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Tuxedo vs Suit- What’s the Difference Between Both?

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Since the evolution of humanity wearing suits, there has been a battle between both the outfits every so often. But, Tuxedo vs Suit- do you know the actual difference between them? This question seems to be unanswered by humanity sporadically because both the outfits appear similar in kind.

But, we’ve got you covered here as we will be answering the physical differences between a Tuxedo and a suit, the non-tangible ones, the accessories, and also the exceptions. Let’s start.

Physical Differences


The primary difference that solves the Tuxedo vs Suit phenomena is the presence of Satin. The shimmery Satin, which makes the tuxedo one of its kind. Satin is present on the lapels, buttons, pocket trims, and also on the side-stripe down the leg of the trouser. On the contrary, suits don’t bear any certainty of the presence of satin and they usually have a button of plastic or buttons faced with the same fabric as the coat.

As per the changing trends, some modern tuxedo options have minimized the use of satin into a minimalistic covering around the lapels and a thin satin bead down the pant leg.

But the primary rule doesn’t change and it says that tuxedos have Satin around them and suits don’t.

Cocktail party


Tuxedo-vs -suit- Tuxedo-accessories

Let’s go classic to observe the significance of coating a tuxedo formally to a ceremony, probably to a prom or a wedding. Initially, the accessories of tuxedos included a cummerbund, waistcoat, suspenders, and a bow-tie. But the exceptions are made everywhere to the day. Long ties with a waistcoat and a tuxedo are preferred by people as well, depending on their choice of style and how formal do they want to look according to their occasion.

On the other hand, suits are more versatile than tuxes and they can be worn with or without a vest. They are also great with long ties and shimmery leather brown shoes.

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 Occasion- The major Tuxedo vs Suit decider


Figure this out. You’re at the grocery store probably figuring out your grocery list in a suit and a tie with a formal slack and oxford shoes to cover you up. None of the people present in the store will flinch for a second after watching you in that avatar.

Now let’s do this, you’re at the same grocery store again but this time in a white undershirt, a black or a grey waistcoat, and a tuxedo of your choice. I am sure some of them will come forward to congratulate you on your secret achievement. That’s what tuxedos are made for.

The point of a tuxedo is not just to dress up and look nice but, the point is to commemorate a special occasion by wearing something that you’d not wear anywhere else.

Tuxedos are for real and special occasions. Suits, on the contrary, are just for occasions. The major difference that solves the whole battle of Tuxedo vs Suit!

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Other factors that decide the difference

Evening-Suit-Black-Tuxedo vs Suit

Tuxedos are considered to be an evening suit. It doesn’t mean that if you wear it to an occasion that’s before 5 PM you’ll be arrested or something but, that’ll be strange to an occasion before evening. Tuxedos are made for an evening occasion.

Meanwhile, if you’re having a black-tie occasion you should probably be at your best. And the best is a tuxedo. But, if the occasion is casual, you would find yourself more comfortable in a suit. Tuxedos are more formal than suits.


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What’s next? 

A tux is obviously a tux and a suit is probably a suit. Everyone knowing the difference between the two is prominent because, at some point during a lifetime, there’s a good chance that a man will have to wear a Tuxedo.

Do you think we missed something or do you want to add something to clear more misconceptions about a suit and a tuxedo? Drop a comment down and let us know your thoughts, we would be happy to help you.

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