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21 Appealing Bridal Banarasi Lehenga Design Ideas for 2021 Wedding

By Rushda Khursheed
Blog timeApr 20, 2021

Bridal banarasi lehenga is one of the options brides can go for their wedding outfits. So, the point is banarasi lehenga in itself looks royal and luxurious. And if brides are wearing a banarasi lehenga choli for her wedding then it automatically enriches the look. So, brides must try out a banarasi lehenga look for their wedding.

Given below are the top 21 banarasi bridal lehenga designs for your wedding:

  1. Banarasi Silk Lehenga

    Banarasi lehenga for a wedding is a vital choice a bride makes. It is because banarasi lehengas seldom make the brides look old. But a bride should decide whether she should go with a banarasi lehenga for her wedding or not. And this decision must be taken minutely. It is because banarasi lehengas are the one thing which can give you a magnificent look at your wedding. So, think smartly. Banarasi Silk LehengaCelebrate Dream Wedding

  2. Pure Banarasi Lehenga

    Pure banarasi lehenga designs are the best choice a bride will make for her wedding. So, this will look fabulous and stylish on brides. And she must try a pure banarasi lehenga for her wedding. Pure Banarasi Lehenga

  3. Grey Bridal Banarasi Lehenga

    We not very often came across bewitching grey bridal lehenga design ideas for our wedding. But if you will go with this unique colored banarasi lehenga then you will look offbeat at your wedding. And this will look impressive too.

  4. Banarasi Chaniya Choli

    Banarasi chaniya choli can be worn by brides at any wedding function. So, it can be worn by them on sangeet ceremony, Haldi function, Mehendi, and even on a wedding day as well.Banarasi Chaniya Choli

  5. Banarasi Crop Top

    Banarasi crop top lehenga looks beautiful for the sangeet function. And brides can try crop top lehenga for the sangeet function.Banarasi Crop Top

  6. Banarasi Brocade Lehenga

    Banarasi brocade lehenga is the most perfect lehenga for brides. So, it will lift the bridal look. And give the bride a rich look at her wedding.Banarasi Brocade Lehenga

  7. Yellow Banarasi Lehenga

    Yellow bridal lehengas look scintillating on brides. And brides can have this colored banarasi lehenga on their Haldi function. So, it will look gorgeous and stylish for the occasion. Yellow Banarasi Lehenga

  8. Pink Banarasi Lehenga

    The pink color is the second most loved color of an Indian wedding. So, if you are wearing a pink bridal lehenga at your wedding it must be of the banarasi category. The brides will look enchanting and bewitching in pink banarasi lehenga.Pink Banarasi Lehenga

  9. Katan Lehenga

    Katan lehenga is loved by brides for her wedding day. And she can wear it in black color or any other color.Katan Lehenga

  10. Red Banarasi Lehenga

    Red wedding lehenga designs are the best and most preferred color for an Indian wedding. So, having a banarasi lehenga in red color is mandatory. And brides will truly look like gorgeous brides in red banarasi lehenga. Red Banarasi Lehenga

  11. Turquoise Banarasi Silk Lehenga

    Turquoise color gives a relaxing effect to our eyes. And his color must be included in a bridal banarasi lehenga list. So, it will look gorgeous on brides. And brides should have a look at this beautiful turquoise lehenga.turquoise banarasi silk lehenga

  12. Black Banarasi Lehenga

    The black banarasi lehenga looks so sumptuous in itself that every bride can’t resist wearing it. And this looks grand too. Black Banarasi Lehenga

  13. Green Banarasi Lehenga

    If you are opting for a banarasi lehenga for your wedding then green bridal lehenga ideas are the best color option. So, this will look elegant and chic. And brides will look beautiful too in green banarasi lehenga.Green Banarasi Lehenga

  14. Sabyasachi Banarasi Lehenga

    Sabyasachi bridal lehenga designs are loved by many Bollywood actors. And they wear it on their special occasions. So, noting down Manish Malhotra’s banarasi silk lehenga is compulsory. And he always comes up with stylish lehenga ideas for his brides. Sabyasachi Banarasi Lehenga

  15. Blue Banarasi Lehenga

    Blue banarasi lehenga will also look beautiful on brides. And brides must try out this colored banarasi lehenga for their wedding.Blue Banarasi Lehenga

  16. Purple Banarasi Lehenga

    Purple banarasi lehenga is the most unique color for a banrasi lehenga. And it will look sumptuous on brides. So, brides must try out this different colored lehenga for their wedding.Purple Banarasi Lehenga

  17. Orange Banarasi Lehenga

    Orange banarasi lehenga looks different on brides. It is because this is the most unusual color for the brides. And brides usually don’t wear an orange-colored lehenga for their wedding.Orange Banarasi Lehenga

  18. White Banarasi Lehenga

    White color is not usually worn by Indian brides at weddings. But brides must break the stereotype and wear a white banarasi lehenga for her wedding. It is because this will look gorgeous and scintillating on brides.White Banarasi Lehenga

  19. Alia Bhatt Banarasi Lehenga

    Alia Bhatt always chooses beautiful lehengas for any occasion. And she looked super gorgeous on those attires. So, listing Alia Bhatt’s banarasi lehenga idea in this category is mandatory. Alia Bhatt Banarasi Lehenga

  20. Maroon Bridal Banarasi Lehenga

    Maroon color looks so beautiful on brides. And brides must try out an amazing maroon bridal banarasi lehenga for their wedding. So, basically maroon color gives a glow to the bridal face. And it will look beautiful on brides. So, brides must try out maroon-colored banarasi lehenga.Maroon Bridal Banarasi Lehenga

  21. Navy Blue Banarasi Lehenga

    Navy blue lehengas in themselves have richness in color. And it is essentially acknowledged as a regal color. So, wearing a navy blue banarasi lehenga will be the most suitable idea. Navy Blue Banarasi Lehenga Follow us on our insta handle for more updates.

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