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Best Return Gift Ideas Under 100 For All Age Groups On A Budget

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Return gift ideas under 100

First step to party planning is always budgeting and one of the main things to consider is return gifts. Birthday return gift ideas for 100 rs for all age groups on a budget is not difficult to find if looked at the right places with right ideas. These ideas are not only perfect for return gifts but are also great for gifting if you have a tight budget. Return gift ideas under 100 for all age groups on a budget needs to be thoughtful and personalised which increases its value. Here are a few birthday return gift ideas for 100 rs which people of all age groups will love.

Stationery birthday return gift ideas for 100 rs

Stationery is a gift that is useful to everyone and anyone. A child, a student, an employee, a home maker, a businessman, literally everyone needs stationery on a day to day basis. It makes one of the most useful birthday return gift ideas for 100 rs.


unicorn theme fancy notebook in different colours with lock

Notebooks make a great gift because they are useful and come in so many choices. It is used for taking notes, to write down to-do lists, used as a planner.  A notebook can be found around various themes such as, TV shows, cartoons, art, leather, etc.  You can also buy a fancy notebook to add something extra on anyone’s desk. Here is a popular fancy unicorn diary from Bzaar for INR 102.


cartoon designer pens of four different characters and colours
ice cream cone push pen in different colours

Everybody needs a pen. Pens come in so many different designs and colours, which is best options in birthday return gift ideas for 100 rs. The best thing about pens is that there are vast options under 100. Whether you want to gift to an office colleague, a friend or a kid, you can never go wrong with a pen. Here are few great options and variety of pens to choose from. Ice cream push pencil for INR 95 is a great option to choose from for best return gifts under 100. Another option from Bzaar is set of four designer pens for INR 77.

Bag tags:

bag tags for six different colours and designs

Bag tags make a very unique gift. It is something that not everyone has and is also useful. Bag tags make great gifts for people who travel frequently. It is also useful for students to attach on their backpacks. This is very trendy and versatile bag tag for INR 57 perfect for return gift under 100. It is available on Bzaar.


Games birthday return gift ideas for 100 rs

Who doesn’t love a good game! Games make great gifts for everyone. Games are a great stress buster and relaxer for both kids and adults.

Fidget spinner:

captain America fidget spinner in blue, red and silver colour

Fidget spinner is very popular today. It is available in wide range of designs and sizes. In many places fidget spinners are pricy but on Bzaar, captain America themed fidget spinner for INR 77 is available under 100.

Rubik’s cube:

rubik's cube image of different colours and pattern

Rubik’s cube is one of the oldest yet popular games. It is one of the best options for return gifts under 100. This game can be a perfect gift for someone who is a brain stormier and doesn’t want any time wasted. this Rubik’s cube for INR 94 is available in trendy modern design on Bzaar.

Mikado sticks game

mikado sticks game

This game goes way back in time. If given to someone in today’s generation, it will be no less than a vintage gift and if given to an adult, it will be used on family holidays and will be preserved forever. It is hard to find these days but is easily available on Bzaar. Mikado sticks available fro INR 47, is the best return gift under 100 for all age groups.



Art is not just restricted to kids; it is a very popular hobby in adults today. It is therapeutic and makes for a great way to spend some spare time alone or with family.

Sketch pen

doms aqua sketch pen set image
minion box with sketch pen set


Sketch pens not only make great and useful gifts for kids but are also a very useful gift for someone interested in art or working as an artist. A set of sketch pen never goes waste in a household or an office. Here is Doms sketch pen set for INR 95 available at Bzaar. Another option for best return gift idea under 100 for kids is minion sketch pen set for INR 81.


Glitter pens:

unicorn fancy glitter pens of different colours

Glitter pens are simple yet fancy return gift ideas under 100. They are great for kids and also adults who enjoy art. These unique looking unicorn glitter pens are available on bzaar for INR 63.


Board games return gift ideas under 100

Believe it or not, adults love gifts that take them back to their childhood. These not only make a good gift for kids but it also something special for adults.

Snake and ladder

ludo snake and ladder board game image

If you ever think of a board game, snake and ladder and ludo will be the first name to cross your mind. It never goes waste and makes a good gift. it is easily available and you can also find it on Bzaar.



mini chess board game, easy to store and great gift for all age group

Entertainment aside, chess is an amazing game for all those people who believe in not wasting a single minute. Apart from playing, it can also be used as a show piece. A mini chesss is space friendly and also looks aesthetic.



Return gift ideas under 100 for kids


car puzzle game, easy to solve, best return gift for young boys
birds puzzle blocks, fun and informative game for kids

Puzzles are a very good activity to keep kids engaged. It is a widely bought product and would make a perfect return gift under 100 for kids.  These puzzles are also available in various themes which will be perfect for both girls and boys. A car puzzle and Animal theme puzzle is something every child will love.

Price- ₹68

Clay set

colourful clay set which dry in air, best gift for crafty kids

For children who enjoy craft and are creative, clay set is a perfect return gift idea under 100. It includes wide range of colours and is fun, educating and useful.



Outdoor games

We live in a time where going outdoors has become rare. Outdoor games can be a very useful gift to engage children. This return gift ideas under 100 is very useful.

 Bat and ball set

bat and ball set for birthday return gift for kids in two different colours

A bat and ball set is perfect to engage children in activities and makes a very thoughtful return gift under 100

Price- ₹78

Racket ball

mini racket ball set, yellow and red in colour. one of the best birthday return gift ideas for 100 rs for outdoor games

Bzaar’s racket ball set is a very unique outdoor game which every child will enjoy.


Party planning can be a very hectic and a time consuming job. It has to be memorable for everyone attending it. return gifts can be one of the most trickiest part to decide. To take the burden off your shoulders, here are a few more blogs to make your job easier and fun.

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