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15+ Divine Floral Jewellery Design Ideas for your Wedding Ceremonies

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Flowers have always symbolised purity, vibrance and sophistication, and these are a few things that every wedding needs. Now, we can see flowers not only in the decorations but also on the bride as jewellery. Every bride is loving this floral trend. It’s not just beautiful and elegant it also signifies new beginnings. But, to make sure that you are following this trend right and not overdoing it, we have a list of 16 floral jewellery design ideas that can be worn separately or paired with each other to give you a heavenly look.

  1. Artificial Flower Haathphool

    Haathphool is the most preferred and common floral jewellery for all brides. This Artificial flower Haathphool is prepared with pink pearls which add shine to the ornament. Moreover, if you are going for an artificial flower haathphool you can try it in different colours and sizes.floral jewellery design

  2. Floral Jewellery Design Passa

    Passa’s add a certain amount of glamour and charisma to the wedding ceremonies. Floral passa can be a magical addition to your Haldi or Mehendi ensemble. Moreover, if you are not wearing any flowers in your hair, the passa will bring out the beauty of your hairstyle. floral jewellery design

  3. Flower Earrings

    Floral Earrings add a finishing touch to every Mehendi, Haldi or Sangeet outfit. The floral earrings look spectacular in every colour and size. Moreover, the earring with flowers are light and can give you a break from all the heavy jewellery you wear during the other functions.

    floral jewellery design

  4. Floral Choker design

    A floral choker is amazing if you want to experiment with your flower jewellery. It looks amazing on blouses with boat neck, off-shoulder blouse or cold shoulder blouse. If you don’t want to keep it simple wear haathphool and a maang tikka to complete the look.

    floral jewellery design

  5. Real Flower Haathphool

    Nothing beats the splendour of real flowers. This haathphool is amazing for all lehengas. Furthermore, the white pearls add glimmer and class to the jewellery. The green and white colour ferns and buds make the piece even more elegant and vibrant.

    floral jewellery design

  6. Flower Kamarbandh Designs

    Kamarbandhs are not really that popular among floral jewellery but they sure look good. The purple and white flowers put together with pink flowers and beads look splendid. Additionally. you can go for a matching necklace, haathphool, armlet, earrings or even a floral nose ring with it.  floral jewellery design

  7.  Floral Haathphool with Feathers

    Don’t wanna have just flowers for your wedding jewellery? The addition of feathers makes the bauble even more intricate. This Haathphool is exotic and sophisticated. Also, the real feathers give it a rich touch.

    floral jewellery design

  8. Flower Hairpin

    Decorating your hair with beautiful flowers might be the most romantic and cute thing. But, using individual flowers the goal of perfection is hard to achieve. So, to make the process quick, easy and efficient use custom made floral hairpins. floral jewellery design

  9. Real Flower Anklet Design

    If everything you wear is floral then why leave the feet alone. Wear a beautiful real flower anklet with single flower and ferns and buds to keep it elegant and yet beautiful. Since your feet get a lot of attention on your Haldi ceremony, this piece of jewellery would look epic on that day. floral jewellery design

  10. Floral Ring Design

    Tired of looking at all the brides wearing haathphools for their wedding ceremonies? Try something different and really pretty. This ring with artificial flowers and buds looks spectacular on every bride. Wear it with a simple floral bracelet to complete the look. floral jewellery design

  11. Real Flower Tiara

    Floral tiaras never go out of fashion. Wearing a tiara for your Mehendi or Haldi ceremony does give you a princess look. moreover, it is a flawless contemporary alternative to wearing maang tikkas or passas. If you want more variety you also go for artificial flower tiaras. floral jewellery design

  12. Floral Mathapatti

    Whatever hairstyle you are going for, a floral Mathapatti will never fail you. it has both a traditional and modern look. this mathapatti is made completely with white flowers but you can go for multicoloured flowers or pastel colours. just ensure that you don’t overdo it by adding a lot of other elements. floral jewellery design

  13. Long Floral Necklace

    if you want to stick to the basics and slay the simplistic look. Wear this floral jewellery design necklace with multicoloured flowers and buds. This piece of jewellery worn with matching kangans or hathphools and light makeup will look divine. floral jewellery design

  14.  Flower Maang Tikka

    If you are going for huge earrings opt for small and cute mang tikkas to keep everything in balance. floral mang tikkas look really cute with braided hair and light make-up. To add more grace and appeal mix it up with pearls.  

  15. Flower Wreath Necklace

    If you don’t feel like going for the regular floral necklace or choker, there is always the wreath necklace that looks amazing on high or boat neck blouses. This unique floral jewellery design is both distinctive and conventional. Pick the one with dark multicoloured flowers if you are going for a plain and very simple blouse. floral jewellery design

  16. Real Flower Dupatta 

    If you are looking for something new that you could do with flowers at your wedding functions, you are at the right place. You can easily ditch the maang tikka, passa and tiara and opt for this eccentric and beautiful dupatta made with just real flowers. floral jewellery design

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