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Cocomelon Birthday Theme for Kids

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Cocomelon birthday theme is quite an interesting idea for party. Moreover, it will give some different kind of decoration ideas as well. Children along with their parents will surely love this new type of themed party. Cocomelon birthday theme is a lovely theme to enjoy. Moreover, it is an American based YouTube channel for kids. It contains traditional style nursery rhymes. Also, they published their own children’s songs. Cocomelon specializes in 3D animated videos.

Cocomelon Birthday Theme

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Party Theme 4

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Party 2

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Party 3

cocomelon stickers

To make the essence of this party is more outstanding and vivid, the cocomelon custom die cut sticker will be a good element. The stickers can be stuck on the cake boxes, paper cups, invitation cards, and can also be used as decoration in the room. When the custom cocomelon stickers are personally designed along with the kid’s name or photo, they will be more special and surely bring happiness to the kid and a deep impression to guests.

Birthday Party Venue

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Decorations

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Decoration 1

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Decoration 2

Cocomelon Birthday Theme 3

For cocomelon birthday theme decoration, parents can wear a customized t-shirt with it’s character picture on it. Also, birthday boy or girl too can wear customized t-shirt or frock respectively. By this it will give more justification to the theme. Moreover, for decoration we can make diy’s fan. This will also contain some of the characters of cocomelon. These types of diy’s fan can be decorated on the walls.

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Cocomelon Birthday Theme Party Decorations

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Party Decoration 1

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Party Decoration 2

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Party Decoration 3

As it is cocomelon birthday theme party. So, the decoration should always give the sense of it. For that we can decorate our area with all or some of the characters from the show. Even we can choose the color to decorate our play ground area. At last we can give a return gift by sticking to the main theme of the part.

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Cocomelon Birthday Supplies

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Supplies 1

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Supplies 2

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Supplies 3

Cocomelon birthday supplies include cakes, decoration, balloon, curtains, banners, confetti, hats, napkins, cutlery, etc. If we have a cocomelon party theme then all should look like this. Select the color of the balloon according to the color displayed in the show.

Cocomelon Theme Party Ideas

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Party Ideas 1

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Party Ideas 2

Cocomelon Birthday Theme Party Ideas 3

Cocomelon birthday theme party ideas include games, foods, etc. Make customized balloons of watermelon to stick to the theme. Also, add real and fresh watermelon lollipops for children. Moreover, cook homemade or buy watermelon like cup cakes for kids. It should also be decorated with watermelon candies above it.

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