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8 Best Photography Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

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“Say Cheese!!” This is that one word that had changed the way photos were clicked by making everyone smile. For a long time, the poses for all occasions remained the same. To make it a fun session, photography requires ideas and here we list out the 10 best birthday photography ideas. 

Diva Rockstar:

For a fun girl birthday party, these Rockstar ideas would make the girls feel jazzy and the photos will be loved by the cuties. Get as many props as you can of such types and make the party more fun for them.

divarocker-Birthday Photography Props

Birthday Party Décor


Country Theme Birthday Photography Ideas:

Pick a country that you really love, whether it is your own or other, making it a theme for your photo props would be a great idea. Every nation has a famous monument known by everyone, make it a point of attraction and let everyone take a picture with it and make them feel like actually being there.

Country-theme-Birthday photography props

country-theme-birthday photography propsa


Construction Site props:

Now, this is something boys would really love to play with. Grab some signal boards, caution strips and all the other stuff that will generate the feel of the actual construction site. We are sure kids will fight with each other to click pictures with these props.

construction-site-birthday photography props


Superhero Blast!

There wouldn’t be a single kid in this world who don’t love superheroes. So this kind of superhero props could prove the thing that everyone will stick around and wait for their turn to have a click with this.

Superhero-blast-birthday photography props


Mickey and Minnie:

All of us has grown up enjoying a couple of Mickey and Minnie. Let us make a flashback of these legendary cartoon characters and welcome them to our party to amaze the guests and especially kids. Get all types of these props, from small to large ones and let all of them enjoy them.

mickeyminnie-birthday photography props



Kings of the sea. Make this hit backdrop theme a major part of your birthday party without even spreading sand on the floor. The Pirate banner, Sword and mask, are all you need to make the environment like the real announcement of war.

pirates-birthday photo props


Monster Props:

Ask your kids and adults too to wear these simple yet interesting cute monster props to make the photos smile-worthy. You have to spend least on this kind of props, however, you can make these by yourself too. You just need to take a colour print of these designs on thick paper and cut the stencils neatly and join the sticks.

Monster-props-birthday photography props


Dino Props:

Dino fans in the house will love this thing. This cute dino birthday photography idea is worth clicking a picture with. You can easily make these with some cardboard and sticks.

Dino-props-birthday photography props

Bubbles Birthday Photography Ideas

We all know how kids are so excited about the bubbles and hence a candid photo while they play with the bubbles will be perfect to make the little one’s day.

birthday photography ideas bubbles

Balloon Birthday Photography Ideas

A cute birthday photo of the kid with his/her most favourite toy balloon will light up the kids day. You can decorate the birthday party with balloons.

Birthday Photography Ideas Balloons new

Next time when you are planning your birthday party, don’t forget to use any of these Themes or a combination of them to have an interesting photo booth.

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