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Experimental Bridal Eye Makeup Looks To Try At Home

By Aditi Sharma
Blog timeMay 30, 2020

Bored with doing your eye make up the usual way for weddings? Looking for some fun and innovative ways to spice up your looks? Here we bring you 6 experimental bridal eye makeup looks that are very much in trend which you can try at home!

Here are some experimental bridal eye makeup looks you should definitely check out:

1. Floating Eyeliner Bridal Eye Makeup:

This trendy bridal makeup is something you must try. For this look apply the liner on your upper lash line, move towards the outer edge and make a sharp wing. Now apply the liner on the crease and join it with the end of the wing. You could add any eyeshadow of your choice within the gap. We suggest you use a metallic coloured eye shadow for an intensifying look!

Floating eyeliner bridal eye makeup
Floating eyeliner

2. Rhinestone Liner Bridal Eye Makeup:

For this gorgeous look, apply liner on the upper lash line starting from the inner corner of your eye moving outwards and finish it off with a sharp wing. Apply rhinestones along the border of your liner from beginning to end. Use a shimmery or matte eyeshadow which will make your eyes pop! This is a bridal makeup that is a must-try!

Rhinestone liner bridal eye makeup
Rhinestone liner

3. Rainbow Glow Bridal Eye Makeup:

This look is a fun way to play with different colours in your eyeshadow palette. Start from the inner corner of your eye with one colour and keep adding other colours while moving towards the outer end of your eye. You could also do the same on the lower lash line. Blend each colour such that it slowly fades into each other. Add false lashes to get that phenomenal look! One of the most experimental eye looks, it is something you should definitely try!

Rainbow Glow bridal eye makeup
Rainbow Glow

4. Ombre Eyeshadow Bridal Eye Makeup:

To create this beautiful ombre bridal eye makeup eyeshadow look, blend three eyeshadows preferably shades of pink, red and black. Start with a pink eyeshadow from the inner corner of your eye, blend red and black eyeshadow moving towards the outer end. Add a glitter liner along the crease of your eye to add some nice dimension. This is one of the trendy eye makeup looks!

Ombre Eyeshadow bridal eye makeup
Ombre eyeshadow

5. Shimmery Wing Eyeshadow Bridal Eye Makeup:

For this bold bridal eye makeup look, apply black eyeshadow starting midway from your upper and lower lash line meeting at a point below the end of your eyebrow making a wide wing. Add some glitter eyeshadow over the black eyeshadow. Finish it off with a thick coat of black mascara.

Shimmery Wing Eyeshadow bridal eye makeup
Shimmery wing eyeshadow

6. Neon Eyes Bridal Eye Makeup:

Bright eyeshadows give out a striking and eye-catching look. Start with applying the eyeshadow over your eyelid also below the lower lash line, pair it with thick winged eyeliner and false lashes and you’ll end up looking drop-dead gorgeous! This bridal eye makeup is one of the trendiest eye makeup looks!

Neon Eyes bridal eye makeup
Neon eyes

These were some latest trendy eye makeups looks which are revolutionary. We hope you experiment on these looks at home and let us know which ones you liked the most!

Thanks for reading!

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