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Masquerade Theme Party Ideas for All Your Exciting Events

By Suryanshi Bothra
Blog timeAug 21, 2021

Masquerade are excellent party themes for New Year’s Eve, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, social gatherings, birthday and anniversary parties and quinceañeras. Whatever the occasion, we want to help you celebrate you can create a masked ball that’s better than you imagined. We can help you with the following for your masquerade theme party:-

a. Food and Drinks for Masquerade party

b. Masquerade Decoration and venue

c. Invitations and Masks

Check out all of the amazing masquerade theme party ideas and tell us your favorite.

1. Masquerade Party Venue

This Masquerade party lets you get in touch with your most glam side. Sequins are a great masquerade theme party decoration and can set the masquerade mood with your decorations. Your venue should be a place with a classic chandelier or better a candelabra. That will instantly sparkle up your party. But if your venue budget isn’t chandelier-level, there’s a simpler way to add some class and shine to your venue. You can drape glittery garland around the venue.           masquerade theme party

2. Great Gatsby Theme

The glitz and glitter of a Gatsby gala are unmatchable. You can celebrate the Roaring Twenties with champagne out of a coupe. And even mix up a bootlegger cocktail. Furthermore, adding in some Art Deco decor would be a great idea. We would recommend something bold or geometric patterns and metallic hues. And dont forget to encourage your guests to match their masquerade ball mask with their flapper outfit.

masquerade theme party 

3. Masqeurade theme Mardi Gras 

Mardi Gras and Masquerade themes go together like New Orleans and jazz. Mardi Gras masquerades are a traditional part of the celebration. Everyone is going to feel like they’re in the French Quarter with this theme. When you host your masquerade ball, encourage everyone to wear green, purple, and gold. With this theme, you can hand out beaded necklaces too as party favors.

masquerade theme party

4. Masquerade Theme Party Colour Schemes

Pick an eye-catching color scheme for photos that pop. All-white masquerade, black and gold masquerade or black and white masquerade are classic options. But you shouldn’t have to limit yourself to only the classics. Keep the color scheme related to the likes and dislikes of the couple if it’s an anniversary party. If it is for a common event trying going for a general theme that usually works for your guest’s age group. Plan your color scheme to match your theme and you can also hand out matching masks.

masquerade theme party

5. Masquerade Party Invitations 

Now that you have visions of your amazing masquerade theme party dancing in your brain, it’s time to create the guest list. And once you are done with that it’s time to send the invites. And because everything is online now here are a few digital invitations to set the tone for your party. Your masquerade ball invite can feature an intricate mask design in the background. Moreover, you can customize the accent color to purple or green if you are going for the Mardi Gras theme, red or gold if it is a Christmas party. Let your invitation reflect that they’re in for an evening of elegance.

masquerade theme party

6. Drinks for Masquerade Theme Events

A Masquerade party is not a party without a few libations. Make sure you have plenty of bubbly on ice also keep sparkling cider for those who want to stay alcohol-free. We recommend that you should also consider themed drinks, like Hurricane cocktails and spiked eggnog for the masquerade.

masquerade theme party

7. Masquerade Party Decorations

Your decoration is something that nobody will be able to keep their eyes off of. You can fill your centerpieces with confetti and go for gold cutler, it’s great even if it’s just plasticware. Little touches like these will set a glam tone without breaking the bank.  Little touches of some epic glittery drapes will set a glam tone without breaking the bank.

masquerade theme party

8. Photo Booth Masquerade Theme

Photo booths are always a draw at all parties in this age of Instagram. The photo booth is the one thing you should surely get right because that will determine how your party is remembered. If you can’t hire a professional photo booth, you can easily set up the best photo booth on your own. Start by hanging a shimmery backdrop preferably gold streamers or sequin fabric. You can have a professional photographer or let people take pics with their own cameras. Make your photos a little extra fun by adding photo booth props.

masquerade theme party

9. Masquerade Ball Food 

Who says you need a full buffet spread or a sit-down meal for an elegant fête? Finger foods are a fun way to keep the party going because then your guests won’t have to stop and eat. Keep a few bites that guests can grab as they circulate.

masquerade theme party

10. Desserts Counter Masquerade Theme Party

Doesn’t matter if you are serving a full meal or a variety of great appetizers, bite-sized desserts are necessary and evergreen. Offer your guests a sweet finish without giving them an extreme sugar rush. Cookies, mini cupcakes,  and other single-serve desserts are a welcome treat. It becomes even better if these desserts match your party theme.

masquerade theme party

11. Masks for Masquerade Party Ideas

You can give your guests black masks or white masks for a black and white ball. Or hand out gold masquerade masks to match the gold and black theme. To add glamour to your party, you can also set up a craft table where guests can design and make their masks with sequins, cutouts, and feathers.

masquerade theme party

12. Masquerade Music

Edison 2015/2016 NYE masquerade party in photos
For music that fits the masquerade theme party, you can consider hiring a live band or DJ to play classical or contemporary music. You can also consider hiring performers such as fire-eaters, magicians, or acrobats.

13. Masquerade Activities

Masquerade Theme party ideas - photobooth
Plan activities that will get your guests involved in the Masquerade theme. For example, you can set up a photo booth with props and masks, a mask-making station, or a scavenger hunt.

14. Masquerade Dress code

Masquerade theme party ideas - outfit

Encourage guests to wear masks and formal attire, such as ball gowns, tuxedos, or suits. Provide a variety of masks for guests who do not have their own, or set up a mask-making station for guests to create their own.

15. Masquerade Lighting

Masquerade theme party ideas - lighting

Use soft, warm lighting to create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. Consider using candles or lanterns to add to the ambiance.

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