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Seven Groomsman Duties you should Honour at your Friend’s Wedding

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If your brother or close friend is getting married its time you also need to step up your game and fill the job requirements of a groomsman. Make sure to keep yourself completely free from other obligations for your yaar ki Shaadi, since groomsman duties are more than a handsome figure standing on the side. Seven roles to take up to ace your groomsman duties and look absolutely stunning at the same time.

  1. Task Force member

    Helping the groom in decision making is one of the key roles that a groomsman is supposed to do. Your opinion matters in everything from helping in choosing a sherwani to the whole venue. Be honest and empathetic to your mate, since your feedback is going to create one of the most beautiful moments in their life.Groomsman duties of helping the groom

  2. Groomsman Duties of a Vendor coordinator

    Your job is to select the right vendor for decor, engagement ring, sherwani alterations, food caterers, music, lights, photography. Coordinate everything at the right time in the right place. You need to check for the right hotel and venue while tracking the budget. 

  3. Groomsman Duties of an Orator 

    If you are the best man among all the groomsmen, you have one more job and that is to write a speech and raise a toast to your friend. Usually, people go for humour or memory down the lane. Keep it short and sweet. You will surely rock this role along with the other ones.

    Best man giving a speech
    Best man giving a speech
  4. Groomsman Duties of an Event planner

    Keeping other events aside, one of the biggest squad goals is to have “The Best Bachelorette Ever”. You have to organize one according to the groom’s taste. If it is a trip or some close place. If he wants it to go wild or something sober. A ZNMD Europe trip sounds exotic but keep in mind the budget of all the groomsmen involved.

    Groomsman duties of hosting a bachelorette party
    Bachelorette party
  5. Groomsman Duties of a Counsellor

    As a groom, he may face some pre-wedding jitters. It is your mission to be his confidant, to ease him up in such situations. Ask him his concerns and let him talk it out. This will help him clear his mind. This is one of the most important groomsman duties since pre-wedding jitters are a common occurring.Groomsman duties of talking the groom out of problems

  6.  Strategist and diplomat

    On his wedding day, you have to strategically coordinate all the arrangements. At the same time receive all the guests and cater to their concerns. In mids of all this, don’t forget to take care of your buddy. Check if he is dehydrated or famished and give him a quick fix.Groomsman duties of arranging everything

  7. Health Expert

    Self-care is most important in this period. Don’t let all the work take a toll on your life. Keep yourself hydrated. 8 hours of sleep is important, to look photogenic on the wedding day. Be well-groomed and stay Legendary.

So, its time to be a considerate and delightful friend to the groom. Do tell us about your experience being the best man your friend deserves.  

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