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Exciting Wedding Decoration Ideas for All Weddings!

By Suryanshi Bothra
Blog timeAug 18, 2021

Wedding decoration is a very essential part of any wedding planning. There are so many aspects of you have look into. We have compiled all the different kinds of wedding decoration ideas you should look into. Here are the wedding decoration ideas that we will be looking into. 

a. Tent Wedding Decoration ideas

b. Fairy Lights Wedding Decoration

c. Wedding Table Decoration

d. Bar Wedding Decoration Ideas

e. Swing Decoration Ideas

f. Marigold Wedding Decoration

Check out all these wedding decoration ideas and do tell us which one is your favorite. 

1. Suspended Flowers Tent Decoration for Wedding Ideas

Consider our favorite outdoor wedding tent ideas. Flowers have the ability to transform any venue, including a tent. You can utilize the space at the top of the canopy to make the best use of your tent size. Moreover, doing this will make your wedding venue lively, breezy, and most of all elegant.

wedding decoration ideas

2. Tent Swings wedding decoration ideas

Swings can be a very fun and classic element to your wedding. And, swings look amazing in an indoor setup too. Furthermore, you have a lot of options when it comes to which swing to pick. But be sure to pick something that matches our theme and setting, not something very outdoorsy. wedding decoration ideas

3. Rattan Chandeliers Tent Decoration for Wedding

Rattan Chaneliers are not so common in indoor tent weddings. But just imagine, somber beautiful white tents with hanging drapes and real flowers, add golden or brownish rattan chandeliers with or without lights. Isn’t this sight a fantasy? Bring it true with quirky with a hint of traditional rattan chandeliers. Not a fan of the whole grand chandelier thing?? Here is something for you. Moreover, these rattan chandeliers are perfect for backyard weddings. wedding decoration ideas


4. String Lighting 

String lights or fairy lights are a must for an outdoor wedding. When the sun goes down, you would want the stars to take over. String lights have the stars in check. These small lights will illuminate your space with a warm and fabulous romantic glow. Everyone is going to love these bright string lights pop against your spectacularly designed tent. Fairy light wedding decorations instantly uplifts your wedding decor. So, it is the best way to incorporate fairy light decoration in your marriage. Also, it will look great in pictures.

wedding decoration ideas

5. Raised Candles wedding decoration ideas

Think Fairy lights or disco lights are a bit too much? We have something for you too. Add the antique and Hogwarts feel to it with candles. You can even add classy uniquely shaped lamps in between. If you are worried about the wax dripping and candles not lasting for the evening, you can go with the battery-operated candles instead of wax ones. They will look exactly the same but will be more efficient and stress-free.  wedding decoration ideas

6. Moroccon Theme Decoration

Every Hindi serial with amazing weddings has used the Moroccan theme. Now you don’t have to make it the whole theme. You can mix match. Like, take a corner with rugs and Moroccan colours. And then you can have your mandap setting in the Moroccan style. wedding decoration ideas

7. Boho Rugs Decoration

Going for the whole Persian or colorful look. Boho rugs will make this theme and color scheme glow brighter. These rugs add a homely feel to it. If you are having an intimate wedding or a backyard wedding, this is among the best tent decoration for wedding. You can go with one single rug design but going with all different patterns is not a bad idea either. wedding decoration ideas

8. Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas Chandeliers 

Chandeliers are a can’t skip any wedding tent decoration for wedding ideas. When you are having a tent an exquisite chandelier is a necessity. Going for majestic royal chandeliers is a classic and never goes out of trend. But, if you want to do something different and are looking for a thing that’s a tad bit off-beat, try floral/flower chandeliers. They are lovely and they bring a fresh touch to the whole wedding decoration. wedding decoration ideas

9. Colorful Tent Wedding Decoration Ideas Draperies

This one is among those tent decoration for wedding Ideas that maintain the originality of the tent. Now, this one doesn’t replace the tent vibe it enhances it. The use of different color drapes and cloth is the most amazing part of this tent decor. Moreover, you can add string lights, kites, wall hangings and wind chimes to the decoration ideas

