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Auspicious Hindu Muhurat Dates 2022 to Choose your Wedding Dates From

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Wedding ceremonies are one of the most auspicious occasions in one’s life. With the growing COVID-19 case everyone is postponing their wedding. Let’s stay one step ahead when it comes to the world of wedding bookings and book your dream venue in advance. Also, for that, you might have to finalize the date. And if you are already looking for the best Hindu muhurat dates 2022, you are at the perfect place. Moreover, deciding on a wedding date will mark the beginning of bringing two families together. Therefore, choosing a perfect wedding date becomes imperative. Here is a list of all Hindu muhurat date 2022.

  1. January 2022

    With rising cases, if you are certain that you don’t wanna get married in 2021. And, you want to postpone the wedding just enough that the covid situation is over want to have all loved ones present. Then, January could be a good month. Also, it will allow you to plan a winter wedding. And, you can go for a theme winter wonderland.

    15th January 2022 (Saturday)

    20th January 2022 (Thursday)

    23rd January 2022 (Sunday)

    27th January 2022 (Thursday)

    29th January 2022 (Saturday)

    hindu muhurat dates 2022

  2. February 2022

    Wanna get married in the month that celebrates love? February is not too cold and isn’t hot at all. It’s the perfect time to get married. This month also gives you the liberty to choose any wedding theme or decoration. Moreover, you will get ample time to prepare.

    5th February 2022, (Saturday)

    11th February 2022, (Friday)

    18th February 2022, (Friday)

    21st February 2022, (Monday)

    22nd February 2022, (Tuesday)

    hindu muhurat dates 2022

    Which month is good for marriage in Hindu?

    If you go with the Hindu astrology calendar, March or April month is the best month for a successful marriage. Marriage is an important milestone in anyone’s life, hence ensuring everything’s perfect is important. 

    Which date is best for marriage in 2022?

    17th April 2022 is the best date for marriage. Still, you can consult your family pandit to confirm the same. 

    Which dates are not good for marriage?

    Good marriage dates depend on the birth date number of the couple. Hence, the compatibility of the couple will be only good if the birth dates of the couple are compatible. 

  3. March Hindu Muhurat Dates 2022

    There are no wedding muhurat dates in march 2022. March is a beautiful month and presents itself with a lot of new opportunities. Blush, dusty blue, grey, emerald, pink, etc. are all lovely colours that would complement the season and the weather well. So, if you want to get married in March below are a few acceptable dates.

    19th March 2022 (Saturday)

    20th March 2022 (Sunday)

    hindu muhurat dates 2022

  4. April 2022

    This month is perfect for a summer-spring wedding. You can wear lively colours and pastel shades. Having a beach wedding with colourful decorations and melodious music would be faultless this month. Furthermore, you can opt for a sundowner Mehendi or beachside wedding.

    19th April 2022 (Tuesday)

    21st April 2022 (Thursday)

    22nd April 2022 (Friday)

    23rd April 2022 (Saturday)

    28th April 2022 (Thursday)

    hindu muhurat dates 2022

  5. May 2022

    The month of May has many dates for you to pick from. But the demand of these days will be high, book in advance so you don’t have to compromise later. This month is perfect for a summer wedding. Go for light colour lehengas or pop decoration, you slay all look in this season.

    9th May 2022 (Monday)

    10th May 2022 (Tuesday)

    11th May 2022 (Wednesday)

    12th May 2022 (Thursday)

    13th May 2022 (Friday)

    17th May 2022 (Tuesday)

    18th May 2022 ( Wednesday)

    20th May 2022 (Friday)

    25th May 2022 (Wednesday)

    26th May 2022 ( Thursday)

    31 st May 2022 (Tuesday)

    hindu muhurat dates 2022

  6. June 2022

    June is the month of monsoon and can be gloomy for some, but there are a plethora of hindu muhurat dates in June 2022. Umbrella decorations colours perfect for monsoon season, and rain dance parties are the charm of every June wedding. If you want romantic raining weather during your wedding functions, June is the month for you.

    6th June 2022 (Monday)

    8th June 2022 (Wednesday)

    11th June 2022 (Saturday)

    12the June 2022 (Sunday)

    13th June 2022 (Monday)

    14th June 2022 (Tuesday)

    15th June 2022 (Wednesday)

    16th June 2022 (Thursday)

    22nd June 2022 (Wednesday)

    hindu muhurat dates 2022

    hindu muhurat dates 2022

  7. July 2022

    This is the perfect month for hosting a wedding. Moreover, you can have a beach wedding and wear multicoloured lehengas and have pastel decoration with flowers. With all the heat a beach wedding makes it easier. Bright colour decorations and indoor wedding are also great alternatives for this season. Below are all the Hindu muhurat dates 2022 for the month of July.

    3rd  July 2022 (Sunday)

    5th July 2022 (Tuesday)

    6th July 2022 (Wednesday)

    8th July 2022 (Friday)

    hindu muhurat dates 2022

  8. August, September and October 2022

    The weather in these months is really pleasant. But these months do not have any Hindu muhurat dates 2022. You can take this time to prepare for your flawless dream wedding. plan and book everything you are going to need to give yourself a beautiful fairytale wedding.

    hindu muhurat dates 2022

  9. November Hindu Muhurat dates 2022

    This month is perfect because you can use the time to plan. You can go for winter as well as an autumn wedding in this month. But, after the three-month gap in Hindu wedding muhurat dates 2020, a lot of people will be opting for November. So go ahead and book quickly.

    19th November 2022 (Saturday)

    20th November  2022 (Sunday)

    21st November 2022 (Monday)

    25th November 2022 (Friday)

    27th November 2022 (Sunday)

    28th November 2022 (Monday)

    hindu muhurat dates 2022

  10. December 2022

    Wanna get married before 2022 is over? Don’t worry December is still here and has a few good Hindu muhurat dates 2020. You can plan the perfect wedding and be certain that the COVID situation will be a lot better. December is one of the most preferred months for weddings in India. You can have outdoor weddings and the atmosphere is also amazing.

2nd December 2022 (Friday)

7th December 2022 (Wednesday)

8th December 2022 (Thursday)

9th December 2022 (Friday)

14th December 2022 (Wednesday)

hindu muhurat dates 2022

Pick the date that you will be comfortable with so that you have ample time to prepare. Hope these dates were helpful and follow us on our insta handle for more updates

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