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Smoothly Conducting 25 People Intimate Wedding in the Second Wave

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An intimate wedding is something that everybody is going after. And it is the best way to have a healthy and corona-free wedding. It is because gatherings can be the certainty for the carriers of coronavirus. So, it is mandatory to have small weddings. And that is why the government has also made a rule to not having more than 25 people at the wedding. But managing a small-scale wedding is not anybody aware of. That is why BookeventZ has felt to write a blog on this topic to help you during this difficult time.

Given below are some of the ways you can conduct micro wedding functions:

  1. Decor at Private Wedding Ceremony

    The decor is the one thing which makes your wedding look actually like a ceremony. But this pandemic might also affect your decor as well. But still by maintaining all the precautions you can hire a decorator. And can have decoration for your wedding functions. BookeventZ will find you a decorator who is following all the protocols while coming up at their work. So, as soon as they left, sanitize your entire wedding decoration to be extra sure about your safety. Decor at Private Wedding Ceremony

  2. Intimate Ceremony Mehendi Function

    Every bride has some dreams and fantasies about their wedding. So, Mehendi is mandatory on brides. And for that, you can call a Mehendi artist who is safe during this time. So, you can have a Mehendi at home with just your close family and friends. BookeventZ will surely help you in giving the best Mehendi artist at your doorstep. Have a look at the virtual Mehendi fucntion.Intimate Ceremony Mehendi Function

  3. Small Wedding Ceremony Photographer

    As you are having a small wedding, so you can hire a photographer as well. As it will allow your budget to have a good photographer at your wedding. So, the best wedding photographer and have amazing photos. We can help you find a premium photographer for your dream wedding.Small Wedding Ceremony Photographer

  4. Small Intimate Wedding Food

    BookeventZ has recently launched its food venture named BZ cuisines which has purely veg foods. So, we are here to help you with this pandemic as well. Also, we are following all the protocols to keep your wedding safe and secure. Have a look at covid free vegetables.Small Intimate Wedding Food

    Wedding Infographic
    Budget friendly wedding for 25 people
  5. Small Wedding Invitation Card Ideas

    It is the best way to have an e-invitation card for your wedding. So, it will help you have a hassle-free wedding invitation card at your guest’s doorsteps. Even you can experiment with the cards and can have numerous ways of cards for your wedding. And even you can paint out your journey and how you guys met before the wedding.Small Wedding Invitation Card IdeasCelebrate Dream Wedding

  6. Bridal Makeup at Intimate Wedding

    Makeup is necessary at any wedding. So, you should hire those makeup artist who is maintaining all the safety protocols. And there are a lot of makeup artists who are wearing face shields or even ppe kits for the safety of their clients. Bridal Makeup at Intimate Wedding

  7. Rented Bridal Lehenga

    Hiring a rented bridal lehenga is the best option to save your money during this pandemic. And it is more convenient as well. It is because you don’t have to go out and search for a bridal lehenga. You just have to book your lehenga and they themselves will send it to your doorsteps. Rented Bridal Lehenga

  8. Band, Baja, and Baraat at Small Wedding

    Even if you are having a wedding in a pandemic but you can enjoy your wedding with all your wedding functions. So, this can be done by having a small gathering of 5 to 10 people baraatis at the wedding. And it will look unique and beautiful forever captured in a picture.Band, Baja, and Baraat at Small Wedding

  9. COVID Affected Bidai

    Brides will have to leave her house and go to the groom’s house at the end. And it can also be done in an intimate affair with just a few very close members of the family. All the other people can join their lovely girl saying goodbye to her house through zoom. COVID Affected Bidai

  10. Reception at Intimate Wedding

    Reception can also be held with the permissible limit of guests. And make sure that everybody is wearing masks through the reception except during dinner time of course. So, these things will make your guests have an intimate wedding reception as well. Have a look at the virtual wedding idea.Reception at Intimate Wedding

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