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Creative Wedding Themes to Inspire You this Wedding Season

Wedding themes set the tone of the wedding ceremony. You have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and you couldn’t be happier- this is a blissful time that you want to share and celebrate with everybody you love. The wedding theme, if chosen well enough, can narrate your fairytale to people who want to partake in your joy. You want everything from the venue to the food and drinks to reflect on who you are together.

Here’s a killer list of wedding themes for you to consider before deciding upon the one that tells your tale of romance best!

1. Play with soft hues, florals, and delicate lighting: Romantic Wedding Themes

It is an obvious theme, a cliché for a reason. Weddings are about celebrating the love that two individuals have for each other, and an eternal vow to let nothing change those feelings through the years. Play with pastels, soft colors, floral decor, and delicate lighting to give the whole affair a dreamy look.

romantic wedding themes

romantic wedding themes

2. Show your whimsical sides with Alternative Wedding Themes

This theme is for the off-beat couple that wants to embrace their crazy side on their big day. Think up of some moody color palettes and set a quirky wedding theme color and opt for creative stand-ins; all in all, things that set you both apart!

alternative wedding theme

3. A Vintage Theme for Old Souls

These are for couples who want to celebrate their love when living in 2019 just ain’t it! Derive inspiration from your favorite eras and as a final hoorah, drive away in a vintage car.

vintage wedding themes

vintage wedding themes

4. An Outdoor Garden Theme for the Laidback Ones

This is the perfect theme for you if you have an intimate, casual affair in mind. It is especially appealing for summer and spring weddings. Consider an outdoor barbecue and a lavish garden-buffet for your guests.

garden theme: wedding themes

5. Calling all Boho Brides!

This is for couples that want to express their carefree, easygoing natures on their big day! Think floral tiaras, oriental rugs, and wispy, wildflower bouquets. You can also fuse this with a garden theme party.

bohemian wedding themes

6. Tropical Wedding Themes by the Sea!

This is ideal for people who absolutely love the sea. Opt for a tropical wedding theme and have it by the seaside and you’ve got yourself a wedding ceremony that will make waves!

Tropical wedding themes

7. A Rustic Theme for the Countryside Lovers!

If you are a huge DIY fan, planning a rustic wedding should be a breeze for you. Include natural textures, organic materials for decorations, and farm-fresh food for you and your guests to feast upon!

rustic theme

rustic theme

8. Formal/Traditional Theme for the Old-School!

This is for those who don’t want to let go of their roots and want to get married the way it is traditional to. Opt for everything customary and go for traditional wedding colors- red, ornate gold, white, etc. to keep things conventional and meaningful.

traditional wedding theme

traditional wedding theme

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We hope you found a theme that you and your significant other can relate to and opt for your fairy-tale wedding. Best wishes!

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