11 Flower Arrangement Ideas For Your Wedding Day
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11 Flower Arrangement Ideas For Your Wedding Day

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The bridal bouquet is the only thing held by the bride while walking down the aisle. As such, it becomes a center of attention, too, alongside the bride and her wedding gown. Besides the bouquet, flowers typically adorn the entourage and in all the places where the guests, bride, and groom converge. Thus, these blooms play a crucial role in a wedding. Without flowers, the aisle, the bride, and the venue wouldn’t get the attention they deserve. A good flower design for your wedding is vital, regardless if you have 10 or 1,000 guests. Make your wedding day more unforgettable with unique arrangement ideas.  

Things To Consider For Your Flower Design

The easiest way to get flowers for your wedding day is to hire the services of a professional or a flower shop. For example, if you’re getting hitched in New York, choose from among the many flower delivery options in Brooklyn or other shops near you.

If you prefer to do it yourself, give yourself time to practice and keep these things in mind:  

  • Venue

The wedding and reception locations play a crucial role in your flower arrangement options. For instance, some blossoms wilt quickly under high temperatures, so it may not be best to use them for your beach wedding.

  • Choosing The Best Flowers

Each variety is lovely in its own right. However, some flowers go along well with the bride’s gown, for instance, because of their texture and hue.

  • Preference

Your choices should always take precedence in choosing the types of blooms and greenery for your wedding.

  • Theme

Whether you prefer a traditional, bohemian, rustic, or elegant wedding, the flowers should go well with it. Consider these wedding decoration theme ideas and decide which blooms work best according to your choice.

Wedding Flower Arrangement Ideas

Wedding Flower Arrangement Ideas

Putting flowers together for your wedding day shouldn’t be as hard as writing your unique wedding vows. Consider the tips below to make it work:

1. Experiment With Irregular Shapes

You don’t have to get stuck in a rounded ball design when it comes to your wedding flowers. Experiment with asymmetrical shapes that look equally beautiful on your hands.

2. Use Natural Flowers

Who says you should spend on everything? The perfect mix of an incredible flower arrangement may be in your garden, especially if you’ve got a good supply of chrysanthemums and asters. Just make sure there’s enough to decorate the reception place, too.

3. Create A Neutral Palette

If you’re the traditional type, gather some tulips and orchids and tie them around to make simple and elegant flower bouquets.

4. Tap Bold Colors

Most brides prefer to wear white or neutral colors, but it doesn’t mean your accessory can’t come in flashy colors. Don’t be too conservative and ditch pink, blush, or white to orange blossoms like gerbera, zinnia, or tiger lilies. Your bouquet will demand attention no matter where you put it

5. Hang Flower Garden

Placing a string of flowers around the venue always uplifts the vibe of your wedding, especially if you’re using a canopy in the reception area. Wisterias, hydrangeas, and ranunculus are always a hit.

6. Surface Floral Arrangements

While a hanging installation may look elegant, flower arrangements on the wall, stairs, and the floor could make the venue more picture-perfect.

7. Mix Different Textures

Besides experimenting with the color palettes, consider a variety of textures in your flower arrangement. For instance, mix fresh and dried flowers and throw lots of greenery into the mix.

8. Create An Aisle Flower Bed

Before reaching the altar, brides are often photographed while walking down the aisle, so this area shouldn’t be neglected as a focal point. Place a sea of flowers along the bridal pathway for that wow factor.

9. Small May Be Better

Large bouquets can be heavy, and there might not be enough reason to have a flashy wedding when you only have 15 guests. In these settings, it could be better to stick to small flower designs made from sweet pea, fairy foxgloves, and peonies, which are equally stunning.

10. Assemble In-Season Blooms

Instead of having flowers sent to you halfway across the world, consider working with what’s blooming on your wedding date. This way, you won’t have any problems running out when you want to create a lavish floral design.

11. Use Other Decors

Floral centerpieces are a staple at wedding receptions, and for a good reason. However, you can place other items on the table such as nuts, note pads, and pens to keep your guests busy.

Final Thoughts

The ideal flower arrangement will depend on your personal preferences. Fortunately, there are no limits to what you can do in setting up flowers for your wedding, so you’re free to mix, match, and explore. Before the big day, though, create a bouquet or a sample flower arrangement to see how the blooms illuminate the entire look of the wedding.


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