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Easy Indian Sweets to Make at Home for a Wedding Feast

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Indian Cuisine is a part of the World Palate. And Indian sweets are an important component of Indian Culture. Sweets are served and exchanged at every minor and major occasion across the country. Many wish to make sweets at home, to keep it healthy and hygienic. This wedding season, try out these easy Indian sweets to make at home for your family. They are shockingly simple and most of them have a good shelf life.

Easy Indian Sweets to Make at Home with Chickpea Flour/ Besan

Chickpea Flour or Besan is used extensively in making Indian Dishes, both savory and sweet. Besan contains soluble fibers, proteins, B vitamins, and is good for the bones. All these health benefits make eating sweets with besan guilt-free. Additionally, all these sweets have a good shelf life. So you want to make them before the wedding hassle sets in, you can choose to do so.

Besan Ke Ladoo


Mysore Pak

Easy Indian Sweets to Make at Home with Rice Flour

Rice flour is gluten free and versatile. It is full of protein and vitamins. As rice is a staple food for the southern part of India, there are many savory and sweet recipes from that part of the country. During a wedding, we have close family  coming in early to help. Preparing these sweets with family doubles the fun.

Arselu/ Anarse


Rice Ladoo

Easy Indian Sweets to Make at Home with Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is a good source of iron, calcium, B Vitamines and many more minerals. Turn your boring chapati flour into something interesting with these recipes. With a large family gathering for wedding, making a sweet dish for meals is no more a problem. When in doubt, just pick on of these easy recipes.

Puran Poli

Wheat Halwa

Wheat Ladoo

Easy Indian Sweets to Make at Home with Milk

Milk happens to be the main ingredient in many sweets. Indians use milk in many forms. It is used as whole, reduced and condensed, and even split to make cottage cheese. From ambitious Gulab Jamun to the go-to kheer, we got you covered.

Gulab Jamun


Ras Malai

Sevaiya Kheer/ Payasam

Easy Indian Sweets to Make at Home with Fruits/ Dry Fruits

India is also known to use fruits, both fresh and dry, as a star of a sweet dish. Nothing says grand like sweets made with fruits and dry fruits. Here are some recipes for these magnificent healthy cheats for this wedding season.

Kaju Katli


Carrot Halwa

Badam Halwa

Coconut Ladoo

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