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Latest Wedding Catering Ideas to Include in Your Wedding Menu

By Carina Fernandes
Blog timeDec 21, 2018

While you can have the most lavish Indian wedding in terms of venue, decor & attire, it all ultimately boils down to how good the wedding menu was. It is what guests look out for at every Indian wedding. Over the years Indian Wedding menu has undergone a visible metamorphosis and this is clearly reflected in the wedding catering these days at weddings. 

Here’s a list of the Latest Trends Food Trends We’ve Spotted and Loved in the Indian Wedding Menu.

  1. A Brunch Wedding Menu

    One of the latest food trends at Indian weddings has been a brunch wedding menu. Couples these days opt for a daytime wedding followed by a brunch-themed reception. A simple wedding catering ideas is a brunch wedding where you can include items like vada pav bites, papdi chaat tacos, mimosa, omelette station etc.

    Wedding catering ideas

  2. Healthy Grub – A Minimal yet Fulfilling & Simple Wedding Menu

    Indian Wedding catering for a long long time included dishes that were heavy and filling. While this is still a part of the wedding menu, off late, wedding food trends have included parts of the wedding menu solely dedicated to the calorie-conscious. 

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  3. The Food Truck Special at Indian Weddings

    Another one of the latest food trends at Indian weddings, taking weddings by storm is the appearance of food trucks. The Food truck wedding catering idea can be diverse and include everything and anything. Here are a few Food Truck wedding food menu ideas — Kebabs, Wraps & Rolls, Pakoras, Chinese, Indian Sweets etc.

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  4. DIY Counters to make – Wedding Catering Ideas

    Another raging trend making its way into Indian wedding food menus is the whole DO IT YOURSELF counter. This is an excellent way to have guests savour a dish of their choice whilst keeping them entertained. For example, you can have a Make Your Own Burger/Wrap Counter or Make Your Own Sundae Counter. This would require a wide assortment of fillings that your guests can get creative with!

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  5. Add a Personal Touch to your Wedding Catering

    These days couples add a personalised touch to their wedding celebrations by including some of the beverages that are their all-time favourites on the wedding menu. These could be a mix of their 2 favourite alcohols to create a special cocktail or something as simple as a cup of masala chai to keep guests feeling warm and fuzzy. Couples also come up with unique and quirky names for these to add to the wedding menu. Here are some tips about the art of mixing drinks.

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  6. Dessert Bar and Live Counter

    Counters dedicated to desserts are a new trend that is making its way to Indian wedding menus. The array of choice is staggering – traditional Indian mithais have been given a new avatar and these are prepared fresh at live counters making them all the more enjoyable. Some wedding catering ideas for desserts — Motichoor Cheesecake, Peach Phirni, Masala Chai Semifreddo, Rasmalai in Strawberry Compote, Traditional Jalebi and Rabdi etc.

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  7. Molecular Mixology at Indian Weddings

    Treat your guests to some mind-boggling molecular mixology drinks. Molecular mixology is one application of molecular gastronomy.  These as part of your wedding catering will leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of the guests.

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  8. Miniature Wedding Catering design

    The miniature wedding catering idea is a unique and fantastic catering idea. With this catering idea, your guests will get a blistering food experience. You should definitely consider not missing out on this!

    Wedding Catering ideas

  9. French Wedding Catering Ideas

    We all love western culture and if you are someone who loves western culture and food then, this is the one for you!  France is globally known for various things and dishes are one the famous thing. Try this western idea and give your guests the best of the food experience.

    Wedding Catering ideas French

  10. Pizza’s In Starters

Since pizzas are a most favourite food and hence you must consider including them in your starters for the wedding? The pizza in the starters is a trendy idea as well to make the wedding menu attractive.

Wedding Catering IDdeas Pizza

These latest food trends at Indian wedding have surely made weddings this year all the more memorable and fun. Have you witnessed a new food trend in any of the weddings that you attended this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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