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15 Bridal Crown for Wedding Ideas for a Regal Look

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Whether it is a regular day or your wedding day, you deserve to feel like a queen. These bridal crown for wedding ideas will do just that for you. Featuring crystals, pearls, and breathtaking gold florals, these bridal crowns will have you feeling like royalty on your big day. There’s no occasion like your wedding to rock a regal crown. As long as your overall bridal look can carry off this dramatic wedding accessory. If you are going to wear a wedding crown, then, you should avoid heavy accessorizing. And, wear a crown with the classic ball gown, or an A-line or a drop-waist wedding gown. Beyond that, a wedding crown for the bride goes with almost any hairstyle. Then, wear a high-up-do or elaborate twists. Also, you can wear long, sleek, wavy locks.

Here are the 20 best bridal crown for wedding ideas for any type of bride:

1. Floral Bridal Crown for Wedding

 This is a floral wedding crown constructed from a dreamy palette of soft ivory, pale gold, and silver tones. Then, it is embedded with delicate blossoms. This floral crown has several overgrown details and intricate embellishments. Also, this piece is Feminine, fresh, and very romantic. Wear it with a minimalistic mermaid gown to rock your wedding ensemble.

floral bridal crown for wedding

2. Nature-inspired Bridal Crown for Wedding

This one is designed for the bride with a love of nature and the sea. fine detailing reflects beautiful natural elements that can be picked from the wild. If you are having a boho wedding or a beach wedding, then, wear it with your outfit.

Nature inspired bridal crown for wedding

3. Chantilly Lace Crown

This Chantilly crown will make you look extremely elegant and attractive. If you like delicate and distinctive detailing, then, this is ideal for you. This will remind you of French Chantilly lace. And, it is very feminine and bold in style.

chantilly lace bridal crown for wedding

4. Silver Bridal Crown for Wedding

This silver bridal crown is captivating with proper lighting. It is striking in its simplicity. And, magnetic in its finer details. Then, it features antique silver details set amongst soft ivory pearls. The distinctive geometric arrangement feels fresh and chic.

silver bridal crown for wedding

5. Crescent Crystal Crown

The crescent-like silhouette feels feminine and romantic. Then, its classic palette of silver and ivory tones lends itself to traditional and modern bridal looks. Wear loose curls and a full–sleeve lace gown to do this one, justice.

crescent bridal crown for wedding

6. Hair-band Bridal Crown Wedding

This one makes a bold statement. If you are a non-traditional bride, then do not be afraid to express your unique style. Also, this is ideal with a veil. You can do a low messy bun for a ramped-up look.

henri bridal crown for wedding

7. The Tempest Crown

The TEMPEST crown features unexpected details. Then, these captivate and take you by surprise. This one is designed for the bride who appreciates imperfections. If you like things slightly unkempt and raw, then this is what you want.

tempest bridal crown for wedding

8. Bohemian Halo Headband Bridal Crown for Wedding

If your taste lies in bohemian fashion, then, a wedding crown with unconventional patterns might be the right fit for you. You can love the glitter and be bohemian at the same time! This crown proves that you don’t have to skip sparkles during your hippie-chic celebration. ( also see: boho wedding ideas)

bohemian halo headband bridal crown for wedding

9. Quartz Crown

Celebrate your special day with a gorgeous headpiece. With gold dust accents, this quartz tiara radiates fresh and contemporary vibes.

quartz bridal crown for wedding

10. Geometric Bridal Crown for Wedding

Nothing says modern more than a geometric pattern! With an edgy vibe and fresh pattern, this Headpiece is surely one of the best modern bridal crowns around.

geometric bridal crown for wedding

11. Floral Wire Lace Crown

Formed from knitted wire lace, this flower crown screams modernity. Then, its unique design and gentle shine will sweep your fiancé off his feet. Wear it with a plain brocade long-sleeve gown and loose blow-dried locks. ( also see: long sleeve wedding dresses)

wired lace bridal crown for wedding

12. Gem-stoned Bridal Crown for Wedding

Fitted with gemstones and pearls, this is a great mix of femininity and elegance. Then, wear bridal smokey eye makeup and perfect curls to rock the look.

gemstone bridal crown for wedding

13. Swarovski Crystals Crown

Embellished with Swarovski rhinestones, this headpiece radiates romance and regality. Besides, it’s is a lavish option for brides who want to feel like a real-life princess on their special day! Also, wear light blush pink makeup to suit the look perfectly.

swarovski crystal wedding crown for bride

14. Dragonfly Wings Wedding Crown

With distinct dragonfly wing patterns, this bridal headpiece reminds us of the awe-inspiring charm of woodland fairies. Also, the crown’s icy vibe complements a winter celebration. If you are a bride who likes to take risks and is spontaneous, then this one is ideal. It will not go with all types of bridal gowns. But, pick a very minimalistic design for this one to shine.

dragonfly wings bridal crown for wedding

15. Pastel Crown

Who says that you can’t infuse a pastel palette with a crown? The colors of these bridal crown flowers range from grey, blush, and white. (also see: pastel wedding theme)

pastel bridal crown for wedding

16. Vintage Bridal Crown for Wedding

Paying a tribute to the romanticism of the past is a lovely way to infuse a vintage theme with your wedding. This Bridal Crown features a vintage take on celestial bodies. So, we can’t help but gaze and recall the wonders of the night sky.

celestial bodies bridal crown for wedding

17. Queen-Like Bridal Crown

Celebrate like a classic queen by wearing this timeless headpiece. With curved gemstones, this crown screams femininity and elegance. Pair it up with light pink makeup and loose locks on the sides. (also see: soft glam makeup ideas)

queen like bridal crown for wedding

18. Circe Goddess Bridal Crown for Wedding

This is decorated with intricate patterns of blossoms and tree twigs. Then, this tiara radiates the beauty of a garden princess. Certainly, its nature-inspired design makes it a perfect piece for spring celebrations.

circe goddess bridal crown for wedding

19. Oceania Crown

If you are looking for a peek into your childhood mermaid dreams, then, look no more. The underwater inspired Crown is adorned with pearls, Swarovski crystals, and 18-carat gold plating. ( also see: wedding jewelry inspiration for all weddings)

oceania bridal crown for wedding

20. Sunflower Wedding Tiara Crown

Mixing fern patterns and quartz, the Sunflower Tiara is an extraordinary option for hippie-modern brides. (also see: bridal trends for the modern wedding)

sunflower tiara bridal crown for wedding

Take inspiration from these versatile and never-seen-before, bridal crown for wedding ideas. These will not fail you. We are sure you will look back and say that you stood out wearing these on your wedding day. Mark your favs!

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