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Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs For Brides-to-be

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Flowers have been an important part of Indian weddings since ages as they are known to signify new beginnings and bring good fortune! They also add extra colour, texture, feel and elegance to your special day! Recently beautiful and stylish flower jewellery has been getting very popular specially for functions such as Mehendi and Haldi. Flower jewellery has its unique charm on the brides and enhances their beauty by several folds! There is a wide range of flower jewellery designs to choose from. Since it’s your special day you’ve to choose from a variety of haldi flower jewellery designs.  We have made your work simpler and have come up with a list of a few designs for you that are totally in trend right now, check them out below!

Here are some Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs for brides-to-be:

1. Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Maang Tikka:

Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Maang Tikka
Maang Tikka

Decorating a woman’s forehead in Indian culture is considered very elegant! Maang Tikkas are one of the beautiful pieces of jewellery that can make a woman gorgeous. For Haldi or Mehendi ceremonies, you can opt for floral maang tikkas which are either made of fresh or silk flowers. You can find them in several colours and can choose one which best suits your outfit.

2. Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Haath Phool:

Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Haath Phool
Haath Phool

In Indian ceremonies, adorning the hand is also considered graceful! What else could add more grace to any woman than flowers! Haathphool is a piece of accessory that is meant to decorate the hands of the bride-to-be. For Haldi and, Mehendi ceremonies haathphool will be an ideal accessory to wear. They are beautiful and make your hands look as graceful as possible!

3. Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Head Piece:

Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Head Piece
Head Piece

Apart from maang tikkas, headpieces are other pieces of jewellery which covers your head and finishes off the look and add a glamorous touch to any woman! They embellish the bride-to-be’s look and add more significance to her appearance on her special day!

4. Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Karnphool:

Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Karnphool

Karnphool is like an earring only except they are made with either fresh or silk flowers. They are a fantastic way to enhance your appearance and add shape to your face. They also highlight the beauty and features of any woman! And what’s more amazing about it is that you can find them in various shapes, sizes, and colour to match your outfit on your special day!

5. Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Necklace:

Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Necklace

Flower necklace holds a high significance in Indian marriages, as they have been used in centuries. Recently flower necklaces have been very popular among brides-to-be for their Haldi and Mehendi ceremonies! They add more value to the appearance of a bride-to-be and also accentuates her Haldi or Mehendi look! There are so many designs and colours available, you can choose one which matches your Haldi or Mehendi look!

6. Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Flower Crown:

Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Flower Crown:
Flower Crown

Flower crowns sit like a crown on the head and make any bride-to-be feel like a queen! Fresh flowers are the best options because they will make pretty and fragrant flower crowns. A bride-to-be will glow on her special day with these radiant flowers that will decorate her hair for her special occasion!

7. Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Kaleere:

Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Kaleere

Kaliree has been used extensively and has been an important part of any brides look for her wedding day. It signifies happiness for the newlyweds and eternal love between the couple. It also signifies wealth and prosperity! Lately,  flower Kaliree has been a rage among the brides-to-be for her Haldi or Mehendi ceremonies and why would it not be! They look beautiful and accentuates the entire look of the brides-to-be!

8. Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Nose Ring:

Haldi Flower Jewellery Designs- Nose Ring
Nose Ring

Nose rings have been a symbol of a happy married life and have been an integral part of any woman’s accessory collection! According to the Hindu religion, piercing of nose is considered as a way of honouring Parvathi, the Hindu Goddess of marriage. This trendy ornament can be found in various shapes and sizes, designs as well as colours! For your Haldi or Mehendi ceremony choose a flower nose ring as it will best describe the occasion.

We hoped you liked these flower jewellery designs for your Haldi ceremony. If you did let us know all about it!

Thanks for reading!

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