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Safa Design and Pattern to Choose for Guests and Groom in the Wedding

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The traditional value is being resembled by the safa design. Let us show you few safa design worth checking out.

 Banarasi Safa Design

The Safa design of this safa is a pure form of banaras’s texture and colour. It represents the beauty of Banaras through its vibrant colours. The famous city, Banaras will hit people minds through this Banarasi Jamewar safa.

Safa Design Banarasi


Royal Safa

Don’t  you want to be royal in your safa ? Royal safa  brings royalty to the handsome look of the groom. Royalty of the safa helps the groom look royal in his personality.

Safa Design Royal

Rajasthani Safa

Rajasthani safa is popular for its wide use across the nation. It is a symbol of the rajasthani tradition and culture. The groom being the centre of attraction, safa will make him carry his personality smoothly.

Safa Design Rajasthani

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Red Leheriya Safa

This simple yet ecstatic red leheriya safa goes with any sherwani. This adds more simplicity to the groom’s attire. The safa design will hold an important position in raising the bar of the wedding design.

Safa Design Red Leheriya

Safa Design

Floral Chanderi Safa

Floral safa designs are always in trend irrespective of what the latest trends are. This safa design is a wonderful design loved by all the generations. This safa design is definitely worth checking out!

Safa Design Floral Chanderi

Classic Gold Safa

The Classic gold safa  has always been trend. The groom will carry his personality flawlessly throughout the wedding day. The classic touch will give the groom an edge over others in keeping the old fashion in trend.

Safa Design Classic Gold

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Chanderi Silk Safa

The chanderi silk safa  has been brought in trend by the most loved Bacchan family. Recently they were spotted wearing this safa at a wedding. Right from its beginning, this safa design has made its way into the trending safa  list.

Safa Design Chanderi Silk

We have tried to share some safa designs you must check out. This designs will always be in your list.

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