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Super Amazing Groom Sehra Design Ideas for Every Groom

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Sehras are a very important part of the groom’s attire. They were originally meant to worn to be protected from an evil eye. Now, you can make a style statement out of your sehra. But what kind of sehra should you choose? The process of choosing your sehra largely depends upon the traditions, the customs, and your personal taste. These are a few superb Groom Sehra design classifications for your wedding look.

  1. Pearl Sehra Designs
  2. Floral Groom Sehra
  3. Golden Groom Sehra
  4. Regional traditional Sehra Ideas

So we have a list of 10 Groom Sehra design ideas that every groom is gonna love.

  1. Classic Pearl Sehra

    This is one of the oldest traditional groom sehra designs and they perfectly match the groom’s outfit. Gotta & Kiran are placed at Headband and pearl strings and added to fully cover the face. Generally, pearls are in off-white colors and golden and red are added to makes the sehra more royal. Moreover, the zari and mirror work looks gorgeous. 

    groom sehra design

  2. Floral Groom Sehra

    A lot of sehras for grooms come in a variety of flowers and make a great addition to the wedding day look. The modern flower groom sehra design jazz ups every room in no time at all. Moreover, it definitely is a show-stealer. The not so tightly huddled strings make sure there is enough space between them.

    groom sehra design

  3. Feather and Bead Groom Sehra Design 

    Allergic to flowers or just bored of floral sehra? This is the perfect replacement. The feather and bead combination of this groom sehra design is funky and glamourous. Also, this will give your look a unique touch.  groom sehra design

  4. Golden Bead Sehra

    Not a big fan of pearls? You can mix it up with gold. Every guy who has an exclusive yet minimal taste will especially be crushing on this plain gold sehra. Moreover, the larger gaps between the strings of the sehra allow everyone to see more part of your face. 

    groom sehra design

  5. South Indian Groom Sehra Design

    South Indian grooms generally wear a classic headgear of pearls on their wedding day. Unlike sehras for grooms in the north which cover all of their faces, these sehras don’t. Ranveer Singh wore such sehra at his wedding and rocked the look. groom sehra design

  6. Maharashtrian Groom Sehra Design  

    A Marathi sehra is also known as “Pheta” and is a must during the wedding ceremony. It consists of a pearl spring and a flower around the heads. The groom can match the sehra with a red beaded necklace and multicolored gems. 

    groom sehra design

  7. Gold Plated Enameled Sehra

    Mrinalini Chandra introduced the first-ever enamel sehra, it comes with Jasmine flower motifs on it plated with 24 K gold. It adds a dash of luxury to the sehra. This sehra is very iconic and very unique from the regular groom sehra design. 

    groom sehra design

    Groom Sehra design

  8. White and Gold Pearl Sehra

    The popular colour combination of gold and white works wonders with the groom’s attire. Set against a bright red turban, the sehra designs are brought to the forefront. Moreover, the combination of gold and white beads is spectacular. Furthermore, the red tassel danglings add glamour to the whole sehra. It will go very well with your sherwani.

    groom sehra design

  9. Silver Mukut Sehra Design

    This is a groom sehra design cum mukut made up of solid silver panels with hanging string. This is a traditional sehra worn in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh by the groom. The silver panels have images of gods and deities carved into them surrounded by floral borders.groom sehra design

  10. Maharaja Style Groom Sehra Design

    If everything around is regal and completely luxurious, why should your sehra be left out? This sehra is designed for grooms who want to have a lavish and sophisticated wedding. Besides that, the headband of this sehra is way more intricate and beautiful than the strings.  groom sehra design Follow us on Instagram for more

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