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Over All Jewellery List For the Best Wedding Inspiration!

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There are so many things to consider while shopping and jewellery alone is one of the ardest to decide. We have prepared a jewellery list just for you to make jewellery shopping just a little easier. All the best jewellery pieces are here.

Check Out our exclusive jewellery list for the best inspirations.

1. Maang Tikka 

Weddings are one of the most important parts of a girl’s life. It is a day when she wants to look nothing less than a goddess and make people enchanted with beauty. The Lehenga, the jewellery, the makeup, everything needs to be absolutely perfect. One of the most important wedding jewellery pieces is a Maang Tikka. It is traditional jewellery that is worn by almost every Indian bride at her wedding. And you definitely want it to look good on you.

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           2. Matha Patti Jewellery List

A mathapatti is an elaborate version of a Maangtikka and is worn along the hairline. A mathapatti designs has been an important part of the bridal look. The delicate and detailed work in mathapattis surely wins all our hearts. This would be a very classy addition to your wedding jewellery. It is alluring and the multiple chains make it even more enthralling.

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3. Bridal Choker Necklace

Chokers are a necessity in every Indian bridal look. They surely enhance the look of all bridal attires. We can help you pick the best bridal choker necklace that goes very well with your dress and other jewellery.  The amazing choker not only looks traditional but is sure to make heads turn at your wedding.  It will spruce up your neckline at the wedding. There is nothing more regal than an Indian bride dressed in authentic royal and grand jewelry.

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4. Toe Rings

Toe rings are very much an important part of a South Indian bridal jewelry set. And they add to the glamour of South Indian bride. So, they come in different styles and brides can choose from heavier / lighter option.

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5. Floral Jewellery Designs

Flowers have always symbolised purity, vibrance and sophistication, and these are a few things that every wedding needs. Now, we can see flowers not only in the decorations but also on the bride as jewellery. Every bride is loving this floral trend. It’s not just beautiful and elegant it also signifies new beginnings. But, to make sure that you are following this trend right. Your flower jewellery could comprise of haathphools, mang tikkas, earrings, nose rings, etc.

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6. Bridal Passa

The bridal passa is usually an adornment of Muslim bridal jewellery design. But these days many other brides are also wearing it for their wedding. So, it has in fact become a style statement. Moreover, along with kaleera designs and payal designs, brides love to explore new designs of bridal passa as well. Anushka Sharma was seen wearing this passa in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and this look was very popular at that time. Also, she looked gorgeous in this look. That is why brides love to imitate this look.  You can even wear a combination passa along with matching mang tika 

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7. Wedding Chura 

Chura is an important part of the Indian traditional wedding, especially in north and western states. It signifies the beginning of the newly wedded life. Although customarily it’s the maternal aunt and uncle who get to select the Chura the bride can definitely decide what kind of Chura they want. earlier it was used to be made of ivory but now the trend is getting replaced with metal, plastic and other materials. Today churas are becoming a style statement. You can look into categories like Personalised Chura Ideas, Sea Shell Chura, Haathidant Chura Ideas, Lakh Chura, Design, Kundan Chura, etc.

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8. Magalsutra Jewellery List

When everything in your wedding is according to your taste and liking, then the mangalsutra should be too. Mangalsutra originating from the auspicious thread is now available in a million different styles depending upon the taste of the bride and the groom.

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9. Bridal Necklace

For her wedding day, a bride is adorned to look her best. So, from beautiful lehenga, gorgeous jewelry to glamorous makeup, a bride has to cover it all. Jewelry particularly holds great importance. And has certain significance and traditions attached to it. So, there are so many types of jewelry to choose from. And it depends on the color, material, shape, size as well as traditions. Necklace, one of the main pieces of jewelry holds the greatest significance among all the other jewelry. Indian necklace is such a brilliant piece of accessory that can multiply the ethnic charm of any dress. Necklaces can vary from a diamond set to a gold set, the Kundan necklaces, Polki jadau sets and a lot more. So, each one of them is unique on their own.

