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An Ultimate Bridal Trousseau List For Our Brides To Be

By Rutuja Ghodekar
Blog timeNov 21, 2022

We understand that there are a million things when we talk about Indian weddings. Also, if you are planning a destination wedding go through this article.

The brides especially have to look after too many small details.

You have to plan your lehenga for the special day to decide what type of beautiful jewelry you will wear. So, even before the wedding day, you have to work on many other functions.

We will recommend you save these seating arrangements for your mehndi ceremony. Also, you check out some mesmerizingly stunning lehenga dupatta draping styles.

Now, if in case you aren’t familiar with the term bridal trousseau list don’t worry because we are here for you to explain it.

What Is Bridal Trousseau?

So, In simple words, the bridal trousseau list is basically a luggage bride takes to her husband’s home. Hence, it’s like your savior kit. You have to carry all the essentials that you would need on an everyday basis. You should always make a perfect list so you won’t forget anything.

But you might not get the time to prepare this list. We have made it easy for you as we always do. Here we have come up with this blog to help you out. We will tell you what you should include in the perfect trousseau. So, go through this blog thoroughly.

1. Indian Wear

Indian dress

You should always ensure your bridal trousseau list has Indian wear. Because as a newly married bride you would need them for various functions. You can carry some heavy as well as designer sarees. Don’t forget to take some ethnic wear and light Kurtis. It will be easy for you to face such functions.

2. Western Wear

western wear

Comfort is also important and sometimes it’s in western clothes. Some jeans and leggings to pair up with shirts or t-shirts for your family outings. It completely depends on your preferences. But make sure to carry 2-4 pairs of jeans, 5-6 tees, and shirts.

3. Multi-purpose Blouses

multipurpose blouse

It will help you if plan to wear a lehenga or even the sarees. Also, you can pair such blouses with long skirts too and carry a dupatta. You can try out different styles of blouses from boat necks to the regular basics. Also, you should include the multicolored ones so you won’t be worried to find a match always.

4. Night Wear

Night Wear - Bridal Trousseau List


You have to carry the outfits you will feel comfortable sleeping in. Some night dresses in soft fabric and even some comfy pajamas.

5. Skin Care

You should always know to carry your skin care products everywhere. Your cleanser and moisturizer to all your other skincare have to be there in your bag. Then also add some masks and also facewash. Make sure you don’t experiment at this stage without thinking. Because it’s not a good idea to try something new if won’t suit your skin type as a newly married bride.

6. Makeup

Don’t do too many extra things as you already applied much makeup in all the functions. You just carry some basic makeup products. Also, do a proper skincare routine before you apply your makeup. Carry the different shades of lipsticks and eye makeup shades.

7. Accessories- Bridal trousseau list

Carrying your accessories like your jewelry is also a necessary thing. Some earrings which will match all your outfits. Also, add on some heavy jewelry for your traditional looks. You should also have some hair accessories included.

We hope you are saving all these items on your checklist.

8. Footwear

You can be confused about what types of footwear you should carry with you as a bride. But carry some different 8-9 pairs of footwear with you. Also some comfortable ones along with your heels and sneakers. You can also consider adding some customized ones to your suitcase.

9. Bags

You should carry the bags and the clothes. Also, some bags which can be spacious enough for traveling is not a bad idea. Some purses for regular use and few designer clothes. Make sure your daily use purses will have enough space to accumulate all your accessories.

This was the bridal trousseau list you should follow. We hope you have kept checking on every item. We have tried our best to make sure nothing is left behind. You should also explore our website for some other blogs. We are sure they will help you out in your wedding planning.

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