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How To Host The Best Corporate Retreat?

By Swapnil Goyal
Blog timeAug 20, 2020
3 min read

If you are looking for ways to keep your employees motivated the best way is to take them to a place where they can relax and be productive at the same time. Take them on a small workcation. It will help them keep their stress levels reduced and bring them closer. So the next step is to host a team-building corporate retreat. Here are some tips to host the best corporate retreat for your employees.

  1. Take suggestions For Best Corporate Retreat

    Take suggestions for a company retreat from the employees either by announcing it during a meeting or sending out emails. First of all, it will create an enthusiastic atmosphere in the workspace. Secondly, you may understand what do they expect from their suggestions. Try to include the shy ones too, since they are the ones who usually skip such meets. Our goal is that no one should miss this team bonding opportunity. Also, post some questions, ideas or challenge before the attendees before the retreat around the theme or goals of the retreat to hint them on what can be expected.

  2. Look For Best Corporate Retreat Locations

    Start the research work. Look for companies that provide packages which include corporate retreat venues. Try to negotiate in terms of group discount. Usually, companies go for 5-star hotels, resorts, beachside hotels, camp setting or some hill stations. Once you understand the requirements of your employees, it will be easier to figure out the preferable location. Try to look for locations which provide room for formal meeting and seminars. It will help you separate work from fun. Also, make sure the location has a working internet connection and other tech support to make work conducive.

  3. Prepare A Work Retreat Itinerary

    To make sure everyone is on the same page, create a resource document on all the necessary information that will be required. This will give an overview of the trip to all employees. You can divide it into 3 parts: 

    General information

    This will include an overview of the whole trip. Mention here information like lodging, travelling, destination and all contact details.

    Date/Time List

    Create a table format which includes the date and time of all the events that are going to happen and the places to be visited. Make sure you leave some free slots, so people can enjoy the local places and markets around or just have a good siesta.


    Mentioned here all the information which doesn’t fall in the above two categories or is very important. Do proofread the whole document sending it out for broadcast.

    Itinerary List for the best corporate retreat

  4. Prep For the Best Corporate Retreat

    This is the prep for the corporate retreat which includes the knick-knacks other than the location planning. Don’t go for cliche activities or games. Try to bring in some unique games or ideas so they feel involved in the retreat. Do some research on new ice-breakers. Look for any events, tourist spots or unique places around your destination. Tell employees to carry not only their work equipment but also something of their personal interest which they can share with others.

  5. Hire A Professional Organiser 

    If you require someone who can handle large groups and has knowledge about managing events and trips, hire a facilitator. Brief them about the company and the employee struggle so the person can connect better with them. Hiring a facilitator also helps you take a backseat and relax a bit.

    These are all important points you need to keep in mind to host the best corporate retreat. If you have more suggestions, do tell us about it.

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