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Engagement Photo Ideas to fill your Photo Album with Memories

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Everyone knows that getting great engagement photo ideas matters. You will indeed be spending more time flipping through wedding photos. But having a photoshoot to commemorate the exciting decision to pursue a life together is a sweet gesture.  It may include other types of portrait photography of the couple before the official wedding day. It makes for a great addition to include in your sentimental wedding album.

Once you and your fiancé are engaged, then, it is time for a cute photoshoot. If you are looking for engagement photo ideas, then, this is the place.  A skilled photographer will be able to recreate any of the engagement photos for you. Get creative, have fun, and make sure your dazzling personalities shine through.

Couples may be tall and short and thick and thin. Some are shy, while some love the spotlight. Then, some fall naturally into photo-worthy poses, while others need a bit more guidance. One thing is true, though: no matter who the lovebirds are, they expect you as the photographer to capture that connection on camera. The engagement shoot is often the first time a couple has been professionally photographed with one another. You have the wonderful opportunity to show your clients what their love looks like from the outside: the way they laugh together, hold one another and interact with each other.

Here are the 15 best engagement photo ideas to help you:

1. Relaxed and Laid-Back Engagement Photo Ideas

Many couples aren’t used to being the subject of a photoshoot. They may feel a little nervous before their engagement session. Then, take a breath. Your photographer is here to help. It is okay to feel jittery. Then, do not overthink your poses, do what comes to your mind first. Get your favorite facial features clicked first. Then, you will surely look adorable.

laid back engagement photo ideas

2. Fashion Forward Engagement Photo Ideas

Attire is a crucial part of your engagement photo session. When getting ready to have your engagement pictures taken, there are a few things to keep in mind as you curate your engagement photo outfits for the day. Then, wear a date night look. Your second outfit can be fun and more casual.

fashionable engagement photo ideas

3. Golden Hour Photos

Beyond fashion and styling, location and lighting need to be considered when planning your engagement pictures. Then, keep locations to one or two places. Natural sunlight is more important than location. Then, getting the timing right is more important than getting a location. Fix timings before sunset to get amazing photos.

golden hour engagement photo ideas

4. Seasonal Photos

Consider the season when you’re planning out all the details of your shoot. If you’re planning a beach engagement shoot during the summer, dress accordingly.  If you’re having a winter wedding, then, carry warm clothes. Keep your session location and season in mind when planning outfits.

Walking in the rain

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5. Hobby-Focused Engagement Photo Ideas

Pick an activity that you love to do together (i.e. outdoor picnic, wine tasting, window shopping, etc.) and make it the engagement session. Then, this will allow you as a couple to focus more on the activity and less on the camera for the beautifully candid shots.

hobby focused engagement photo ideas

6. Into the Woods Engagement Photo Ideas

If you want a unique place to take engagement photos, then, take the session into the woods? It’s another magical location if you’re the outdoorsy type. Besides kisses, we can gear you up with the orange and red autumn leaves, maybe even a bicycle. The outdoors can be a great place for creative engagement photo ideas. We don’t even have to go far.

in the woods engagement photo ideas

7. Holding Hands Photos

Marriage is a time for coming together and making a lasting commitment to one another. What better way to celebrate the lead-up to that moment than to hold hands? Then, this lovely pose also acts as a subtle ring reveal, without it being the focus of the image.

holding hands engagement photo ideas

8. Unusual Angle Photos

Sometimes the most unexpected angles can create an intriguing and fun picture. Then, this photo captures the light beautifully as it shines down on this happy couple. Look for opportunities on your engagement photo shoot to let nature set the scene for your images.

unusual angle engagement photo ideas

9. Engagement Ring Photos

Engagements are the start of a wonderful journey towards marriage and beyond. Then, for many couples, this begins with the proposal. Also, every ring which features in most engagement photo shoots is gorgeous.

ring Engagement photo ideas

10. Close Up Engagement Photo Ideas

Sometimes less is more. Some of the best romantic shots don’t show the whole picture at all, but rather focus on certain aspects. Then, there are many ways to play with the intimate close-up shots.

close up engagement photo ideas

11. Cool Architecture

You can pass on the locations with sentimental value, then, head to spots with cool architecture, making for awesome artistic shots. You can also ask your photographer if he or she knows of any locations from past shoots.

cool architecture engagement photo ideas

12. Dip your Toes in Water

Take the beach/lake view an extra step by getting in the water yourself! Then, pick clothes that won’t be too heavy and find a lake or waterfall to plunge into. Water-soaked photos generally turn out passionate and intimate

dip your toes in water engagement photo ideas

13. Reflection Engagement Photo Ideas

Reflection and symmetry are also part of the aesthetic. They are planned out ahead of time to create a special photo. Then, there are a lot of different ways to add an artistic twist to your engagement photos using this trick.

reflection Engagement photo ideas

14. At a Picnic

There’s nothing more sentimental than romantic photos at your favorite picnic spot. Bring in food and a glass of champagne. Then, take photos of you two expressing your love at a decided-on location.

picnic spot engagement photo ideas

15. Laughter for Engagement Photo Ideas

For years to come, it will be up to you to make each other laugh when it’s not always easy. Then, start it all off than by capturing your love through photos of you sharing a laugh.

laughter engagement photo ideas

Most professional photographers have an eye for amazing engagement photo ideas.  Then, playing with things like backdrops, effects and angles always work. Still, if there is a particular image you are in love with; bring it to your photographer’s attention. Then, you can get your dream engagement photos.

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