How To Host An Elegant High Tea Party The British Way

How to Host an Elegant High Tea Party the British way

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In India chai pe bulana is a mark of a new friendship. Chai pe charcha is a sign of a long friendship. Tea has been establishing relationships over the years. But hosting a British high tea party is a whole different ball game. Keep check on these elegant high tea party ideas while hosting one for your friends.

  1. Afternoon Tea Set-Up

    Selecting appropriate chambers to host your party is important. This room should be quite spacious so no one feels claustrophobic. It can be hosted in an open garden too. Make sure it’s appropriate for your theme. A kitchen or dining area works best for a close-knitted group. An appropriate room for the setting will surely make it an elegant high tea party.

    High tea party ideas to host one in a Garden
    Hosting a High Tea Party in a Garden

    High Tea Party Ideas to host it in dining room
    Hosting a High Tea Party in dining chamber
  2. Codes and conduct

    Select appropriate themes and rules to make the party consistent with the occasion. Themes appropriate for high tea party ideas include retro, Bollywood, Alice in Wonderland, Queen’s palace, etc.  Select a dress code if needed to keep all that jazz. Keep some theme-based games too for a light-hearted joyous afternoon.

    Alice in Wonderland theme for High Tea Party
    Alice in Wonderland theme for High Tea Party
  3. High Tea party Ideas for Embellishing Decorations

    Slight decoration of the room and the table is quite important especially if there is a specific theme. If there is no theme, you can go with some freshly brought flowers for a vase on the table and some wallflowers to give a serene touch to the festivity. Use a large table along with a stylish table cloth to cover. Selecting the right kind of saucers, teacups, knives, fork, spoons, and cutlery to set the table is a mammoth task that requires time and effort.

    Putting the right decoration for High Tea Party

  4. High Tea Party Ideas for Relishing Food

    Deciding on what to serve is a real task at hand. If gluten is not a problem then going the British way is suggestable. Tea is best served with fluffy scones, macaroons, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, pastries, cookies. Don’t forget to keep some bagels and baguettes along with butter and fresh jams. If you are not a conformist, you can keep dishes that you feel go well with tea and you are good at preparing. Among all the unconventional high tea party ideas having a traditional high tea party menu would be a great option too.

    Scorns and pastries for High Tea Party
    Scorns and pastries for High Tea Party

    Sandwiches, bagels and baguettes for High Tea Party

    Sandwiches, and baguettes for the High Tea Party

  5. Serve it while it’s hot

    Keeping up with the beverage trend is important. In India, people prefer drinking masala tea, Assam tea, Darjeeling tea, black tea, green tea, chamomile tea, mint tea, kahwa tea, and many more, so be sure to RSVP that question in your invite.  It’s important to keep all your teas on a display for the guest to select. Keep coffee and mocktails ready for non-tea drinkers. Keep sugar, milk, lemon, and tea bags handy in need of a quick fix. Serve tea in a fine teacup. Make sure to bring some tea cosies for your teapot to keep the tea warm for refills.

    Serving Black tea in aesthetically pleasing cup set
    Cup set for afternoon tea
    Tea Pot with Tea cozies to keep tea warm in a High Tea Party
    Tea cosies to keep the tea warm


  6. Send out invites

    If this party is for your friends then a casual invite through social media or a quick email will do the needful. If it’s for office colleagues or acquaintances then a formal printed card will make them feel welcomed. You can go for something personalized by creating an elegant high tea party invitation that looks like teabags.


    Sending out Invites for a High Tea Party on a Tea Bag
    DIY invites made like a tea bag

    It’s time to spill the tea with your friends. So send out invites and arrange a magnanimous tea party for your friends. This party is totally your cup of tea. Do send us your fun-filled pictures, we would love to hear from you.

  7. Theme 

    If your tea party has a special reason like a bridal shower, baby shower, mothers day or birthday have a theme related to that. But, if it’s just a social gathering or a get together you can opt for themes like Downton Abbey, Bridgerton, Alice in the Wonderland, etc. high tea party ideas

  8. Table Settings

    Your decision on whether you want a buffet or a sit-down table setting will set the tone for the whole party. You can take out your best silver, china and linen. For a classy party try and avoid anything disposable. Therefore no paper cups or plates and paper napkins.  Additionally, you can get three-tiered stands to serve food, flower arrangements and centrepieces on the table to give it an authentic English feel.high tea party ideas
    high tea party ideas

  9. Tea Selection

    A tea party definitely needs a large wide variety of tea. We would suggest an assortment of teas including the finest black tea, green tea and tisanes. If you have a young crowd at your party you might wanna include ice teas and different flavoured teas like strawberry, mint, hibiscus, etc.  high tea party ideas                                                                                                                         high tea party ideas

  10. Party Favours

    These are an excellent way to help your guests have a souvenir of a memorable party. Your high tea ideas must include superb party favours like theme-specific cookies or care packages. Other good gifting options can be tea infusers, jams, chocolates and tea mugs.

    high tea party ideas                                  high tea party ideas

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