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20 Regal Bridal Nose Ring Designs for a Royal Ensemble

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Naths or nose rings are too beautiful to skip from your wedding attire. These intricate pieces of jewelry have been in trend for centuries. And, movies of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and designs of Sabyasachi have only increased our want for the most magical bridal nose ring designs. Almost every bride wants to have the perfect Nath for the wedding. Picking the right one can be a little tricky. Usually, Naths are not a part of jewelry sets and have to be purchased separately.  We have to make sure that it goes well with the lehenga and the other accessories. So to make that process easier, we have a list of 20 bridal nose ring designs to help you select.

  1. Pearl-studded Nose Ring

    Pearls are one jewelry design that can never go wrong. This Nath design will go with every color and attire. You can go for all-pearl jewelry or mix it up with Kundan and Jadau. This gorgeous Nath will definitely allow you to rock to the flawless bridal look.bridal nose ring designs

  2. Multicolored Bridal Nath designs

    Going for a multicolored bridal lehenga, we have the perfect nath design for you. itis studded with different colored small stones and diamonds. You can wear it with multicolor jewelry. Moreover, this nose ring would look good even if worn in contrast to your wedding lehenga.bridal nose ring designs

  3. Diamond Nose Ring

    This bridal nose ring will surely make heads turn. An exquisite diamond nath does exemplify class and grace. moreover, if you don’t wanna go for something in gold or colorful you should definitely try this out.bridal nose ring designs

  4. Kundan Bridal Nath Designs

    Kundan is the go-to jewelry work for every bride. This scintillating bridal nose ring has the right amount of shimmer and grace. Furthermore, this goes really well with all Indian traditional wedding ensembles. If you are going for a heavy bridal look this might be the one.

    bridal nose ring designs

  5. Open Setting Nose Ring

    This might look like any other heavy nose ring design but it is not. The clip of the nose ring has a quirky touch. Moreover, the small stone near the nose gives it a more extravagant look, giving the whole stud and a hoop nose ring vibe together.

    bridal nose ring designs

  6. Classic Bridal Nath

    This classic ring nose ring is delicate and simple. If you do like too much jazz and want to keep it minimal this one is sophisticated and traditional. Worn with a heavy necklace and long earrings, the nath will bring out all your appealing features.bridal nose ring designs

  7. Customized Bridal Nath

    This nose ring is for all the brides who want to express their love through their jewelry on the wedding day. This Nath gives a personal touch to your wedding jewelry. Moreover, other than the name or initials you can also have pearls and extra layers.

    bridal nose ring designs

  8. Gold Nath Design  

    This bridal nose ring design is perfect for all the brides who want to have an unadulterated pure gold look. This wedding accessory can be worn with the traditional red lehenga or the white South Indian saree. Also, it would look great with other South Indian jewelry.  

    bridal nose ring design

  9. Oversized Nath

    If you are looking for something that puts out a statement, this bridal Nath is perfect. this bridal nose ring is heavy and exquisite. It will go really well with all wedding lehengas, particularly if you are going for a red one.

    bridal nose ring designs

  10. Emerald Nose Ring

    Emeralds look good in every piece of jewelry. this bridal nath studded with emerald and diamonds will definitely give you the royal look and vibe on your wedding day.  The size of this will impress all the brides who are wanna go for a big nath.bridal nose ring designs

  11. Kundan and Gunghroo Nath

    Kundan work is very popular among brides. If you are looking for something that is popular yet uncommon. this bridal nose ring has both Kundan and Ghunghroo work.bridal nose ring designs

  12. Minimaistic nose ring

    This bridal Nath is for all the brides who are looking for just a simple hoop Nath for their wedding. it simple and minimalistic yet elegant. Additionally, it will gather more attention on your bridal makeup.

    bridal nose ring designs

    bridal nose ring designs

  13. Garhwali Nath designs

    Nothing looks better on a bride than a heavy Garhwali nose ring. looking at the nose ring just reminds you of royalty. Moreover, the size and shine of this intricate piece of jewelry will fulfill your Bollywood dream look.bridal nose ring designs

  14. Multi-layered Nath design

    This bridal Nath is for the brides who don’t want to experiment with the nose ring and would prefer it light. the extra layers of chains add extravagance and glamour to the nose ring.bridal nose ring designs

  15. Face mask Bridal Nose Ring Designs

    With changing times even the nose rings are adapting to the situation. This mask bridal nose ring design is perfect for the covid situation. now you would not have to worry about the mask and you get to fulfill your fantasy. You can have the mask made in the color matching your bridal lehenga and customize your nath accordingly. bridal nose ring designs

  16. Maharashtrian Nath

    This bridal Nath is small and elegant. This is nose ring is faultless and would look amazing on all kinds of wedding lehengas and sarees. Moreover, if you are going for simple and modest this has everything you need. bridal nose ring designs

  17. Floral Nath

    Don’t feel like going for the regular gold, diamond, or Kundan Nath? we have the perfect solution for you. This bridal nose ring with artificial flowers and pearls is lovely. This bridal nose ring worn this floral jewelry is perfect for a contemporary wedding.bridal nose ring designs

  18. Dramatic Bridal Nose Ring Designs

    This bridal nose ring is oversized and yet allows you to focus on all the facial features. The Nath has the golden pearl design as well as the crescent nose ring design. Moreover, if you are having trouble deciding between all the beautiful designs, this is a flawless mixture of all of them.

    bridal nose ring designs

  19. Nose Pin Without Chain

    It’s perfect for brides who do not want something traditional with chains. You can still have the heavy nose pin without the chain and the conventional designs. These bridal nose ring designs are different and chic.

    bridal nose ring designs

  20. Bridal Rounded Nose Ring

    This bridal rounded nose ring is majestic and royal. it has pearls and diamond and gold the perfect combination for any wedding. This nose ring could slay any wedding outfit.

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