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15 Fun Quirky Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

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A bride takes on vows to care for and nurture her family, these bridal shower decoration ideas will do the same for her. Typically, a bride may be attended by a maid, bridesman, and one or more bridesmaids. The pressure is on the bridesmaids to make sure the bride-to-be feels special and celebrated—not only for this life milestone but for the unique individual she is.

Hosting the bridal shower falls to one or more close friends of the bride, often one or more of the bridesmaids. Some organizations, such as social clubs or religious groups, host bridal showers for every member who is being married. By putting extra time, care, and attention into the details of the bridal shower decorations, no matter how small, you’ll prove to the guest of honor just how much love surrounds her. Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside?

Bridal shower staples like desserts, flowers, balloons, and even napkins and straws don’t have to be traditional. In fact, there are all sorts of ways to get creative and personal with the décor details. Some are ready to purchase as-is, others are DIY projects, but all of the bridal shower decoration ideas ahead will ensure the bride’s day is as special as she is.

1. Balloon Arched Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Balloons are extremely cheap. They are the most effective bridal shower decoration ideas since they take up a lot of visual space. With a few extra hands from the wedding party and a low-temperature glue gun, it’s pretty light work.

balloon arched bridal decoration ideas

2. Set a Candy Table

Create a beautiful and delicious candy bar by ordering bulk sweets in your party color palette. . Have everyone in the bridal party bring a few vases they have on hand, or pick up a few different sizes.

candy table Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

3. Room Setup for Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Most easy, effortless, and budget-friendly ideas for bridal shower decoration. In, room decoration you can use frill ribbons, Balloons, bridal shower foil and champagne foil, ring foil.

room Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

4. Vintage Frames Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

 Vintage photo frames are a great idea for decoration. They can be used to display heartfelt messages to the bride, engagement photos, or food and drink menus. If you are holding the party outdoors, hang the frames from a tree to create a whimsical, storybook atmosphere. Set up a photo booth where guests hold the vintage frames and have pictures clicked.  A vintage frame photo booth is fun for guests.  It creates special mementos of the day for your bride.

vintage frames for Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

5. Tassel Centerpiece Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

A beautiful centerpiece sets a delightful atmosphere at the table for your guests. Tassel centerpieces can help all the joy and excitement everyone is feeling. Some of the most popular designs include vintage books accented with a single English rose and tea lights. A coat of gold paint transforms wine bottles into elegant vessels for flowers. Glass cylindrical vases wrapped in twine can be a great complement to the season’s freshest flowers

tassel centerpiece for Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

6. Bridal Banners for Shower Decoration Ideas

Go above and beyond as maid of honor by purchasing a customized option for your bestie’s bridal shower day. A lot of time goes into selecting the theme or the style of the shower. Pick a unique hashtag or a string of alphabets. We’ve even featured a simple “bride-to-be” option for all our classic chicks out there. And remember- no matter which option you choose, your bride will be touched by the extra step you’ve taken to make her day special.

bridal banner for Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

7. Tableware & Drinkware

If you’ve ever been to a bridal shower or seen photos online, you know that bridal-themed tableware is all the rage. For this to work, you don’t have to customize all items. Go for a few quirky touches.  Pick one or two things to customize and purchasing in bulk for the rest.

tableware for Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

8. Dessert Toppers

You can go big on the decorations on your bridal shower. Remember, being a modern maid of honor is all about taking it to the next level and that means never overlooking the small stuff. Like adorning your cupcakes with some sparkly diamond ring or heart toppers.

dessert toppers for Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

9. Lemon Themed Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Go for a theme  around a flavor and a color. It will surely bring a lot of joy to your loved ones. 

lemon themed bridal shower decoration ideas

10. Virtual Invites

Create fancy virtual invites. You can design them using motifs or fonts of your choice. Pick bright colors and get them printed.

virtual invites for Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

11. Monogram Table Cloth

If you’re looking for an even faster décor option, why not enhance the table cloths you’re using for the bridal shower? Start by purchasing (or sewing) plain ones that are the same color as the bride’s wedding hues. You can use your iron to press the letters onto the cloth.

monogram tablecloth for Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

12. Party Favors as Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

You can use a mason jar to store some popcorn or candy.  Tiny plants or succulents are an easy option for a display as a party favor.

party favors Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

13. Game Items

Bridal shower game ideas are not a rare search on websites, so prepare accordingly. Ask guests to share their favorite recipes or advice for a happy marriage with the bride and groom to be, or have them write down their best date ideas for the future Mr. & Mrs. To create that rustic feel, use wooden popsicle sticks or wood heart cutouts you can get from a craft store.

game items for Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

14. Party Accents for Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Use burlap from the fabric store along with a thick lace ribbon. This can make for a table runner. You gotta serve those drinks in large mason jars.  Display sweets in wooden crates

party accents for Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

15. DIY Diamond Garland

These fun paper diamond ideas are easy to create yourself. You can cut out colorful paper in diamond shapes and attach it to beautiful strings. Have fun with these garlands!

diamond garland for Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Take note of these amazing bridal shower decoration ideas. Make it quirky and exciting for the bride to be with all the guests.

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