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Color Coordinated Wedding Dress Ideas for the Couple

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Marriage is all about becoming a team and to be in one team you have to wear the coordinated dress! But seeking out the perfect color-coordinated dress ideas is a nasty piece of work. Anyway, modern couples are coming up with fresh coordinated wedding dress ideas which are worth watching. And it’s always great to dress up in sync and have a family photo session together at a wedding. So, all you need is a little guidance and an idea about the right color palette. Take some inspiration from this series of graceful photos of Groom and Bride who have kept it effortless to look magnificent on their wedding day!

Here is the List of Colour Coordinated Dress Ideas:

  1. Traditional at its Best

    In a world full of trends, sometimes all you want is to wear something classic! When it comes to a country like India, traditions stand as the main pillar of our country. So let everyone know ‘Indian-ness’ within you. Wearing traditional Indian wedding dresses never goes out of style.

    Colour coordinated wedding dress ideas                                                                                Source –  @artcapture_prod

    Colour coordinated wedding dress ideas                                                                                Source –  @artcapture_prod

  2. Combo of Color-Coordinated Dresses

    I am sure twinning with your beloved partner on your big day is the best feeling in the world. Couples wearing the same color-coordinated wedding outfits do stand out from the crowd. Also, they get photographed better.

    Color coordinated dress ideas                                                                                            Source – @axioo.bali

    Colour coordinated wedding dress ideas                                                                           Source – @hitchedandclicked

  3. When in Doubt, Wear Red!

    Red is the first color of spring. The red color indicates energy and also symbolizes love. So basically couples wearing red wedding outfits should be called ‘Power Couples’. Red color wedding outfit has amazing contrast, which comes out amazing in their wedding portrait

    Colour coordinated wedding dress ideas                                                                                Source – @sutrasnapperz

                                                                                 Source – @hitchedandclicked

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  4. Hues of Pink

    This is the most trendy and popular wedding dress color you will see nowadays. Looking at the groom and bride wearing those shades of pink color and you will know why it’s so popular. Brides with heavily embroidered light pink lehenga and Groom with light pink kurta can look killer any damn day.

    Colour coordinated wedding dress ideas                                                                        Source – @lumiereweddingcompany

    Colour coordinated wedding dress ideas                                                                              Source – @lumiereweddingcompany

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  5. Go Green

    It’s not necessary that both the bride and groom should always plan to wear the same color of wedding outfits. Some colors go well together some don’t. Just look at the couple below. The bride has worn the beautiful dark green lehenga which is perfectly matched by her partner wearing an ivory color kurta.

    Colour coordinated wedding dress ideas                                                                           Source – @weddingbellsphotography

    Colour coordinated wedding dress ideas                                                                        Source – @weddingbellsphotography

  6. DeepVeer Coordinated Dress

    DeepVeer looked awesome on their wedding day. And of course, they too have chosen a coordinated dress for their wedding. So, it was the best-looking color-coordinated wedding outfit.DeepVeer Coordinated Dress

  7. PeeCee and Nick Color Coordinated Outfit

    Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were one of the most loved couples from our Bollywood industry. And they looked gorgeous in Indian and in western wedding attire. So, listing them in the coordinated dress category is a must.PeeCee and Nick Color Coordinated Outfit

  8. Couple Goal Dress

    You must set a couple goals for your wedding. And the easiest way to do this is to wear a color coordinated dress at your wedding. So, this will be the major couple goal idea. And both the bride and the groom will look beautiful together, with naked eyes and in photographs too.Couple Goal Dress

  9. Stylish Yet Responsible Couple

    It is very important to look stylish on your wedding day. But at the same time, it is mandatory to be a responsible couple at this crisis time of Covid-19. So, for that, you must wear masks on your wedding day. And these masks can be matching, along with your wedding dress.Stylish Yet Responsible Couple

  10. Dazzling Coordinated Couple

    The couple can look dazzling in their wedding outfit. And they can wear a coordinated dress on the wedding day. So, this will look so charming and beautiful.Dazzling Coordinated Couple

  11. All in Blue Coordinated Dress

    Blue or navy blue lehengas can be the perfect color to coordinate on the wedding day. So, this coordinated dress will look so charming and elegant to couples during the wedding day. ANd they will always look picture-ready with the blue color wedding outfit.All in Blue Coordinated Dress

  12. Maharani Maharaja Coordination

    Owning a maharani and maharaja look for your wedding is the best idea to do. And you can keep your wedding outfits color coordinated. So, it will give more richness and royalty to your wedding dress.Maharani Maharaja Coordination

  13. Golden Color Coordinated Couple

    Golden bridal lehenga designs will look so royal on the wedding day. And to coordinate with a bride even a groom can wear golden sherwani. So, both will have a look of richness in their attire.Gold Color Coordinated Couple

  14. Cool Coordinated Bride & Groom

    Choosing a summer cool color for your wedding dress will make you look cool too. So, choose and coordinate your wedding dress’s color wisely. And then you will get the desired color-coordinated wedding outfit.Cool Coordinated Bride & Groom

  15. Neha Kakkar Coordinated Wedding Dress

    Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh are the most loved couple. And they gained so much popularity with their recent married images. They also color-coordinated their wedding dress.Neha Kakkar Coordinated Wedding Dress



Hope you have liked the Colour coordinated wedding dress ideas that we have shared above. If you have any other color coordination in mind share with us in the comment below.

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