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Bridal Accessory Emergency Kit 27 Ideas for Hussle Free Wedding of 2021

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Bridal accessory is compulsory for every bride’s kit. And it can be served as an emergency bridal survival kit. So, if you are getting married this year then this post is for you.

Listed below are important wedding kit for brides of 2021:

Bridal Hair Accessory

1. Hair Clip Bridal Accessory

Hair Clip Bridal Accessory

Hair clips or booby pins are the must needed item of bridal accessory kit. And these things easily get distracted from our eyes. So, it is important to have an extra amount of pins in our bags. This is one of the most important bridal hair accessories.

2. Juda Pin

Juda Pin

Juda pin also gets lost very easily. And without a juda pin you can’t have a proper juda for your wedding. And also our wedding rituals go for a long time. So, we have to be ready in a way that juda doesn’t get disturbed. And for that we need more juda pins.

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3. Juda Bun

Juda Bun

Without a juda bun you don’t get a properly shaped juda. So, for that you must an emergency juda bun as well in your makeup kit. It is because if it gets loose or something then you didn’t have to worry about it.

4. Rubber Band of Different Sizes

Rubber Band of Different Sizes

Rubber bands are also one of the must needed item of bridal accessory. And we need it to tie up our hair neatly. So, that we can have any designs on our hair. And also we need tie our hair for juda purpose as well. So, for that we should have different sizes rubber band. It is because it can be suitable for all kinds of hairstyles.

5. Hair Sprays

Hair Sprays

Hair sprays are needed to set hair whenever needed. And as we have a long going wedding function. Then there might be possibility that our hair gets scattered easily. And for that we need hair sprays to set our hair time to time.

6. Hair Brush and Comb

Hair Brush and Comb

Hair brush and comb are needed to take care of your hair when you need it And these things must be there to make your hair look always gorgeous.

Bridal Jewelry Accessory

1. Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

If you getting married then don’t forget to wear your engagement ring. It is because it is the first thing which marks the beginning of your journey with the groom. So, keeping an engagement ring with yourself is a must needed accessory.

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2. Additional Necklace and Earring

Additional Necklace and Earring

The bride should have different kinds of jewelry in their wedding survival kit. Necklace and earring for different occasions is the must needed item in wedding jewelry. So, be prepared for everything. And whenever you feel like changing a bridal dress in between the function then be ready with necklace and earring as well.

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3. Bracelet


Bracelet as a bridal jewelry is an important part of wedding accessories. It is because a hand without a jewelry doesn’t look good. So, a bride should carry extra bracelet, just in case they wanted to change it.

Bridal Dress Accessory

1. Extra Dress for Emergency

Extra Dress for Emergency

It is very important to have some extra dress with you. It is because during wedding day a lot of functions and rituals are going on. And there might be possibility that your dress gets dirty by this action. And for those kind of emergency time you must have an emergency dress with you.

2. Lingerie


It is also important to take care of your hygiene purpose. It is because these things can’t be ignored. So, to be extra safe have an extra undergarments with you. And it is also important to have extra undergarments because whenever you want to change your dress. Then there must be things for the required dress.

3. Wedding Veil

Wedding Veil

Wedding veil enhances the beauty of a bride in Indian wedding. So, to have an extra veil is good. It is because there might be possibility that your veil get stuck somewhere. And it might gets torn. So, for those emergency purposes you need an extra veil with you.

4. Sweater or Shawl or Jacket

Sweater or Shawl or Jacket

You should always carry sweater, shawl or jacket with you. As if you are getting married in winter season then you might get chill anytime. And for those time carry winter stuffs like this.

Bridal Makeup Accessory

1. Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Always carry lip balm with you even if you are a bride. It is because if your lips get dry then it will make you lipstick look bad.

2. Different Lipstick Shades

Different Lipstick Shades

A bride should carry different shades of lipstick with them. It is because it will help them look gorgeous on whatever dress they wear. And the brides can even change the lipstick for the same dress as well.

3. Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes

Our long running wedding functions sometimes make our makeup look dull. And those tiring time you need wet wipes. So, that you can settle down your makeup with it.

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4. Body Lotion

Body Lotion

Our body can scream for nourishment anytime. So, always carry a body lotion with you. It will help you moisturize your skin anytime, anywhere.

5. Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover

If your mind gets changed and you want to change your nail polish. Then for that condition you need a nail polish remover.

6. Deodorant or Perfume

Deodorant or Perfume

It is always better to smell good. And for those conditions have a good smelling perfume or deodorant with you.

Miscellaneous Accessory

1. Safety Pins

Safety Pins

Safety pins are very much needed when you are a bride. It is because you need to tuck a lot of things on your wedding dress. So, carry a lot of safety pins with you. It is because they are in a habit of getting lost every time you need them.

2. Feminine Products

Face wash

If you are getting married then there might be possibility that you can get stressed. And for that time you should carry your feminine products like pads, face wash, and face cleanser, etc.

3. Facial Hair Remover Tool

Facial Hair Remover Tool

Facial hair is the most dreadful thing. And it looks horrible on bride’s face. So, always carry epilator or tweezers, etc. kind of hair removal tools with you.

4. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

You must carry toothbrush and toothpaste with you on your wedding accessory kit. So, that it might help you to be fresh all day long.

5. Mouth Wash and Floss

Mouth Wash and Floss

Mouth wash is an important to keep your mouth odorless. And it is also necessary to carry a floss with you.

6. Band Aids

Band Aids

For all the emergency purposes be prepared beforehand. And have band aids, Dettol handy with you in your bridal accessory kit. So, that if you have any cuts or something then you can take care of it.

7. All Medications and Supplements

All Medications and Supplements

The bride must carry all her medications and supplements with her in her bridal accessory kit. So, that she should have it anytime she needed.

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