10. Floral Statement Entrance

Entrances are the first and the most important impression you can leave. So, your entrance better be perfect. Additionally, when it comes to wedding tents flower entrance decorations are the best. You can opt for single-color flowers or multicolored flowers depending upon your theme for the wedding. wedding decoration ideas

11. Ice Bar Wedding Bar Decor Ideas

An ice bar decor design is perfect for a fairy tale wedding. With the perfect snowy backdrop, it’s just gorg!! Moreover, you can carve the initials of the couple’s name in the bar decor.

wedding decoration ideas

12. Vintage Bar Decor

Be it vintage cars, vintage jewelry, or vintage furniture. Vintage can be easily called the new modern. Set up a vintage bar with vintage wine and champagne for your classy weding. wedding decoration ideas

13. Barrel Bar Decor

What better represents the bar than barrels? The wooden barrel and the table decor give it a vintage as well as classic feel. If you wanna make it more trendy you add lighting and foliage to the mix. wedding decoration ideas

14. Circular Bar Trends

If you have a very long guest list, we suggest you try circular bars. Not only are more spacious and efficient they look amazing too. You can some lighting in a dark setting or some colours in a bright setting. wedding decoration ideas

15. Floral Chandelier Bar Decor Ideas

Chandeliers are known for their class and sophistication. But when the chandelier themselves are made of delicate flowers, they take elegance and glamours to a whole another level. Chandelier topped bars should have a very simple bar setting and decor. wedding decoration ideas

16. Create Wedding Arch

Consider building a floral arch piece and then use it for your backyard at the wedding. It will make for amazing photographs that you can see daily. it can be for haldi and mehendi ceremony too.

wedding decoration ideas

17. Wood Direction Signs

Direction signs create a whole different buzz. The whole design is something that gives the whole charismatic feel. Wooden direction sign is perfect for your backyard wedding decoration ideas

18. Snap A Polaroid

Here is a creative idea for your wedding. You can get your guests to take their pictures, print them on the spot, and get them to stick it in an decoration ideas

19. Use Traditional Handlooms

Traditional handloom decorations can be through curtains, hangings, cushions, couches, and even little pieces of decoration. It gives us a very cultural and traditional decoration ideas

20. Relaxing Tent Area

These tents can be perfect decorations. This one is the way to go for mehendi ceremonies. It is not just graceful and elegant, it also adds a lovely colour to the decoration ideas

21. Minimalistic Wedding Table Decoration 

If you are going for an intimate and simple look this minimalistic wedding table decoration is flawless. Neutral colors and small decoratives, if you prefer simplicity over splendor this set might be the best one for you.

  1. wedding decoration ideas

22. Hanging Flowers

These hanging flowers achieve the same effects as table runners but without overcrowding the tables. Moreover, they can be surrounded by fairy tale lights and faux fern garlands for the finishing touch.

wedding decoration ideas

 23. Bulb Lighting Installations

In the era of LED lights, these cute little Edison bulbs could make your night a memorable one. The perfect combination of style and charms, this wedding table decoration is perfect for all kinds of wedding ceremonies.

wedding decoration ideas

 24. Subtle and Classic Wedding Table Decorations

Dim lighting, minimal flowers, and candles this table decoration idea is for everyone who prefers somberness over the zazzy styles. This decoration would fit in with every kind of venue.

wedding table decoration ideas

25. Balloon Ceiling Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

This table decoration idea captures the playful vibes of the wedding ceremony. This wedding table decoration idea is a little uncommon but very chic and affordable. These balloons will portray the childlike innocence and really suit the couple’s personality.

wedding decoration ideas

26. Starlight Soiree Wedding decoration ideas

This wedding table decoration idea would surely give the moon and stars some competition. Creative lighting, gorgeous centerpiece, color-coordinated decoration, this set-up has it all. This idea will be giving everyone table decoration goals.

