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Ultimate Wedding Checklist to Help You Stay Organised for your Big Day

By Smita Dhantal
Blog timeOct 29, 2020
5 min read

Being organised allows things to run smoothly. Planning a wedding is no joke and it needs a lot of planning. First things first, decide the budget. Maybe not an exact figure but a range you are comfortable with. A wedding is a costly affair, and you need to be prepared. Once you know your budget, shortlisting venues and important personals become easy. We are here with a Wedding checklist to help you plan a wedding you always dreamt of.

1. Wedding Checklist: Booking

Decide the Date

If you believe in astrology, call in your pandit and finalize the most auspicious day to tie the knot. We have a separate blog on muhurat dates in 2021, do check it out. If you do not believe in astrology and want to with convenience, plan a date accordingly. Do you want a winter wedding? A summer wedding? Choose and finalize a suitable date and time.


Do you want a destination wedding or a simple private ceremony?  Either way you will have to look around for wedding halls and finalize one weeks before your D-Day. Holding a wedding venue first will help you plan further. Does the venue come with decorations, or do you have to book a separate decorator?  If you are looking for a destination wedding, choose the venue and decorations accordingly. We have a separate blog on Destination Weddings, do check it out.

Wedding Checklist venue


You will need a caterer not just for the wedding day, but also around the wedding. The family members will be swamped with work, and asking them to take care of the food too, will be too much to ask. Find good caterers to help with what you are looking for. Finalize whether you prefer vegetarian or non-vegetarian for different occasions. Do you want only Indian food, or want a variety of cuisines?

Celebrate Dream Wedding

2. Wedding Checklist: Artists


A wedding is not a one-day affair. There are pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding ceremonies, and you want to capture them all. Choose a photographer who understands your needs and is also creative with capturing candid moments. You would certainly want to go down this memory lane as often as you like. And a good photographer is a must to capture these memorable moments. We took the liberty to shortlist the best photographers for your convenience.

Makeup artist

Start the test and trail to find the perfect makeup artist months before the d-day. You want to choose a person who understands the bride’s needs. When we say make-up, we mean pre-wedding beauty sessions, make-up and hairstyles for the main ceremonies. And a group to take care of close family and friends as well, especially if you are planning a destination wedding. How you look depends on your make-up artist, so choose wisely.

Wedding Checklist_makeup

Mehendi artist and Dance Choreographer

In recent times, mehendi and sangeet get their own importance. The bride and the women of her family and friends come together and apply mehendi. The bride’s mehendi needs to be elaborate. Her hands will be the center of many photographs so that means the mehendi needs to be that good.

This is usually accompanied by the Sangeet. Some families opt to have a separate sangeet function, where the bride and the groom’s family come together. The youngsters of the family prefer a choreographer to decide on the songs and the dances. Even the bride and the groom get their own solo and group performances.

Wedding Checklist


The newlyweds look forward to spending some quality time with each other away from the family. This is a crucial period as the couple spends time to know each other’s likes and dislikes. Take opinion from both the bride and the groom and make a list of possible places they would like to go. Once the destination and duration of the trip are finalized, make the bookings accordingly.

3.  Wedding Checklist: Shopping


Plan your wedding ceremonies, and make a list of the number or types of dresses everyone would wear. Make a separate list for the bride and the groom: Sarees or Lehengas/ kurta, sherwani for engagement, haldi, mehendi, sangeet, wedding, reception, other ceremonies, and pooja.  You want to look for a tailor to stitch blouses and to correct the fitting of lehengas and other dresses. The families need to look their best too. Make a list of all the requirements and tick them off as and when the things are bought.


The bride’s list will have a lot on it. There will be Maang Tika, Nath (nose ring), Ear Rings, Necklace, bangles, Kamar Band, Haath Band, Finger rings, Payal, Toe Rings, and Hair Accessories.  Again look at what the other family members need, and shop accordingly.

Wedding Checklist_jewelry

The Small Things

Concentrating on the big things, we usually overlook the small things. But the small things are important. Here are some essentials, especially for the bride. Bob-Pins, Safety-pins, Clutch, Hairband, Comb, Hairspray, Cosmetics- Primer, foundation, concealer, powder, Lipliner, lipstick, lip balm, kajal, eyeliner, blush, brush-kit, and nail-paint. While packing things, keep a separate bag for the bride’s belongings. You do not want any confusion on the main day.

4. Wedding Checklist: To-Do List

Guest List

Make a guest list from the bride and the groom’s side. Knowing how many people are coming will help with arranging the food and other arrangements. It will also help in printing the invitation cards.

Invitation Cards

Do you prefer print or e-card, or both? Plan it well in advance to avoid confusion. Create a list of guests and check them off as and when the invitations are sent. You could have a list of close relatives to send them print cards. Additionally, you could have an e-card made to invite others.

Wedding Checklist_invites

Points to Remember for a Wedding Checklist

  • You need to delegate. Allot specific work to trusted family members.
  • Have a backup. This includes people and things. What if at the last moment, the make-up artists or the mehendi artist back out? You need to have a backup.
  • Finish your main shopping at least 3 weeks before the wedding, and arrange them according to the occasion. This will help you know if something is missing, or you need something else.
  • Do not forget to have fun. Things could get stressful. But don’t forget Weddings are a joyous celebration.  Being organized will help you stay calm, and give you enough time to celebrate the precious moments.

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