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11 Exciting Ways to Have Red Wedding Theme Party for 2021 Marriage

By Rushda Khursheed
Blog timeFeb 26, 2021

Red wedding theme looks pious and most exciting color to incorporate in the wedding. And it gives an aura and feel of an Indian wedding. So, traditionally Indian wedding has red in its wedding. But these modern brides are also using red in a very stylish and unique way.

Here is a list of 11 exciting ways to incorporate red in your wedding:

1. Red Wedding Dress

Red Wedding Dress

Red bridal lehenga is the most loved bridal color. And traditional and modern bride love to wear red lehenga on her wedding day. So, incorporating red in bridal lehenga is the best way to utilize this color. And even a bride can choose red gown for their wedding.
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2. Red Bridal Makeup

red bridal makeup

Red bridal makeup looks scintillating on bride. This is because brides love to have red in their wedding. And it is the best way to have red in your wedding.

3. Red Jewelry for Bride

Red Jewelry for Bride

Red jewelry in an another way to have red in your wedding. And it is also one of the most prominent way to have red in your wedding. So, let your wedding idea pop by having red jewelry in your wedding.

4. Red Footwear

Red Footwear

Red footwears look awesome on bride. It is because brides generally wear golden footwear just to contrast the thing. But having a red footwear will give different look to the bride. And it is also the best red wedding theme idea.

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5. Red Wedding Theme Cake

Red Wedding Theme Cake

Cake should also go with the red wedding theme. So, to incorporate it in your wedding, you can have a red velvet or a strawberry glaze cake. And it will make everything red and beautiful.

6. Red Bangles and Other Accessories

Red Bangles and Other Accessories

Red accessories like bangles, juda pin, hair clips, and nail extensions is the best way to use red in your red wedding theme. So, make your red theme shine with these accessories. And give everything look good.

7. Red Artificial Flower Jewelry

Red Artificial Flower Jewelry

Artificial flower jewelry is also one of the thing which you can have red in color. So, a red artificial flower jewelry will also go well with red wedding theme. And it will look good.

8. Red Wedding Invitation Card Ideas

Red Wedding Invitation Card Ideas

Wedding invitation will look good in red. And it will give the feeling of a wedding. So, incorporating it in your wedding will look good.

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9. Red Jaimala

Red Jaimala

Red jaimala is an another thing which will look beautiful in red roses. And it will look classy and different too. So, try to add red in your red wedding theme. And even Ranveer and Deepika has worn red jaimala on their wedding.

10. Red Wedding Decoration

Red Wedding Decoration

Wedding decoration is the one thing which contribute more to the wedding theme. So, if you want to have red as your wedding theme, then you must have a decoration like that. And it will look beautiful too. So, red is also in fashion these days for wedding decoration.

11. Red Groom Outfit

 Red Groom Outfit

Lastly, one more thing which must have red in color is the groom’s outfit. And it will make everything look red. So, try to make groom’s outfit red in color. And then finally everything will go with your wedding theme.

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