also wearing it. Moreover, bridal passa was worn by Deepika Padukone in her film.

  10. Haath Phool Marriage Jewelry Set

    Haath Phool Marriage Jewellery Set 1

    Haath Phool Marriage Jewellery Set 2

    Haath phool can be of five-finger ring or three-finger ring. But now bride’s while experimenting with it trying to keep it to just one finger ring as well. These are generally of silver with gold plated.

  11. Gold Imam Zamin Bridal Jewelry

    Gold Imam Zamin Bridal Jewelry 1

    Gold Imam Zamin Bridal Jewelry 2

    Iman zamin is worn by a Muslim bride on her arm. So, it also has some custom attached. And it can be of Gold plated or metal plated. So, usually, her brother tied this on her arm.

  12. Bridal Gold Jewellery

    Bridal Gold Jewellery 1

    Bridal Gold Jewellery 2

    Wedding gold jewel worn by brides looks scintillating. So, brides shine high while wearing this. And they love to wear all the things made up of gold.

  13. Diamond Wedding Set

    Diamond Wedding Set 1

    Diamond Wedding Set 2

    The diamond ring is also worn by Muslim brides. But some brides wear diamond necklaces for their wedding as well. And again it depends on the bride’s choice and interest.

  14. Wedding Bracelet Bridal Jewelry

    Wedding Bracelet 1

    Wedding Bracelet 2

    The latest bridal jewelry also includes a beautiful wedding bracelet. So, Muslim brides gold bangle or bracelet for their wedding. And it looks awesome on the marriage day. Moreover, you can also check the classic and stylish bridal watch for your D-day.

  15. Luxury Crystal Beads Veils headpiece jewelry



Luxury Crystal Beads Veils headpiece jewelry 1

Luxury Crystal Beads Veils headpiece jewelry 2

This customized jewelry veil looks beautiful on brides who love to cover up their heads. So, brides always try to experiment with their looks. And they create something new from the older brides. So, it can be a beautiful bridal jewelry option.

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