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11 Bridal Eye Lenses Tips and Tricks to Look Gorgeous on your Wedding

By Rushda Khursheed
Blog timeFeb 15, 2021

Bridal eye lenses are so much in fashion these days. And whether they have a vision problem or not, the brides are trying to wear contact lenses. It is because it will enhance the beauty of their eyes. Moreover, the bride’s contact lens looks scintillating and marvelous on photographs as well. But before going for the contact lenses you must know some of the tips and tricks to use lens.  And that is the reason we have summarized some of the best tips and tricks of using contact lens on your wedding day.

Given below are the 11 best tips and tricks to apply before a wedding:

1. Rehearsal of Bridal Eye Lenses

Rehearsal of Bridal Eye Lenses

Having a trial beforehand is mandatory. It is because you don’t want to rush things on your wedding day. And contact lenses are quite tricky. That is why you must wear your decided lens beforehand. It is because your contact lens takes time to adjust with your eyes. And you can’t take risk of not adjusting things on your big day. So, whether you have power or not, try to before your wedding for sure.

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2. New Pair of Lenses

New Pair of Lenses

Always try to wear a new pair of lenses for your D-day. It is because you don’t want to take risks of getting red eyes on your wedding day. So, making sure always wear a fresh lens. It is because it will ensure that your eyes will not get any kind of burning sensation. And it will have a risk of getting watery.

3. Wear Before Makeup

Wear Before Makeup

Try to wear lenses before makeup. As it will ensure that your makeup will get enacted. And the reason why I am saying this is, our eyes get watering with the insertion of bridal eye lenses. So, if you will wear a lens after completion of your makeup then it will mess up the whole makeup. And obviously, you will start panicking.

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4. Carry Extra Lenses

Carry Extra Lenses

On your wedding day, a lot of things are happening. So, you don’t want to tense yourself on this big day in the part of the contact lens. It is because there is an enormous number of cases where the lens falls off or gets lost. And that is why you must carry an extra lens with you. So, that at least on this part you can be relaxed.

5. Know about the Wedding Rituals

Know about the Wedding Rituals

Most of the girls think that it is not advisable to wear contact lenses on your wedding day. But it isn’t like this. It is because it has been known that it is safe to wear contact lenses near the fire. But you just have to ensure that how far you are from the fire. Getting too close to it might affect your lenses. So, make sure to have a safer distance from the fire.

6. Makeup Tips to Care for your Lens

Makeup Tips to Care for your Lens

If you are doing bridal makeup of your own or you are hiring a professional makeup artist, try some of these makeup tips. And these tips will ensure the safety of your eyes. So, first of all, let your makeup artist aware beforehand of the fact that you are going to wear contact lens for your wedding. But you also make sure that you or your makeup artist are not using an oil-based and fiber mascara. Also, don’t apply eyeliner to your inner eyelid. It is because that will make your lenses dirty. And avoid powder eye shadow too. Also, close your eyes whenever an artist is using an aerosol spray. It is because this will leave some residue on your lens. And avoid using oil-based foundation and concealer. As it will drip out from your face to the eyes. And it will irritate your eyes.

7. Inform your Makeup Artist Beforehand

 Inform your Makeup Artist Beforehand

If you are planning to wear a contact lens then it is necessary to inform your makeup artist beforehand. It is because your makeup artist will decide which makeup product they want for your makeup. Also, if you have some knowledge about which type of makeup products should be used when carrying a contact lens. Then advise them and discuss all the things.

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8. Be Ready with Lens Solution

Be Ready with Lens Solution

Be ready with your lens solution. It is because it will give extra surety to the safety of your lens. And as on wedding days, we all become emotional. So, there might be a possibility that, your eyes get dry at times. But for that you can have a lens solution with you. And it can even clean your lens if needed.

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 9. Specs as Backup

Specs as Backup

Bridal eye lenses don’t suit your eyes for long hours. Just in case your eyes start itching or if you start feeling uncomfortable with your lens. Then it is always necessary to have your specs as a backup. So, that you won’t get worried about your eyesight. And after all, every girl looks gorgeous in any way.

10. Wear Lens of your Own

Wear Lens of your Own
Extreme close up on gorgeous model applying contact lens

You should always do these types of delicate things of your own. So, wear bridal eye lenses with your hand. But before wearing it wash your hands properly. And then wear it by yourself. It is because letting makeup artist to help you with this might be hurtful.

11. Contact Lens Wearing Time

Contact Lens Wearing Time

Try to remove the contact lens for the bride as soon as possible. It is because wearing eye lenses for a bride for a long time might irritate your eyes. And that is why if you want are wearing contact lens color for the bride try to remove it after your photographs.

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