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Auspicious Marriage Dates in 2021- Hindu Calendar 2021

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Auspicious Marriage Dates in 2021- Hindu Calendar 2021

Coronavirus outbreak has taken the world by surprise, especially the wedding industry. It has not only postponed all the dates to marriage dates in 2021 but has also set new rules for wedding planning. Guest lists need to be shortened, venues need to be rearranged, safety measure needs to be taken into account and catering has to be taken extra care of. If there is anything that remains unchanged in wedding planning are dates. Auspicious dates are an extremely important aspect of Hindu weddings. Luckily, we have got you covered.

Here are the marriage dates in 2021. The first step for your wedding planning.

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Marriage dates in 2021, January

January is the wedding month. It is going to be the busiest wedding month. Most of the weddings are shifted to January. Here are all the auspicious dates in this month for you to pre-book your dream day.

18th January, Monday

20th January, Wednesday

24th January, Sunday

31st January, Sunday

Marriage dates in 2021, February

The most romantic month of the year is filled with vivah muhurat 2021. This month is perfect for outdoor weddings. Bright lehengas under starry nights and good weather. It is a month that everyone enjoys. Book your venues on these days for the first step of your dream wedding. 14 February is part of the Hindu marriage dates in 2021 too, what can be better than that!

1st February, Monday

7th February, Sunday

14th February, Sunday

15th February, Monday

16th February, Tuesday

21st February, Sunday

28th February, Sunday

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Marriage dates in 2021, March

This month is perfect for planning your big wedding. March has few marriage dates in 2021. You better hurry if you are planning your special day in this month.

3rd March, Wednesday

5th March, Friday

8th March, Monday

14th March, Sunday

Marriage dates in 2021, April

April calls for a beach wedding. Pastel décor, open bar and good music sounds like a perfect April wedding. Hopefully by this time of the year, coronavirus will be gone. You can probably think of a more grand wedding!

16th April, Friday

17th April, Saturday

22nd April, Thursday

24th April, Saturday

25th April, Sunday

26th April, Monday

27th April, Tuesday

28th April, Wednesday

29th April, Thursday

30th April, Friday

Marriage dates in 2021, May

Everyone is free in may. It is a holiday month which makes it perfect for your wedding planning. If you like banquets more than open ground, then this is the month for you. Luckily, this month has the most dates available. There is also a long weekend in May, perfect for grand weddings. It is a perfect month for summer wedding.

1st May, Saturday

2nd May, Sunday

3rd May, Monday

7th May, Friday

8th May, Saturday

9th May, Sunday

13th May, Thursday

14th May, Friday

21st May, Friday

22nd May, Saturday

23rd May, Sunday

24th May, Monday

26th May, Wednesday

27th May, Thursday

28th May, Friday

29th May, Saturday

30th May, Sunday

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Marriage dates in 2021, June

The start to off season is in this month. If you are not for wedding seasons and are looking out for something in the budget then this is the month for you. A small banquet hall with a private guest list will just be perfect for you big day. Here are dates from Hindu calendar 2021 in June.

3rd July, Thursday

4th July, Friday

5th July, Saturday

16th July, Wednesday

19th July, Saturday

20th July, Sunday

21st July, Monday

22nd July, Tuesday

23rd July, Wednesday

24th July, Thursday

30th July Wednesday

Marriage dates in 2021, July

Modern day couple love an intimate wedding. They don’t want anything grand and this can be a perfect month for them. Venues are available and are on good prices. This month will be perfect to choose from marriage dates in 2021. Coming three months do not have Hindu marriage dates in 2021, so this month is perfect if you don’t want to postpone.

1st July, Thursday

2nd July, Friday

7th July, Wednesday

13th July, Tuesday

15th July, Thursday

16th July, Friday

This is a must read if you are planning a monsoon wedding from marriage dates in 2021 June and July.

The Indian Monsoon Weddings !

August, September and October

These three months are a long break before the second big phase of wedding planning in 2021. They have no dates in Hindu calendar 2021. These months can be perfect for couples whose wedding planning does not include Hindu marriage dates in 2021. It is also a perfect time for wedding planning if you want a winter wedding.

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Marriage dates in 2021, November

Winter weddings are extremely popular. Good weather, more venue options, better lehenga designs, November has it all. Unfortunately, there are only 7 dates in this month. If you are planning a winter wedding, we suggest you start your wedding planning now.

15th November, Monday

16th November, Tuesday

20th November, Saturday

21st November, Sunday

29th November, Monday

30th November, Tuesday

Marriage dates in 2021, December

The biggest wedding month of the year id undoubtedly December. A dream wedding always starts with searching dates in December. The city is already celebrating Christmas and new year, which adds to the ambience of festivity. December calls for a grand open wedding with bright lights and colorful flower décor. This month can never go wrong for a wedding. Here are the most auspicious marriage dates in 2021 December

1st December, Wednesday

2nd December, Thursday

6th December, Tuesday

8th December, Wednesday

11th December, Saturday

13th December, Monday

2020 still has two months to go, if you are planning an intimate and quick wedding or planning your child naming ceremony this winter. Here are the marriage dates and namkaran dates, Hindu calendar 2020.

Shubh Muhurat Wedding Dates for Hindu Marriage in 2020

Auspicious Namkaran Muhurat Dates 2020 | नामकरण मुहूर्त 2020

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