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10 Awesome Sangeet Outfits for Groom – Sangeet Ceremony

By Purv Bhoj
Blog timeJan 27, 2021

Sangeet Outfits are equally important as the wedding day sherwani. A wedding is a big milestone of any person’s life. Each and every ritual and occasion of wedding is special. The groom should stand out from others in his attire on the wedding occasion, hence we have listed 10 awesome sangeet outfits for groom to wear in the sangeet ceremony –

  1. Zardozi Bundi Kurta Set                  

    This ecstatic zardozi bundi kurta set is one of the perfect sangeet outfits for the groom. It will give the groom a stunning look with apt outfit for the sangeet ceremony.Sangeet Outfits _ Zardozi

  2. Half Sleeves Black Jacket Kurta Set

    If black is the colour the groom loves, then this is the one for him to check out for! The unique idea of the half sleeves is the eye-catching thing and hence is suitable when it comes to sangeet outfits for a groom.Sangeet Outfits - Black Jacket

  3.  Yellow Kurta & Designer Jacket

    The stupendous design and bright yellow coloured kurta makes the sangeet ceremony brighter.Sangeet Outfits _ Yellow

  4. All Floral Jodhpuri Sangeet Outfits

    This famous jodhpuri design is simple yet fantastic for the groom. The floral design of these sangeet outfits makes the groom stand out from others.Sangeet Outfits - Floral

  5.  Brown Kurta & Jacket Set

    The wonderful design and superb colour combination is the hallmark of this brown kurta and jacket set which will suit aptly for your sangeet ceremony.Sangeet Outfits - Brown

  6. Full Yellow Jacket and Kurta Set

    This all yellow kurta and jacket set is one attractive sangeet outfits for the sangeet ceremony. The groom will surely shine out from others with this wonderful outfit.Sangeet Outfits - Full yellow

  7. Blue Kurta Set

    Another elegant colour, blue is a symbol of decentness and class. It will give the groom a smart look. If you are looking for something classy and decent, then this blue kurta set is the one for you!Sangeet Outfits - Blue

  8. Floral Yellow Kurta & Brown Jacket

    Floral design on kurtas has become the new trend for sangeet outfits. Yellow is a bright colour, the groom will definitely look brighter than ever.Sangeet Outfits - Floral Yellow Kurta

  9. Simple Kurta with Floral Jacket

    This is another simple outfit that makes it to the list of sangeet outfits because of the simple look it gives to the groom.Sangeet Outfits - Floral Kurta

  10. Blue Velvet Bandhgala  

    This bandhgala sangeet outfit is very exclusive and good looking. Moreover, it can definitely ensure a handsome look.sangeet outfitsOut of this 10 sangeet outfits, one of them will surely make it to your sangeet ceremony. Follow us on Instagram for more.

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