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Trendy Groom Accessory – You Have Been Looking For!

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Groom Accessory holds an important position on the groom’s attire. It helps the groom complete his wedding day dressing. But are you wondering what are trendy groom accessory which will make you look perfect on the big day? Then here are few trendy groom accessory we have listed for you:

  1. Safa or Pagdi

    Beginning from the top, the first trendy yet highly important groom accessory is the safa or a pagdi. A stand out designer safa is like a feather on the grooms wear. Groom Accessory - Safa

  2. Sehra – Groom Accessory

    A sehra is one accessory that a man gets to wear once in a lifetime. The groom can put the best accessory which suits his tradition as well as his face. This groom accessory is a must for the groom on the wedding day.Groom Accessory - Sehra

  3. Shoes for Groom – Groom Accessory

    The shoe for groom is another stylish accessory on the groom accessories list. And you surely don’t want to mess up on your big day, so make sure you select the best shoe for your wedding.Groom Accessory - Shoes

  4. Kalgis / Feather – Groom Accessory

    A feather or a kalgis is a tiny but another accessory which plays an important role in completing the groom’s attire. A feather on the Safa/ pagdi will actually be a feather on the groom’s outfit.Groom Accessory - Kalgis Feather

  5. Stole / Dupatta

    A stole or a dupatta has been in the trend and for all the right reasons for it gives that added beauty to the grooms outfit. If you are not carrying a stole or a dupatta on your hand then you definitely are missing an important part of grooms wear.Groom Accessory - Stole Dupatta

  6. Brooch – Groom Accessory

    A brooch is one such accessory on the list which can be used even on a suit and on a sherwani as well. More and more people have started using it making the new trend more popular.Groom Accessory - Brooch                                                                                                                                                            Groom accessory

  7. Chain / Necklace – Groom Accessory

    If you want to look absolutely stunning on the big day of your wedding then a necklace or a chain is a must for your wedding outfit.Groom Accessory - Necklace or Chain

  8. Tie Groom Accessory

    Tie is a very important part of a grooms outfit if they are going for a tuxedo or suit. You can also choose the colour in contrast with the suit. Groom accessory

  9. Cuff Links

    You can always get crafty with your cuff links. Engraved with the weddding date or the initials, it is superb. Groom Accessory

  10. Tie Clip

    Tie Clip completes the suit or tuxedo. You can have a golden or silver tie clip, you can alsogo for something quirky with cute writings and initials.  Groom Accessory

  11. Engagement Ring

    On the day of engagement, you wore a ring and also a part of your better half with you. You can also opt to wear a watch but engagement ring is must.Groom Accessory - Engagement ring

  12. Kamarband/ Sword

    Kamarband or a sword is the special accessory specially used for groom outfit. This groom accessory is a necessity for every traditional Indian wedding. Moreover, it would look amazing with any traditional sherwani. Groom Accessory - Sword

  13. Lapel Pin

    Lapel Pin is a super important and super amazing part of the wedding ensemble. You can use your creativity and have something off-beat.Groom Accessory

  14. Watch Groom Accessory

    Couple watch is the best thing to gift to your friend or family. And even a couple can also buy branded couple watch set for their own wedding. To make it easy for you we have made a collection of some of the luxurious couple watches and some from affordable ranges.Groom Accessory

  15. Safa Chain

    Safa chains make the safa even more exclusive and gorgeous. Moreover, It gives it a regal touch.

    Groom Accessory

  16. Pocket Square Groom Accessory

    Pocket squares are the best part of a suit. You can pick a colour that goes well with the suit and tuxedo. Groom Accessory

  17. Juttis

    The Juttis are a neccessary groom accessory for the wedding poutfit. It is the pefect one for traditional outfits. Groom Accessory

  18. Bow Tie

    If you are wearing a suit or a tuxedo on your wedding day, a bow tie is a must-have accessory.

Groom Accessory
We have tried to list out the best groom accessories you don’t want to miss out on. Follow us on Instagram for more updates.

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