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Top 10 Trending Groom Poses to Look Fab in Your Wedding

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Everyone talks about Bride Poses and Couple Poses not about Groom Poses. We think even Groom needs attention and they should also have something in their wedding album to cherish.

Top Groom Poses to Look Fab in Your Wedding

1. The Upright Groom Poses

The most simple yet amazing and elegant pose which beautifully showcases your traditional attire. It is a mandatory pose that must be in your wedding album. In standard pose, you can either sit, stand straight, or may fold your hands. If you are a shy Groom then this pose is for you, just relax and do the best shot.

The Upright Groom Poses 1

The Upright Groom Poses 2

The Upright Groom Poses

2. The “Lean-Against” Groom Poses

Lean-on poses are the go-to for every groom. Grooms can lean on walls or any solid objects that can be found nearby. This pose can also be captured in a candid manner and with no doubt, this standing leg cross poses by you, wearing a wedding suit or even Sherwani outfits. This pose helps to involve the surrounding murals, designer walls, or some sort of graffiti that can be seen around.

The Lean-Against Groom Poses

The Lean-Against Groom Poses 2

The Lean-Against Groom Poses 1

3. The “Getting Ready” Groom Poses

The picture while fixing your accessories and dressing by yourself or by your loved one is a trending pose. You can adjust accessories like Safa, shoes, dupatta, Jewellery, watch, etc. which are some awesome poses for your vanity shots. We feel your beginning should be great and should mark the event. Try this pose to get the excitement and confidence that are clearly expressed in the portrait.

The Getting Ready Groom Poses

The Getting Ready Groom Poses 2

The Getting Ready Groom Poses 1

4. The “Mirror” Groom Poses

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most handsome of them all. The mirror poses is one of the most classic poses and these poses always make the groom stunning on D day. The right attitude, a light smile on the face, and buttoning or adjusting the shirt or sleeve. The angle of the camera also matters when these types of photos are taken and you can also use large and decorative mirrors to add an innovative and beautiful edge while taking these photos.

The Mirror Groom Poses

5. The “Safa Ready” Poses

Safa is a traditional cloth that a groom ties during his wedding and it is the first accessory people notice. Many relatives also fancy wearing a Safa during weddings as it gives a good look to all the guests turning up. This look can also be captured by the lens in a very cinematic manner. The Safa gives a colorful look and the pictures turn out really beautiful and gives us all the royal feels that we simply adore.

The Safa Ready Poses

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6. Inside-The-Car Groom Poses

The inside-the-car pose is impressive and one of the most that grooms are excited about because the Groom being boys are most likely to be in love with their favorite toys i.e their cars. The boys are looking at their best and so are their toys and no best occasion than their wedding to have an in-the-car photoshoot. There are endless options you can try around or inside a car, while taking groom pictures like leaning on the car, about to drive the car, peeping out of the window, and candids while rolling down the window are some excellent portrait ideas for all the handsome grooms out there.

Inside-The-Car Groom Poses

Inside-The-Car Groom Poses 1

7. One With The Family

A family picture is a must-have at a wedding. There are rushing emotions of happiness, love, and many more which can be captured when everyone comes together. This is usually the one where the parents and all the relatives are in one frame and this can be one to remember and cherish for eternity. The pictures can be taken as a group or even single pictures of the groom with his mother, father and siblings can also be taken. Since the groom is the man of the hour, every family member will definitely want to be clicked with the groom.

One With The Family 1

8. One With The Partner

Just like it is rightly said there’s always a cherry on the cake and this picture has to be the one. This is when the man meets the woman of his life. They both took every ounce of beautiful and dreamy and this is the picture that will help them embrace the memories for an entire lifetime. There are various poses that can be used here. This is usually the part that even photographers enjoy the most. They even help the couple in deciding which pose will be the best for them. Various backdrops in the wedding venue can be chosen as well. Usually, it is also a trend where the bride and groom are clicked helping each other get ready in their respective rooms as well.

One With The Partner

One With The Partner 1


9. The “Side” Groom Poses

Everyone has their angle while clicking pictures so does Grooms. They usually have one side of their face or pose in which, as per them they look the best. Well, this is a general phenomenon and I guess every guy will agree with it. This is when they can get the best shot of their favorite side look in which they look the best. Another way is resting the back on a wall while looking at the camera. A side pose can also be achieved without any support elements. If you are confident then these side poses can fuel your portraits with energetic vibes.

The Side Groom Poses

The Side Groom Poses 1

10. The One With Performing Ritual

This is the pose where you need to show your happy and fun pose. Depending on the cultural background and the types of rituals followed during weddings the groom and the bride together can be captured during these rituals. This is a very good way of capturing the commitment of a couple towards getting married and starting a new life ahead of them. As your Photographer use elements in your surroundings, your attire, the ceremony to capture those beautiful moments

The One With Performing Ritual

The One With Performing Ritual 1

So, here are the top 10 Groom Poses you must try at your wedding. Hope you have found what you are looking for. We would love to know more poses in the comment section. Also, tell us which topic you think we should cover next?

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