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Maid Honor Duties 11 Roles you Ought to Fulfil at Best Friend’s Wedding

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Maid honor duties is the one thing best friend loves to do. So, best friend is like a sister from another mother. And when she is getting married, you can surely expect crazy times!! So, we know, you have waited for this moment for a long time. And want to make sure she has the best wedding ever! But do you know how to help your bestie and her parents at her wedding? So, what would you have to do to be an ideal bride’s best friend? Well, don’t worry as we are here to tell you about the 11 roles you will be playing at your best friend’s wedding. 

Listed below are 11 maid of honor roles for your best friend wedding:

Best friend's wedding

1. Taking up responsibilities

She is your soul sister and you cant let her take big decisions alone! So, be with her from the time she announces the date. And share the responsibility of deciding the venue, Caterers, Decorators, DJ, Photographer, etc. But take care of the guest list too. And you can’t expect her to manage all of it alone. So, be the best-est friend that you are. And let her know that you have her back!

best friend's wedding guest list

2. Planning her Bachelorette Party:

It’s your one and only best friend’s wedding !! And you can’t miss out on enjoying her last unmarried moments!! So, make sure you throw the best Bachelorette party. And people will ever know about and show your bestie how much you want to cherish those moments.

best friend's pre wedding bachelorette party

Cocktail party

3. Getting her Dance Routine Ready for Sangeet:

Believe it or not you are going to go all out for her sangeet. So, you wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to take down the floor with your moves. It is because your bestie is getting married!! But, before that, set a dance routine with her and show everyone what kind of a bond you guys share.

songs for best friend's sangeet

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4. Helping her in Shopping her Clothes and Jewellery

Obviously she can’t shop without you! So, you will have to accompany her in each and every shopping trip. It is because you have to make sure that she is buying the best wedding dress and jewellery. And taht she will look like a drop-dead-diva while taking her pheras!

best friend's wedding shopping

5. Calming the Bridezilla:

You will be the one to handle few things if there are last minute misplacements in the arrangements. It is because you can’t stress out the bride. So, along with that, brides usually get too nervous before taking the pheras. And you will have to keep her calm for the day ahead. So, make sure you don’t leave her as she will need you the most besides her.

best friend's wedding

6. Dealing with her Relatives

You like it or hate it, you will have to do it for your best friend’s sake. So, you will come across hundreds of them by the time the wedding is finished. And remember that aunt who used to gossip about you? So, guess what, she is going to be there and you will have to smile and deal with her even if you don’t want to.

relative at best friend's wedding

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7. Be her Personal Photographer

Having a good photography is an important thing for any occasion. So, be her personal photographer for your friend. And she will enjoy the function while you guys have a best photos at wedding.

Be her Personal Photographer

8. Search Perfect Makeup and Mehendi Artist

Searching a makeup and mehendi artist is a very hectic and tough task. So, help your best friend to have a best makeup and mehendi artist of your location. And it will help her look gorgeous on her wedding day.

Search Perfect Makeup and Mehendi Artist

9. Help her Surprise Groom Maid Honor Duties

If your bride is planning to surprise your bride then help her organize that. And it will make her feel relaxed because you as maid honor duties will help her organize things well.

Help her Surprise Groom Maid Honor Duties

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10. Be Ready with her Emergency Wedding Kit

Always be ready with an emergency kit. And this emergency kit includes your friends touch ups makeup products. So, also the box has some medicine, , perfumes, safety pins, and hair clips, etc. And it is maid honor duties, so make the most of it.

Be Ready with her Emergency Wedding Kit

11. Prepare Fun Activity Before the Wedding Day

You must take care of one thing that your bride don’t always be in an emotional zone. So, prepare a game kind of a thing just before a wedding day. And it will help your bride feel comfortable and relax. But make sure that your bride gets back to her bed. It is because she needs enough sleep to avoid dark circles.

Prepare Fun Activity Before the Wedding Day

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