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9 Latest Beard styles for Men in Wedding

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Wedding is a one enlightening occasion and your dressing and attire has to be an eye catching. One has to carry himself elegantly in the wedding. A man can try out different beard styles suiting his personality.


Why to worry when we are here to help you pick the best beard styles for the wedding –

  1. Full Beard Styles

The full beard style is a manly look hence, will perfectly suit a man who possess a good physique. The full beard style look can be carried for a long time.

Full Beard Styles

  1. Short Beard with Moustache

The short beard and moustache style is made for a guy who has a very thin hair and has a round shaped head. This beard look has found some popularity after many Bollywood celebrity pulled of this amazing short beard with moustache look.

Short Beard & Moustache Beard Styles


  1. Extended Goatee Beard Styles

The famous Bollywood star has been keeping the extended goatee beard style look for a long time and people just love it! This is a one simple and handsome beard style to try out for the wedding day.


  1. Chin Strap Beard Styles

This is a unique beard style where the beard is grown only on the chin and the rest of the area is kept clean. For guys who don’t possess a jawline, this one’s for them!

Beard Styles - Chin strap

Celebrate Dream Wedding

  1. Stubble Beard Styles

The stubble beard is one of the well maintained and groomed beard style on the list which a men can try out in a wedding to pull off a simple look.  Through the stubble beard style look, the guy shall stand out from others in finding the perfect look.

Beard Styles - Stubble

  1. Hipster Beard Styles

On the list, is another manly beard style ; the hipster beard style.  hipster beard style is another manly beard. The hipster beard look has become a new trend in the grooming styles of a men in wedding.

Hipster Beard Styles

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  1. Chevron Beard Style

This is quite a decent beard look for a men to try out in a wedding. The simple moustache helps in creating an innocent look on the person’s face.

Chevron Beard Styles

  1. Circle Beard Styles

The circle beard style is an old but still relevant beard look. Though there are different types of circle beard looks, but you can pick anyone as all the circle beard styles are worth trying out for!

Circle Beard Styles

  1. Long Beard Styles

The long beard style is one of the form of full beard styles. The neatly grown beard will be grown more in the chin area and the cheeks are little less bearded than the chin. The beard of the guy holds an important place in grooming the personality for the big occasion like wedding.

Long Beard Styles

Though this are just 9 beard styles, but we assure you that one of them is surely going to be in your beard look.  Follow us on Instagram for more updates.


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