wedding decoration ideas27. Warm White Fairy Lights

Such warm white fairy lights look so soothing to the eyes and it gives a beautiful and elegant look to your wedding decoration. Also, these lights can be used to decorate a different place at your wedding venue.

wedding decoration ideas

28. Waterfall Fairy Lights

This type of waterfall fairy lights can be used to decorate your chandelier at the wedding venue. Ans this type of fairy light wedding decorations can be used to give distinct look to your wedding.

wedding decoration ideas

29. Red Fairy Lights

As red fairy lights can be a bold color to choose from. So, you should not add red fairy lights to all your wedding decorations. Just try to decorate some of the areas like stage or mandap or a photo backdrop.

wedding decoration ideas

30. Gold Fairy Lights

Gold fairy lights are the most beautiful fairy light wedding decorations. And you must try this for your wedding decor as well. It will make your wedding decoration look unique. SO, try gold color fairy lights at your marriage.

wedding decoration ideas

31. Dreamy Swing Idea

A dreamy swing like this will look beautiful on any wedding function. So, you can have this kind of swing on mehendi, haldi, on even on wedding day as well. And it will give a punch of beautiful wedding decoration ideas.

wedding decoration ideas

32. Beautiful Backdrop Swing Idea

 A beautiful backdrop on the swing will make the décor be picture-ready. And it will make your wedding day decoration look function shine loud. So, add some unique thing to the backdrop of the swing.

wedding decoration ideas

33. Marigold Flower Entry:

Surprise your guests with the some out of the box ways to adorn your wedding venue entry point with some awesome genda phool decoration. Lets do away with conventional marigold flowers arrangement and welcome them with marigold tree, flower fountain, Ganesha  and flowers from the branch.
wedding decoration ideas


34. Flower hangings wedding decoration ideas

We can’t keep calm while suggesting you these ideas. We are having so much fun. Add some props  like colourful elements, dori, leaf parrots,cane, lamps and paper birds to marigold and you are ready to create something extraordinary to you marigold theme decor. Always remember, everyone notices flower hangings, so its always worth doing something uncommon and let people come to you with compliments.

wedding decoration ideas

35. Marigold Photobooth:

There is a huge variety of things that  you can do when it comes to photobooths. More vibrant they are,  quirkier they become for your guests to take pictures and make memories at your event. Make them look gorgeous with a mixture of creative elements like bicycle, auto, gota patti work, paintings, photo frames, goggle frames etc, decorated with marigold flowers here and there. Trust us, this is a major highlight among our marigold flower decoration ideas for wedding.

wedding decoration ideas

36. Marigold Mandap Wedding decoration ideas

Now thats a place that is going to embark a beginning of your story together. It is going to have a special place in your memories forever. Genda being a constant to our religious pujaas stands tall when it comes to counting its importance in the pheras. But you can also use it in the most creative ways to give a special look to your wedding mandap.

wedding decoration ideas

37. Genda Phool Rangoli:

Last but not the least, how can we miss out on our traditional Marigold rangoli. We generally go for simple design. Well, marigold flowers are so vibrant that we can add instant glow to our occasion with a grand spread of Marigold on the floor.

wedding decoration ideas

38. The Colour of The Year: Classic Blue

Classic Blue is a stately and exquisite colour and what’s more, it is the colour of the year 2020! It would only be sensible to imbibe this colour into your reception stage decor. Mainly because receptions generally take place at night and that makes this colour even more ideal for decor!

wedding decoration ideas
Use the luxuriance of the colour to your advantage

39. The Intricacy of Ivory

Ivory carvings, with their elaborate detailing, add a unique touch of intimacy to any setting. They are classy, refined and elegant- everything you’d want this day to be!

wedding decoration ideas

wedding decoration ideas

40. A Tale Of Tulle

Tulles are an understated and chic way to jazz up any setting. Go for colourful tulle decoration to make your reception stage decoration look like something straight out of a fairytale.

