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Extraordinary Bridesmaids Duties to Cherish!! Whats the Bride Expecting?

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Becoming a Bridesmaids is a very big responsibility. So, if she asked you to be her Bridesmaid?!
Congratulations! This means you are now officially hired to keep a tab on everything that’s happening in the bride’s life. Yes, welcome to the other side of being the maid of honor. So, the bridesmaid duties right from the day he proposes. Also, you’re the first one to hear the good news of course. That’s it, then onwards the few months left before the big day is the time your friendship is totally under the scanner. But there are chances you might miss out on some of the errands, here’s what the bride is expecting from you:

  1. Bridal Shower

    Take his proposal as a cue and start planning the bridal shower right away. Likewise, get in touch with her other friends also. In fact, make a group on social media and churn out the craziest party for her. This is among the most important and most fun bridesmaid duties.

    bridesmaid duties Cocktail party

  2. Shopping Trips Bridesmaid Duties

    Be a part of most of her shopping trips. It is because she definitely wants you around since you know her taste. Also, when shopping with her, always give opinions when she asks. It is also because messing with a confused bride-to-be could be highly lethal. (Yes, they can go pretty wild sometimes.)
    bridesmaid duties

  3. Pamper Bride as a Good Bridesmaids

    Make a note of all the appointments she has scheduled. From spa treatments to trial sessions for makeup and outfits. Even if you are not around to keep her updated about them.
    bridesmaid duties

  4. Make Arrangement of all the Ceremonies

    Get along with her cousins and plan for the sangeet ceremony. Also, make sure you include her other friends.
    bridesmaid duties

  5. Be Representable

    Go shopping for your dress!  It is because she would definitely want her BFF to look the best on her D-day. Meet the other bridesmaids before buying the dress. As you do not want a misfit in that group picture.
    bridesmaid duties Celebrate Dream Wedding

  6. Take Care of Little Things

    During the Mehendi ceremony, keep lemon or sugar water ready. It is because she needs anytime for constant retouches for her hand.
    bridesmaid duties

  7. Support Bride Emotionally

    Since marriage is a HUGE transition, the bride is bound to be hyper and panicky all the time. Handle it. Make sure she eats and sleeps well.
    bridesmaid duties

  8. Keep in Touch with the Groom’s Sides

    Stay in touch with someone on the groom’s side as well.  it is because you do not want the bride walking in late for the ceremonies.
    bridesmaid duties

  9. Do all the Sister-in-Law Rituals

    Very important – Don’t let the groom’s shoes out of your sight. So, that you can enjoy all the functions.
    bridesmaid duties

  10. Keep Note of Small Things

    Keep last-minute hacks ready. Stuff like safety pins, cello tape, hairpins, two-sided tapes, and more, handy. It is because these things hide at the last time.bridesmaid duties

  11.  Take Care of Phones Brides

    Take care of her phone. As there are very high chances she might lose it.bridesmaid duties

  12. Be Responsible for all the Gifts

    Since her parents and relatives are going to be busy attending the guests. So, it is your responsibility to take care of all the gifts.bridesmaid duties

  13.  Always Ready to Stay Over

    Always be ready to stay over. Keep extra clothes at her place or probably at work. As you never know when the bride-to-be might strike!bridesmaid duties

  14. Ready with Final Speech

    Last but not the least, she’s expecting a wedding speech from you. Since you’re the only one who knows her the best. So, she’s expecting you to share all the happy stories that cemented  your beautiful friendship. bridesmaid duties

  15. And Yes, keep tissues handy. :’)

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