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Be Stylish with this Maharashtrian Wedding Saree Ideas

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Maharashtrian Wedding Saree looks classy and elegant. The Maharashtrian bride looks very different from the other bride. It is because they have a different way of wearing a saree. So, the Maharashtrian style of wedding saree gives the bride the confidence to flaunt herself on the D-day. The top 10 lists of Maharashtrian Wedding Sarees are given below:

  1. Maharashtrian Wedding Saree for Bride

    Maharashtrian Wedding Saree for BrideMaharashtrian wedding is incomplete without a green color saree. So, traditionally brides wear a green-colored saree on her wedding day. Likewise, we cannot forget the red colored saree as well. Red is always considered as a color of marriage. So, red should also be included if we are talking about a Maharashtrain wedding saree.Celebrate Dream Wedding

  2. Maharashtrian Wedding Nauvari Saree

    Maharashtrian Wedding Nauvari SareeThe name of nauvari saree comes from the length. Nauvari means nine. So, it is a nine metre long length saree. Nauvari saree is a typical Marathi saree for wedding. So, it is draped in ‘Kashta’ style. That means the saree is tucked at the back side of the waist.

  3. Uppada Silk 

    Uppada SilkThe name of uppada silk originates from the small beach town Uppada in East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. And it is also known as ‘Uppada Pattu’. This type of saree is usually made with a cotton warp. Uppada silk contains floral prints. It contains stems, leaves, and large flowers.

  4. Banarasi Silk Saree

    Banarasi Silk SareeBanarsi silk saree is very famous among Indians. Brides love to wear this traditional saree for her wedding. This looks royal.

  5. Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

    Kanjeevaram Silk SareeKanjeevaram is basically a south Indian saree. But Marathi brides are also experimenting with the style. So, they are wearing a kanjeevaram silk saree for her wedding day. Kanchi pattu Maharashtrian saree also known as kanjeevaram saree gives the bride a charming look.

  6. Kolhapuri Saree

    Kohlapuri SareeKolhapuri saree gives elegant look to the bride. They look classy in this saree. So, kolhapuri chappal can be accompanied with this saree as well. It will give an authentic feel to the style.

  7. Kota Silk Saree

    Kota Silk SareeKota silk saree originally comes from Rajasthan. So, it is a lightweight saree. And they are available in varieties of bright colors. Kota silk saree gives royal look to the bride. You can wear it with south Indian jewelry for a classic and traditional look.

    maharastrian saree

  8. Maharashtrian Shalu Saree

    Maharashtrian Shalu SareeMaharashtrian Shalu saree looks beautiful on the bride. It gives chic look to the bride. So, brides love to wear this kind of saree on their wedding day.

  9. Chanderi Silk

    Chanderi SilkChanderi silk saree comes from Madhya Pradesh. So, it is popular because of its soft and shimmery appearance. Moreover, it is light in weight. So, it is perfect for small functions like engagement, etc. Maharashtrian wedding saree always look different.

  10. Paithani Saree

    Paithani SareeBrides are getting obsessed with conventional paithani silk saree. So, the specialty of this saree is that it has a broad border. Moreover, it has motifs, and the weaving style is something different from other sarees.

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