Complete Guide to Plan a Splendid Fresher’s Party

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This Fresher’s season, we thought to make your party planning simple with some exciting freshers day ideas. We drafted an exclusive list of things and ideas for freshers party, specially crafted for all our readers, that can be like your guide to plan the perfect Fresher’s party.

A kind gesture of a warm welcome for the newbies of the college along with a couple of drinks, a wholesome meal, and a lot of dancing is what a Fresher’s party event is all about. It is one of those euphoric moments that every student in college zestfully waits for. So go ahead and start planning a Fresher’s party for your Juniors now.

1. Decide the Theme for the Party                             

Choose a fresher party theme according to which your juniors would dress up. Select anyone from the vast list of themes for freshers’ party like a color theme or something a bit more defined, such as Bollywood, Retro, Halloween, Harry Potter, Fantasy, etc. You can also decorate the place where you plan to host the fresher’s party according to the fresher’s party theme.

frehser's party theme
Harry Potter Party Theme


             Harry Potter theme for freshers party


bollywood theme for a college fresher's party
Bollywood Theme For Freshers Party

Bollywood Theme for freshers party 

2. Find a Good Venue

venue for a fresher's party

Before deciding on a venue for freshers party, consider per head budget (should be reasonable), the ambiance of the place, and rating of the place on websites and review of their past customers. If all these points are catered to, then there is nothing stopping you from throwing one hell of a Fresher’s party event.

college fresher's venue


3. Plan Kickass Music and Dance

freshers party dance and music

Dance and music are two key essentials in a Fresher’s parties, no matter how good the venue is, the entertainment quotient of the fresher’s party can only be increased by good music and dance enthusiasts. The seniors should make themselves amenable to talk to and make the newbies enter the dance floor. You can make this work by hiring your own DJ if budget permits or you just go with the in-house DJ provided by the venue.



4. Decide Food Menu

food menu on a freher's party

Hire a good Caterer who can provide your themed freshers party with some of the most lip-smacking dishes on the food menu. Spring rolls, pizzas, burgers, pasta, noodles, etc. which is loved by teenagers will be the perfect option for your freshers party event. You can also customize the names of your dishes according to the theme if you’re organizing a freshers party theme.

college fresher's food menu

For more info on food and caterers check this link: Banquets in Mumbai who serve the best food


5. Create Titles and Contests

Titles in freshers’ party events are the best way to bring a competitive spirit to everyone. To spice it up a Lil bit, you can choose funny titles too. These titles will ensure that not only winners of the games can win the titles, everyone and anyone can win it. Following are a few examples of normal as well as interesting titles for a freshers’ party:

– Mr.Freshers and Mrs.Freshers

-Best Dressed

-Most Talented

-Best Gang

-Best Personality

-The Funniest Dancer

-The Biggest Bumble Bee (Flirt)

To each of these winners, you can give a Sash along with a gift for freshers party. The gifts for juniors in freshers party can be something basic and useful like a Parker pen, or it could be something personalized like an acrylic pen stand with their title engraved on them. Check at your local gift shops, if you are able to find something that fits your budget.




6. Prepare for Performances and Hosting

Assign a person the task of hosting the event. The host has to keep the atmosphere light and funny and keep everyone at ease. You can also keep a stand-up act during the first half of the freshers day party. Lately, this trend has picked up among college students.


7. Plan Some Games 

Games aren’t a necessity in freshers parties, although it can be an advantage depending on what games you decide to keep and how well you organize it.

Decide on fun games for freshers party that everyone can enjoy.  These games are supposed to act as an ice-breaker and might lay a good foundation for acquaintance between juniors and seniors and also between the juniors themselves. Following are few games ideas for freshers party which you can use…

Cup Castle – Games for Freshers Party

For this freshers party game, you will require paper cups and a beverage. Place 10 cups(on a huge table) in front of every participant and pour some quantity of beverage in every cup. Every participant will have to drink the beverage in the cup before flipping it upside down and making a castle of it. The first one to build the castle wins.

Scoop Up – Games for Freshers Party

This idea for a freshers party game requires numerous ping pong balls, a spoon and two bowls per participant. 4-5 ping pong balls would be kept in one bowl and every participant will have to scoop the balls from one bowl and transfer it into another with the help of a spoon in their mouth. The first one to complete the task, ]wins. You can have 4-5 people competing at the same time to speed up the game if the number of participants is more.

Fun With Balloon – Games for Freshers Party

Make some space for this fun party game.  There would be a starting and finish line. Every participant will have to start the race by blowing the balloon in the air and proceed towards the finish line by keeping the balloon in air. The first one to cross the finish line, wins. If the balloon touches the ground mid-race, the participant will have to start the race again. Noone is allowed to touch any part of the body to the balloon.

Tag It – Games for Freshers Party

This game can be played for throughout the party. The first person with a clothing pin will start this game by putting the pin on anybody’s clothes,hair or bag and go around the room and yell “Tagged It”. Everyone has 5 seconds to find out who has been tagged and if the person is unable to find the pin within 5 seconds, he will be given a task as a punishment.

Photo Scavenger Hunt – Games for Freshers Party

This party game can help your juniors team up and bond by searching for the scavenger list together. Prepare a list of things to be photographed by the teams and allot a deadline.

For e.g-

  • Man with a big hat
  • Window with a broken glass
  • Star shaped structure
  • Red car

The photograph must have the participants too. The team with the maximum correct photographs wins.


8. Photo Booth

This is a must-have fresher party idea, as it is in the photos on the social media which talks about how successful the fresher’s party event was. A photo booth with good funny props is a must. And what more you need, this freshers season, BookEventZ brings you a free photo booth with props for your fresher’s party if you book through them.



9. Gifts 

Every party ends with special gifts or party favours to appreciate every individual’s presence. If your planning a theame freshers party you can plan the gifts for freshers party based on the theme. Or else, since it’s their beginning of the college life, gift them something to pump them up for the exciting years ahead. Gift them something cool and trending to be their favourite seniors already!!

Here is a list of cool gifts or party favours which you can distribute amongst every junior:

Customized T-shirts – Gifts for Juniors in Freshers Party

Tshirts being one of the most common apparel of college going peeps, you can think of gifting customized tshirts. Plus, you can add funny or sarcastic messages to make them fall in love with those tshirts.

custom tshirts- gifts for freshers party

Jazzy Sunglasses – Gifts for Juniors in Freshers Party

To gift something even cooler than that, go for funky sunglasses. Teenage is all about having fun with different styles and this can be a perfect freshers party gift for them.

sunglasses- gift idea for freshers party

Sauce-y Keychain – Gifts for Juniors in Freshers Party

Quite an unusual but a practical gift for a freshers party. Now, there wont be a time when they will have to eat their favourite fast food without the hot sauce!

ketchup keychain- gift idea for freshers party

Hope this list of ideas for freshers party helps you in planning the most-awaited first college party for the newbies! If you have got more ideas which can be used for freshers’ party, let us know through your comments.


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