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10. Baju Bandh/ Armlet Jewellery List

Bridal Baju Bandhs incorporate the famous South Indian jewelry designs of temple jewelry. So, Baju bandhs enhance the beauty of a traditional South Indian bride. And they are an important part of the South Indian bridal jewelry set. So, while wearing vanki try to go for a blouse with smaller sleeves or cap sleeves. It is because it will accentuate it well. So, they are good to show off your beautiful vanki.

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11. Earrings Jewellery List

You have so many different varieties of earrings to choose from! Add the final touch to your bridal look with these gorgeous heavy bridal earring designs! These elegant and magnificent wedding earrings will complement the rest of your wedding jewellery and help your lobes shine just as much as you! Tracing its roots to Mughal and Rajput royalty, the ‘chandbali’ is a bejewelled interpretation of the crescent moon. The earrings are crafted in many variations by jewellers and designers, incorporating enamelling, Kundan-jadau and unusual gemstones. Chandelier earrings so much in vogue, add flirtatious sparkle and work well with everything from distressed jeans to debs dresses, from boho looks to dressier, bridal styles.  As they mirror the movement of the head catching the light, some argue that they are the most seductive form of jewellery.

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12. Payal/ Anklet 

You must bridal payal design ideas before your wedding. And you should bookmark some of the best and trendy bridal payal design ideas for your wedding. So, it will make your foot look decorated and stylish on your big day. Bridal payal design in silver is the most loved and conventional anklet idea. And brides love to wear these beautiful silver anklets on their feet to embellish them. Moreover, brides can flaunt this while clicking pictures. If you will try something different then heavy payals will give you a different style statement.

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13. Nose Ring/ Nath

Naths or nose rings are too beautiful to skip from your wedding attire. These intricate pieces of jewelry have been in trend for centuries. And, movies of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and designs of Sabyasachi have only increased our want for the most magical bridal nose ring designs. Almost every bride wants to have the perfect Nath for the wedding. Picking the right one can be a little tricky. Usually, Naths are not a part of jewelry sets and have to be purchased separately.  You can try various nose rings like Pearl Nose Rings, Diamond Nath Designs, Kundan Nose Rings, Open Setting Nath Designs, Multi-stone Nose rings, etc.

bridal nose ring designs

14. Jewellery Checklist Kamarbandh

Kamarbandh is an essential part f the wedding ensemble, with time our love for them has only increased. From ones with dainty chains to floral kamarbandhs to heavily embellished ones, these are a fad among brides. Kamarbandhs are perfect for all traditional and modern lehengas or sarees. You can embrace the unique and exclusive style of layered strands of kamarbandh. You can look for Polki Bridal Kamarbandh, Temple Jewellery Kamarbandh, Kundan Kamarbandh, Pearl Kamarbandh, Antique Bridal Kamarbandh Ideas, etc during your wedding jewellery shopping.

bridal kamarbandh

15. Bridal Bangles

Bangles are an important part of the Indian traditional wedding, especially in north and western states. It signifies the beginning of the newly wedded life. Although customarily it’s the maternal aunt and uncle who get to select the bangle the bride can definitely decide what kind of bangle they want. Earlier it was used to be made of ivory but now the trend is getting replaced with metal, plastic and other materials.

bridal bangles

16. Gajra Jewellery List

Gajra hairstyles are made from flowers like rajnigandha or mogras. These gorgeous gajra hairstyles with multiple styles and colour flowers add more charm to your look. From brides to bridesmaid, wedding gajra adorn their hairst7yle and gives look the best. Be it South Indian bridal look or a North Indian look, gajras are crucial for every bridal hairstyle. You can put gajras like Circle and Half circle gajra, Pearl wedding gajra, Minimalistic wedding gujra designs, etc to your wedding shopping jewellery list.


Wedding Gajra

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