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25 Bold Brides Who Wore White Wedding Lehenga for their Wedding

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A white wedding lehenga is certainly a very bold step any bride can take. But this white wedding lehenga looks gorgeous on brides. And brides must try out this unconventional color for their wedding lehenga. So, it will make you look misfit and distinct on your wedding day.

Check out 20 brides who opted for white wedding lehenga:

  1. White Panetar Chaniya Choli

    Panetar is basically a typical Gujarati wedding lehenga for brides. And it looks beautiful on brides. So, brides must try out this white panetar chaniya choli for their wedding. White Panetar Chaniya Choli

  2. White and Gold Bridal Lehenga

    The white and gold bridal lehenga combination looks so pure on brides. And brides should try out this color combination lehenga for their wedding. They will look gorgeous and pious at their wedding. So, Sonam Kapoor has justified this color and she just slew with white and gold-colored lehenga.White and Gold Bridal Lehenga

  3. Pure White Bridal Lehenga

    Pure white lehenga looks awesome. And white is the color of peace and purity. So, choosing this color for your D-day will symbolize the calmness of your nature. And you will look like a dream bride too. So, try out this pure white-colored lehenga for your wedding.Pure White Bridal Lehenga

  4. Anita Dongre White Lehenga

    Anita Dongre is an amazing Indian designer who makes her bride look out of the world on her big day. So, opting for Anita Dongre’s white wedding lehenga will be the perfect choice to have. Anita Dongre White Lehenga

  5. White and Maroon Bridal Lehenga

    Wearing a bohemian white and maroon lehenga for the wedding is a great idea to implement. And this will look beautiful on brides too. So, try wearing a gorgeous looking white and maroon lehenga for your wedding.White and Maroon Bridal Lehenga

  6. White and Pink Bridal Lehenga

    Pink bridal lehenga is the color that looks best with many colors. And white is in itself a base for all colors. So, it will look great with a pink lehenga as well. White and Pink Bridal Lehenga

  7. White Reception Lehenga

    A bride can wear a white lehenga for her reception too. And this will make her look beautiful and fresh. Also, she will look eye-catcher for all the guests in white. White Reception Lehenga

  8. White Nikah Lehenga

    Muslim brides also love to wear white on their wedding day. And this looks beautiful. So, brides must try out this amazing and unique color lehenga for their nig day.White Nikah Lehenga

  9. White and Silver Bridal Lehenga

    White wedding lehenga with a touch of silver looks beautiful on brides. And brides should try out this color lehenga on D-day. So, it will enhance the bridal glow.White and Silver Bridal Lehenga

  10. Gauahar Khan White Bridal Lehenga

    Gauahar Khan looks oh-so-awesome on her wedding day. And this look makes her wedding look charming and gorgeous. Also, she was looking perfectly like a dream bride for everyone out there. So, keeping Gauahar’s look in this list is mandatory.gauahar white wedding outfit

  11. White Lehenga Wedding with Double White Red Dupatta

    Wearing a white lehenga with some twist will make your white lehenga look more appealing. So, give your white wedding lehenga a kick of red dupatta. And to make it look more unique you can drape a white dupatta around your waist and can veil a red dupatta. So, this look will give a gorgeous appearance on your wedding day. White Lehenga Wedding with Red Dupatta

  12. White and Red Bridal Lehenga

    Giving your wedding lehenga a touch of flower will always make it look gorgeous. So, having a white and red wedding lehenga with a floral touch will make it look beautiful on brides. White and red lehenga for the wedding will be the best option for you.White and Red Bridal Lehenga

  13. White Wedding Lehenga with White Pom Poms

    Pom poms decoration for weddings or pom poms used in your wedding lehenga is the best way to enhance your look. And brides usually make want to experiment with their look. So, adding large pom-poms as your wedding lehenga latkans will define the look.White Wedding Lehenga with White Pom Poms

  14. Sabyasachi White Lehenga

    If we are talking about bridal lehenga then there must be the mention of Sabyasachi bridal lehenga designs. So, Sabyasachi has made a beautiful white wedding lehenga for his bride. Also, check out the places from where you can buy rented bridal lehengaSabyasachi White Lehenga

  15. Off White Bridal Lehenga

    Off-white wedding lehenga will make your brides look scintillating. So, the brides should try out this sober color for their wedding. Firstly, it will make you look distinct. And secondly, it will make you look gorgeous with such a calm color.Off White Bridal Lehenga

  16. Deepika Padukone White Lehenga

    Deepika Padukone once walked the ramp with the sizzling white lehenga. And like always she nailed this look too. So, have a gorgeous white lehenga for your wedding.Deepika Padukone White Lehenga

  17. PeeCee White Lehenga

    Priyanka Chopra has worn a white beautiful lehenga for her wedding function. And she looked gorgeous in white. So, you can also wear it.PeeCee White Lehenga

  18. Red White Green Bridal Lehenga

    Red, white, and green combination lehenga is a beautiful color combination for brides. And any brides can opt for this beautiful color for their wedding. So, it will look scintillating on brides.Red White Green Bridal LehengaCelebrate Dream Wedding

  19. Grey and White Wedding Lehenga

    Grey and white lehenga is the color of calmness and naturalness. And brides can try out this lehenga for their wedding. So, it will look gorgeous on brides.Grey and White Wedding Lehenga

20. Off White and Red Bridal Lehenga

Off-white lehenga with red in it will give the bride a beautiful look. And brides can try out this amazing look for their wedding.

Off White and Red Bridal Lehenga
So, brides can take inspiration from real-life brides. And she can dare to wear white for her wedding too.

21. Silver Linings

silver lining - white wedding lehenga

Silver linings are a subtle and elegant way to add a bit of sparkle to your special day. It can be found in many different styles, from full-length gowns to mid-length dresses, so you’ll be sure to find something that suits your style.

22. Paradisiacal Chikankari

Paradisiacal Chikankari - white wedding lehenga

A paradisiacal Chikankari lehenga is perfect for a traditional Indian wedding. The intricate and delicate embroidery work is a timeless classic that will make the bride look beautiful and elegant. The lehenga comes in a variety of colours and designs, and can be customised to suit the bride’s style and personality.

23. Celestial White Lehenga Dress

celestial white wedding lehenga

A celestial white lehenga is a beautiful choice for a wedding outfit. This is a traditional Indian outfit which is made up of a long skirt and a blouse, and can be enhanced by embroidery, sequins, and other embellishments. It is a timeless look which will make the bride look radiant on her special day.
Contemporary White Bridal Lehenga

24. Contemporary White Lehenga

contemporary white wedding lehenga

A contemporary white lehenga is a perfect choice for a modern wedding. The white colour is both traditional and modern, and can be paired with a variety of outfit styles and accessories. A white lehenga can be made from a variety of fabrics, from airy chiffon to heavy silk, and can be adorned with intricate embroidery or beading for a truly special look.


25. Golden Lines with white lehenga

golden lines with white wedding lehenga
A white bridal lehenga with golden lines is a beautiful and timeless choice for a wedding ensemble. The intricate gold detailing adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to the outfit. The lehenga is usually paired with a blouse and dupatta of matching or contrasting colour to complete the look.


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