wedding decoration ideas

wedding decoration ideas

41. Use Quirky and Artsy Lighting!

Eclectic lights don’t only illuminate the place, but also provide the perfect backdrop for amazing pictures! Brighten up your reception stage with pretty little lights and you’ll never have a bad picture of you taken.

wedding decoration ideas

 42. Wreath wedding decoration ideas

Wreaths can add to the elegance of a place while driving attention to the spot it encircles. To put it shortly, you’ll be the focus of the pictures thanks to the gorgeous wreath you chose to include in your reception stage decoration! This is an especially good idea for outdoor receptions.

wedding decoration ideas

43. Brilliant White

No matter what elements you use, white reception stage decoration will give the entire setting a pristine, flawless vibe to it. Add some silver to the entire decor and you’ve got yourself a fairytale night.

wedding decoration ideas

44. Frame It!

Use props like frames to give your reception stage a modern, quirky feel. They also will make your reception stage very Instagram worthy!

wedding decoration ideas

45. Gold wedding decoration ideas

Gold is the ultimate hue to opt to exude class and refinement. Choose gold embellishments on simple colours and you have the perfect combination of traditions and class.

wedding decoration ideas wedding decoration ideas

46. Go Traditional!

Last, but definitely not the least, it is always a great option to stay close to your roots. Opt for a traditional reception stage decoration. Include elements of red and golden and go the old-fashioned way to get married!

wedding decoration ideas

47. Floral Decoration – Sangeet Ceremony Ideas

So, why use natural flowers when you can create a much larger impact with big paper flowers! And you can add a vintage style scooter painted in matching hues. So, this will serve as a nice floral decoration idea. And will inspire a sense of playful joy in your guests. So, you continue this decorative element in the entire venue.

wedding decoration ideas

48. Dreamy Indian decor

The traditional Indian Décor designs have a lot to offer as our country is a kaleidoscope of cultures. So, you can mix and match design elements from different cultures if you are going for a kitschy feel. Or pick one specific design cultural theme like the Arabic-inspired below and really commit to it!

wedding decoration ideas

49. Bollywood Sangeet Decoration

Bollywood has always shown has sangeet functions in their movies. So, having a Bollywood decoration will make it more dramatic. And you can add stylish things to make it look similar to the Bollywood themed party.

wedding decoration ideas

50. Chandelier Décor

Chandelier decor at the sangeet function will make a sangeet day look awesome. And it also gives rich feeling to the Indian wedding decor. So, having a chandelier at the middle of the sangeet stage will add beauty and class to the decoration.

wedding decoration ideas

51. Glitter and Glam – Marriage Stage Decoration

Sparkle your way into a new journey with this beautiful yet chic marriage stage decoration. And you can add some fairy lights to this mandap decorations. So, this will add that touch of glam to your wedding celebrations.  wedding decoration ideas

52. Magic in the Candle Light – Indian Wedding Decorations

As another option to unique wedding stage decoration, you can use candles along with the other décor elements. So, you can add them to a chandelier or also go one step further in creativity. And get custom brackets inside which you can place these candles.

wedding decoration ideas

53. Temple Style Mandap Decoration

Temple style mandap decoration will give religious touch to the mandap. And that will help you make conventional touch to the wedding décor. So, give it a traditional look to make it glow.

wedding decoration ideas

 54. Water Floating Mandap

This type of water floating mandap will look unique. And this will give different look to the mandap. So, try adding exciting mandap to your wedding.

wedding decoration ideas

55. Archway to a new life: wedding decoration ideas

 Another trend that has been going on for many years is the arch. An arch can be used in hallways of the banquet or the aisle leading up to the venue. You can use lights for an evening event or flowers for a daytime wedding to cover the arch. It makes a beautiful statement piece and will never go out of fashion as it can be decorated and changed in so many different ways!

wedding decoration ideas

56. Cushion Seating Idea for Mandap

Cushion seating gives homely touch to your seating arrangement. And you can try this for your wedding seating decor as well. So, it will look great and everybody will enjoy having a new styled seating decoration ideas

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