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Trendy Kurtas for Men in Wedding – 2021

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A wedding is all about stunning outfits and bright smiles. Smiling faces, glittery jewellery and beautiful outfits are a core of a fantastic wedding. An Indian wedding has all types of traditional clothes. For men, kurtas are a first choice for a perfect wedding attire and rightly so.

Here are top trendy kurtas for men in wedding – 2021

Cotton / Linen Silk Kurtas for men

This cotton and linen silk free size kurta is a one to try out in a wedding. The blue floral kurta will perfectly suit the pre wedding occasions of your groom friend’s wedding or in your own wedding also for that matter.

Kurtas for Men - 1

Pink Coloured Jacquard Kurtas for men

This unique pink coloured jacquard kurta has a beautiful design. This kurta will complete the wedding attire of a men attending his friend’s wedding.

Kurtas For Men - Pink Color Jacquard

Blue Asymeterical Floral Print Silk Jacket

This floral silk jacket kurta stands out because of its absolutely fantastic design.

Kurtas for Men - Blue

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Multi floral Black Kurta Set

All the black lovers, this one is made just for you! The altogether different multi floral design will help you carry your personality smoothly in the wedding ceremony.

Kurtas for Men - Multi floral off white

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Nehru Jacket Kurtas for Men

The traditional and old fashioned Nehru jacket has always been in the trend and it certainly will stay in the trend forever.

Kurtas for Men - Nehru Jacket

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Short Kurta with Jeans & Jacket

This is another type of kurta different from the usual kurtas for men. The short kurta is a handy and flexible fashion statement because it can be used according to your fashion choice.

Kurtas for Men - Jeans

Sabysachi Inspired Nehru Jacket Kurtas for Men

This popular sabyasachi inspired Nehru jacket kurta is the latest in the trend. The sabysachi touch given by the artisans is commendable.

Kurtas for Men - Sabyasachi Inspired


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