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Nostalgic Circus Themed Birthday Party Ideas.

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A circus is so much fun to watch but it becomes more exciting when we bring it to our celebration and hence we bring you few unique yet beautiful circus themed birthday party ideas to make your birthday special.

Popcorn Cupcake

The popcorn cupcakes are not only a part of the celebration but they also act as a flavour in the circus themed birthday party. The circus themed birthday party  will be incomplete without popcorn cupcakes.

Circus Themed Birthday Party Popcorn


Face Painting

Since we are all jokers in the circus of life so, just for once let us have a joker face on our circus themed  birthday party, lit up a smile and get through the hurdles of life.

Circus Themed Birthday Party Face Painting


Balloon Man Decoration

Balloons are always a part of the celebration but how about a balloon man? No, right? So, this one’s for you to include a unique decoration to your circus themed party. This idea might not excite you but it will surely excite kids for the birthday party!

Circus Themed Birthday Party Ballon Man


Circus Themed Party Table

For your circus themed birthday party, a circus themed table is an important things to be prepared for. The table will be act as an important ingredient in decorating your circus themed birthday party.

Circus Themed Birthday Party Table

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Circus Themed Birthday Party – Backdrop

To make environment circus friendly, a circus themed backdrop is must. The backdrop will not only make the air ecstatic but also circus oriented at the same time.

Circus Theme Birthday Party - Backdrop


Circus Themed Birthday Party

Circus Animal Shaped Small Cakes

How can a circus be complete without animals? Of course, you can’t bring them physically but we have got a brilliant idea for you! How about small animal shaped cakes? Sounds exciting, right! Try this and complete your birthday party.

Circus Theme Birthday Party - Animal Shaped Small Cakes

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Clown Ice Cream

The dessert is the sweetest thing on the table but since it’s a circus themed birthday party, why not add a flavour of circus to it? These cute and sweet dessert of clown ice cream is a perfect idea to add a flavour of circus party theme.

Circus Themed Birthday Party - Clown Ice Cream


So, what are you waiting for? go plan your loved one’s birthday with a circus themed party right away!

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