Haldi Ceremony

5 Haldi Decoration Ideas That Will Leave Your Guests Spell-bound!

Indian weddings are no joke! Weddings in India are not less than a grand celebration and the festivities continue for 7 long days. With each day comes a new ritual and a new ceremony. In spite of being one of the most important pre-wedding rituals, the Haldi ceremony is not celebrated as grandly as Sangeet or Cocktail ceremony. But, this does not change the fact that nowadays it is fascinating to see a lot of couples take the smallest of ceremonies to a whole new level in terms of celebration and decorations. 

Whereas ‘Haldi,’ in Indian culture holds a special place of honour and is considered to be a sacred spice. Haldi ceremony is a ritual done by the bride and groom on the wedding day. The families prepare a turmeric paste mixed with oil and water and are applied to the couple by the married ladies for good luck.

Here are 5 mesmerizing Haldi decoration ideas to make your ceremony grand:

1. Floral Wall Backdrop 

Keeping things minimalistic yet elegant is the new trend, but at a wedding, you need to think again about your “less is more” idea. But if you still want to stick to that then this pre-wedding haldi decoration idea is just perfect for you! Having a floral backdrop will not only add more colours but will also make your haldi ceremony more vibrant. Besides, adding a few flowers wouldn’t hurt anyone!

Haldi decoration ideas
Floral Backdrop Haldi Decoration

2. Quirky Photo Booths 

Apart from having an amazing haldi decoration at your ceremony, you could also add a little extra something for your guests to enjoy. Quirky Photo Booths make the event more lively where the guests have fun while taking cute and amazing pictures and focus on making memories that they will look upon from time to time.

Quirky haldi decoration
Quirky Backdrop as Haldi Decoration

3. Outdoor Swings 

Weddings are all about happy things and what better way to be happy than tapping your inner child by including these outdoor swings in your haldi decoration. These swings not only allow you to relive your childhood but also indicate the ups and downs you would go through with your better half. So brace yourself and live in the moments.


Swings as haldi decor
Outdoor Swings as Haldi Decor

4. Colourful Haldi Decoration 

Weddings are the only time you could go all out and do everything that makes you happy then why not celebrate this special occasion with fun and vibrant colours and make your life more colourful? So, this haldi ceremony play with different colours and make your decor more lively.

Colorful Haldi Decoration
Vibrant and Colourful Haldi Decoration

5. Minimalist Haldi Decoration 

If you are one of those who want to keep the decor simple but make your haldi ceremony seem grand then these haldi decoration ideas are just perfect for you! Add aesthetic appeal and a little oomph to your ceremony under the budget. This will not only benefit you but also leave your guests amazed.

Haldi decoration under budget
Minimalistic Haldi Decoration

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Let us know our take on celebrating this vital and essential ceremony in the most unique way possible!!

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